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Waldbaden Bayern - micro adventure in the sleeperoo near Bamberg

Waldbaden Bayern with Sleeperoo

Press trip I A new hype has emerged - locally, sustainably and in nature. The Cube from sleeperoo near Bamberg offers all this and much more. A real micro adventure for forest bathing in Bavaria:

From Munich let’s go for a good two hours Franken until shortly before Bamberg, um a very special experience night in a sleeperoo cube to test - Waldbaden Bavaria included! The spot is easily booked online, all further information on arrival and location is available by email. I contact the host in advance and discuss the details. The adventure can begin!

About sleeperoo *

Who or what is sleeperoo? Good question. The small start-up from Hamburg has set itself the task of special experiences across Germany make it possible as a micro adventure in selected locations. These futuristic design | sleep cubes With around 12 cubic meters of space, there are many different locations with that certain something! Be it in a thermal bath, on a meadow with llamas or in the forest. The idea of ​​“collect moments not things” combined with puristic and cool design is in the foreground here. The whole thing sustainable and exclusive!

The cube from sleeperoo

A cube is designed for a maximum of 2-3 people. At a few selected locations there are now two cubes, to share this unique experience with the whole family or with friends!

Click here for the different spots!

Our spot Strullendorf near Bamberg

I also want to slow down, one Time out for two, but also experience a little adventure. So my husband and I set off without kids. The location promises Waldbaden Bavaria and Pure nature.

Land of the Herrmann family in Strullendorf

The host family Herrmann warmly welcomes us on their property, where they also offer language courses. The area is on a slope directly at the edge of the forest and is really idyllic. The garden is ingrown and huge with various garden sheds, pool and pond. We then discover quite inconspicuously in a kind of hollow hidden and with a lot of privacy our cube surrounded by trees.

Waldbaden Bavaria near Bamberg

Of course you are not alone in the middle of the forest, but the birds are chirping, there are mosquitoes and animals everywhere and a deer also lives on the property. There is a fence behind the cube to ensure a certain level of security. But then follows the Strullendorfer forest. So you really feel undisturbed and in the middle of the green.

For me, this event also includes the Exchange with interesting people to this and so we start talking to the Herrmann family. We are shown everything and tips for Bamberg and the surrounding area are free of charge. We may the toilet about 50 meters away use, the garden shed with chairs, table and mini fridge is also available to us and we feel really welcome.

Waldbaden Bavaria

After our arrival and a little briefing, Carlo leads us a little through the Strullendorfer forest. Of course this is not the largest and most diverse forest, but nature is nature. We philosophize about forest bathing in Bavaria and in general, he tells us something about the forest farmers here and the region. We learn that the term forest bathing actually does 1982 was created in Japan and there is now also forest therapy gives.

The Difference between a forest walk and forest bathing is in principle in the duration (at least 6-7h should be when "bathing";) and the intension (the forest bathing is simply aimless, you can drift, take a nap or sit on tree trunks). Really very interesting. The relaxation factor of a day in the forest has been scientifically proven and this recovery lasts up to seven days! It's a good thing we'll even sleep in the forest.

Pure relaxation with Waldbaden Bayern

We walk around a bit, over hill and dale, through small forest clearings and finally to a kind of forest kindergarten. In the end we get a tip for dinner and our host says goodbye for now.

Dinner in the "cellar"

We only need three minutes on foot through "our" forest to Swan cellar. What is a "cellar" here is called a beer garden in Munich. Basement because they are actually built into the mountain and always have a gallerywhere the beer was traditionally stored.

The swan cellar

It's really mega idyllic here, the benches and tables are spread out in the forest, the food and the cellar beer are extremely cheap and down-to-earth and the sun is shining. A little tipsy and in a good mood we walk back to our Cube and are looking forward to our adventure night in the forest!

Down-to-earth kitchen in the basement

Overnight stay in the Cube "Waldbaden Bayern"

This futuristic cubes from sleeperoo really stands in stark contrast to the surrounding nature. That is exactly what makes this eye-catcher. The cube exists made of a kind of plastic with windows on three sides. The sight of our cube in the middle of the trees is really surreal. The interior consists only of a cozy, vegan double bed with 160 x 200 lying area. Still there is enough storage space and storage space for our odds and ends. Small details such as LED lights, a guest book and the chill box with snacks & wine make this special tent to our retreat.

Futuristic cube in the middle of the forestCozy double bed

The view from the windows of the trees is really awesome, though It is heavenly to look at the treetops from the roof window. We come down immediately, it is super cozy in our cave and everything is thought out somehow. We turn on the torch outside pour us wine and make us a romantic evening - starry sky included! It feels like a mix of glamping and camping.

Great panorama of the forest

Cost: € 200 per night for up to three people

Here is our Sleeperoo near Bamberg!

Trip to Bamberg

I only hear and read good things about the university town in Upper Franconia Bamberg and I'm very excited. So we drive the next morning of Strullendorf in about 20 minutes to Cathedral Square, pBamberg's most impressive place with architectural styles from all eras. Here you can park for free on Saturday from 16.30pm to 18.30pm and on Sunday from 9am to 13pm. Very convenient. Another landmark of Bamberg is the Bamberg horseman or Cathedral rider called. You can find it in Bamberg Cathedral on the north pillar of the Georgenchor.

From there we run down the little hill through sweet streets to Old town hall. This is incredibly picturesque on an island in the Regnitz. The island was built artificially and is by two bridges each connected to the banks. According to legend, the Bishop of Bamberg did not want to give the citizens any space to build a town hall. That is why the Bamberg piles rammed into the Regnitz and created an artificial islandon which they built the building.

The old town hall of BambergThe old town hall on the artificial island of BambergView of the old town hall

I can't get enough of the pretty houses, beautiful squares and old buildings. There is even a gondolier here in Bamberg, almost like in Venice.

Gondolier in Bamberg

We decide in Café Müller have a cozy breakfast. After that we walk a bit along the river and marvel the cute half-timbered houses right on the water in Little Venice. Just around the corner in the Sandy road usually finds the well-known in summer Sandkerwa instead of, a small folk festival in the streets of the city. Bamberg is also known for its many beer breweries including cellars and A must is the smoked beer in the Schlenkerla. Unfortunately we don't have enough time to see everything, but Bamberg is definitely worth a city trip and we'll be back!

Café Müller in BambergAlleys in BambergLittle Venice in Bamberg

My café tips for Bamberg:

An eventful weekend with Forest bathing in Bavaria in a sleeperoo cube and a stop in Bamberg comes to an end and we drive back to Munich on the highway. Even though it's only one night, it really feels like a short vacation. A very successful micro adventure on the doorstep!

Would Waldbaden Bayern in a Cube also be something for you? Maybe you are also interested in one Overnight houseboat on the Baltic Sea!

* Transparency: as part of a cooperation we were able to test an overnight stay in the Cube. My opinion was not affected.

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  1. Katja sagt

    We'll also test it on the weekend
    Do you have to make a reservation in the schwanenkeller?
    How did you manage to get in contact with the host? In my email from sleeperoo there is only the address
    Lg Katja

    • favorite spot sagt

      Hi Katja, how nice! We didn't make reservations in the Schwanenkeller, it's more like a beer garden. As far as I can remember, I got the host's number from the Sprachhaus website. Have fun and best regards, Tatjana

      • Katja sagt

        Thank you very much! I have just reserved Café Müller for breakfast on Sunday morning and wrote to the Sprachhaus! I'm glad of!
        Lg Katja

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