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Turquoise blue sea on the north coast

I continue as before the kids: with individual travel, adventure and lifestyle. All of this kind of kid-friendly (as good as it gets) and with the conscience something - without being priceless.

The perfect way to travel is for me beyond backpacker and vacation packages also or just with kids!

A MUST is again the perfect accommodation. The next destination should have something of everything - experience what, explore with the rental car, do some sightseeing or hiking, then it's my next favorite spot.

My offer for a cooperation with LIEBLINGSSPOT:

Longing place New ZealandAs an authentic travel blogger, Inststagrammer and active on Pinterest, I enjoy working with destinations, businesses and hotels. I report from my own experience and always represent my own opinion. Only in this way can I successfully market products or destinations.

As a passionate and professional travel blogger I am always looking for the most beautiful and exciting places for unusual travel with and without children.

My target group are individual travelers in middle age and young families who are interested in a certain lifestyle, food and adventure travel! I use relevant keywords, concise headlines, and always write in person - about my favorite places.

Examples of previous cooperations on LIEBLINGSSPOT:

Possibilities of cooperation with LIEBLINGSSPOT:

  • individual search, blogger travel
  • Product tests on travel and equipment
  • Hotel and airline tests worldwide
  • Sponsored articles, as long as they are relevant to my blog
  • Articles for other portals and editors
  • Raffles of high quality products
  • Photo sales
  • Further cooperation ideas can be discussed

If you want to cooperate with me, I am pleased about an email to info (at)! You can also request my media kit here.


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