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Vienna in winter - City trip in the name of Elvis!

Vienna in winter

What to do in 24 hours in Vienna in winter: an Elvis concert, a few Veltliner champagne at the stylish hotel bar, a bit of sightseeing and finally a Viennese coffee house.

Please do not get me wrong - I'm not an Elvis fan or something.

AAbout my girlfriend absolutely wanted to join this concert Dennis Jale and the original TCB band from Elvis in Vienna. So why not? Vienna in January, let's see.

So on Saturday morning we leave Munich at 8 by car. And no sooner are we on the highway, we come already in the ski traffic jam. Rookie mistakes. Anyway, then we have just an hour longer for ratcheting.

InterContinental Vienna InterContinental Vienna

Six hours later we check in huge InterContinental Hotel* directly at the city park. From the outside really ugly, it exudes a wonderful, nostalgic charm from the inside. I really like it and for 120 € per night including breakfast it really is not expensive. (Small supplement: that was probably a special price for the Elvis package.)

Metropolitan Vienna Metropolitan Vienna

We rest for a while, before we take the first tasty Veltliner sparkling wine at the hotel bar. That's the way it has to be. In the evening, a shuttle from the hotel to the Dennis Jale concert takes us back to history Vienna Metropolitan. A really iconic theater hall. Of course, it's teeming with Elvis fans and matching souvenirs. We know each other in the scene.

Dennis Jale and the Original TCB Band Dennis Jale and the Original TCB Band

Then it starts! I like Elvis and his music. And the concert is really great with crazy great musicians and brilliant gospel singers. After three hours I have no voice and the concert is over. Great show!

American Bar in the InterContinental American Bar in the InterContinental

Back at the hotel, we sit back at the stylish American Bar. Madness, what's going on here. Of course, there is again delicious, Austrian sparkling wine and we look at the hustle and bustle around us. Here and there you meet the "stars" of the show again and sometime after 2 we fall happily into our cuddly bed ...

The next day is the contrast to Elvis

St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna

Sleep well, have breakfast and then walk to the city center "Steffl". A must-see, both outside and inside. Luckily our hotel is so central that you can walk everything.

We continue to stroll through the pedestrian zone, pass the famous art museum Albertina. We meander through the small streets, there are magnificent buildings almost everywhere. Let us just drift. Again and again a "Fiaker" (horse-drawn carriage) drives past us, how romantic!

Viennese Melange in Demel Viennese Melange in Demel

Yes, it's cold here in January. The east wind whistles. Finally we come to Michaelerplatz with three Viennese institutions right around the corner: Café Central, Griensteidl and the Confectionery Demel. Here we treat ourselves to a Viennese melange (small espresso with milk and milk foam). Of course, there is something sweet about that. The coffee card is really very amusing in Vienna.

Coffee card in the demel Coffee card in the demel

This ends our little, crazy trip to Vienna, unfortunately, and we drive back to Munich. Maybe we'll stay a bit longer next time.

Have you ever been to Vienna in winter? Was you so cold? Maybe you are also interested in mine City trip to Barcelona?

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