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Welcome to Zanzibar: Travel Tips of a Traveler!

Beach on Zanzibar

Zanzibar or Zanzibar is a pearl in the Indian Ocean, surrounded by beautiful dream beaches and a breathtaking blue sea. The passionate Traveler Sandra was there alone and tells you about your favorite island:

Caribou - Welcome to Zanzibar!

HHere you can snorkel, dive or just relax on the beach or in the pool and let your mind wander.

Getting there:

Stone Town

Stone Town on Zanzibar

There are direct flights to Zanzibar or flights to Zanzibar Dar Es Saalam (Tanzania) and then it's two hours by ferry to Zanzibar.

The Time difference is only one hour on Zanzibar and thus you have no jet lag.

What to do - General Tips:

Beach on Zanzibar

Beach on Zanzibar

Whether SUP tours, monkey tours, snorkeling trips (Safari Blue), Prison Island, Fishing or Turtle Safari ... all and much more is offered on Zanzibar.

Cafes and bars with a lot of flair You can find it all over the island right on the beach! There are a few hot spots in every area and the locals are very knowledgeable and happy to provide information.

Alleys in Stown Town

Alleys in Stown Town

There are also changing locations every week cool parties or barbecue events... a real experience!

Who wants to go dancing is just right. In the dark, however, you have nothing to look for alone on the beach and you should always take care of your valuables and be attentive - it's still Africa.

Stone Town:

Old Town of Stone Town

Old Town of Stone Town

The Capital of Zanzibar is a fascination with its many influences from Africa, Arabia, India and Europe. Stone Town is a former trading town with a history of many centuries. Just awesome!

Fish Market in Stone Town

Fish Market in Stone Town

In Stonetown and also on the island it is very safe. In Stone Town You can easily walk back from the fish market at the harbor to your accommodation at night. The fish market is highly recommended. Check out the Rooftops at nice hotels in Stone Town!

Rooftop bar in Stone Town

Rooftop bar in Stone Town

Hotel tip:

Pool Demani Lodge

Pool Demani Lodge

I can give you a very nice middle class accommodation Zanzibar recommend:

The Demani Lodge in Paje Located just 300 meters from the beach, it has its own outdoor pool and a restaurant and bar with very good food!

Here you can really feel good and enjoy the welcome and cozy atmosphere. Every Thursday there is a great BBQ with live music!

Bungalow Demani Lodge

Bungalow Demani Lodge

You will love it. All Bungalows are overlooking the garden and you walk everywhere on sand, just wonderful. Between hammocks hanging and around the bar there are quite comfortable seating for chilling.

Zanzibar is also called "Spice Island"And there is one special spice tourwhich can be booked from the Demani Lodge.

Click here for accommodation Demani Lodge *

Zanzibar is always worth a trip for me! Zanzibar is magic! Zanzibar is definitely one of my "favorite spots" on this beautiful earth ...


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  1. Great tips! I will be staying at Clove Island ( and I am even more excited after reading the post!

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