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Holidays in Montenegro - with a camper through the Balkans (part 3)

Vacation in Montenegro with children

Last but not least, at the end of our 3-week road trip with the children, we spend three more nights in Montenegro. Unfortunately, much too short! What we do in our little vacation in Montenegro around Kotor and where we stay with the camper can be found here:

First we spend five nights with our camper in Slovenia, drive afterwards 10 nights through Croatia and have in the end, unfortunately, not much time left for a vacation in Montenegro. After all, we have to go all the way back. Still we enjoy the last three nights in this little country between mountains and sea near Kotor to the fullest. Our highlights in Kotor, the Bay of Kotor and other activities in the area for your vacation in Montenegro is here for you!

Vacation in Montenegro with the Camper Roadtrip

From Dubrovnik we drive to Montenegro with our camper. The route itself is actually not that far, but since Montenegro is not in the EU, the journey is long. At last but then we arrive in the late afternoon our next campsite in Montenegro.

Warning: Montenegro has the euro as its currency, but is not in the EU. Montenegro is generally very cheap.

3rd stop vacation in Montenegro (3 nights from 23.8.-26.8.)

3 nights Naluka autocamp in Morinj

I can find this pitch in my camping guide and in contrast to most of the campsites near Kotor, this one still seems the best to me. It's rather simple here, there is no playground or so. The greeting from a somewhat grumpy Montenegrin is rather unfriendly, but we think a spacious parking space with a view of the mountains and the river flowing past. This is really idyllic to look at, but because of the algae and the cold, nothing to swim in. The place is not very big, maybe there is 30 parking spaces under small fig trees with basic sanitary facilities, but everything is clean.

Our pitch Camp Naluka Montenegro

But they are only round 50 meters along the street walk to really nice beach. There is also a small supermarket here for essentials. Of the The campsite is right on the main road, but everything is very clean. At the beach bar nearby it can get louder in the evening, but the location only 30 minutes from Kotor is really ideal.

Costs: approx. € 25 per night including electricity, campers and the four of us

Two restaurants are also within walking distance. On our last day, we also have dinner in the “Tramontana” restaurant with sunset and sea viewwhile our kids romp with the local kids in the playground.

Tramuntana Morinj restaurant

Our beach

The beach on our doorstep is not comparable to the beaches in Croatia. But that Panorama with the mountains around you is awesome and our kids are just happy when they have water. It feels more like a big lake here in the sheltered bay of Kotor. The water goes in shallowly, there is a small one Pebble-sand beach and a small beach bar. So here we spend an hour every day and do otherwise trips to the surrounding area.

Our beach in Morinj Montenegro

Vacation in Montenegro: Kotor

It's approximately from our campsite 30 minutes drive to Kotor. The route runs in the Bay of Kotor along with spectacular views. Here you also have the option of a small ferry ride to the island Gospa from Škrpjela with its beautiful chapel from 1630. Unfortunately we didn't make it in time. We park on Kamilja shopping center just south of the city wall for € 3 per hour for camper vans and € 1 per hour for cars.

We run from here in just five minutes past a small children's playground and the huge cruise ships to Sea gate Entrance to the old town. I am immediately in love with the many little alleys, the old walls and the picturesque squares with cafes and restaurants. It's like a mini Dubrovnik and for me personally it has a little more charm. We let ourselves drift and finally walk high on the Town wall. In total there are two entrances up to the city wall.

Kotor old town

Entry costs € 8 for adults, children are free.

A relatively steep path leads over gravel and some stairs winding up to the castle. We create with our 3 year old daughter in the Kraxe and our 6 year old son unfortunately not the entire route in the midday heat.

So we run in about 20 minutes only up to the church. But also here is the view over the old town from Kotor and the surrounding mountains are breathtaking and it's worth it all!

View from the city wall on Kotor

After a short break with a view of the sweet chapel, we hike back the same way. It is not only now that we notice that Kotor is the city of cats. We meet these wonderful animals at every corner and that's why it is my favourite town. We look for a restaurant somewhere and have lunch. For the kids, that's enough sightseeing for a day and we make our way back.

Vacation in Montenegro: Lovćen pass

We spontaneously decide on a piece Huntingćen pass to drive once we're here. On the way there you have a great view of the Tivat Airport and over the Bay of Kotor. Many very narrow hairpin bends lead us steeply upwards. Unfortunately there is little way to stop, however the mountains are phenomenal. At the top is the mausoleum, but unfortunately we don't get as far as we drive back all the way must.

Outlook Lovcen Pass Serpentine Lovcen Pass

Vacation in Montenegro: Jaz Beach

We want the next day an excursion to the Jaz Beach do. This time we don't drive along the entire Bay of Kotor, but instead take the ferry Kamenari after Lepetans. Here the car ferry runs at the narrowest part of the bay to the other side in 10 minutes. A little shortcut for us. From here it is not far to Jaz Beach.

With the car ferry to Jaz Beach

€ 4,50 per trip by ferry including camper.

There is a funky parking lot and the beach stretches for several kilometers. It is super crowded here and we park at the very end. Honestly, the beach itself isn't particularly worth seeing, however there is a coarse sandy beach and crystal clear sea with mountain views. Otherwise, there is one lounger after the other, but at least we have something of Montenegro seen except Kotor. Unfortunately we have no more time for Budva, we are slowly being drawn back to Munich.

Jaz Beach Montenegro

Return journey via Trogir in Croatia (2 nights from 26.8.-28.8.)

When we return to the EU we sometimes have even longer waiting times than when we went to our vacation in Montenegro because it is the EU's external border. Here we lose about 45 minutes at the border stations alone. From Morinj we need about five hours with our camper to our stopover in Croatia. On the way back we spend two more nights at Trogir.

Beach Belvedere Camping Belvedere campsite near Trogir

On the whole it is of Belvedere campsite a great facility with kids, the biggest we've had so far. Still, the campsite is nicely laid out with several terraces and sea views on many plots. The sea is a little wilder here, but great for swimming there two pools, different restaurants, a bar, kids club, tennis and a mini market. So you don't have to leave the facility if you don't want to. A dream for the kids.

Approx. 70 € per night all incl.

Camper vacation with children in the Marco Polo by Roadsurfer

In the beginning I have some respect for the narrow space in the camper and the sleeping situation with the children. After all, it's vacation and you don't want the children to be up at 6 a.m. every day. Packing is definitely a challenge too, we don't have an infinite amount of space in the Marco Polo.

On the road

But after a few nights we found a routine that worked for everyone. First the children sleep up in the roof tent, but it's too bright there in the morning. So pull them down. The space in the camper is actually very limited, but with a bit of logistics and repackaging we can get that under control too.

The constant Rearranging has been a bit on our nerves in the three weeks. We also have to make the bed downstairs and put it away every evening and every morning. But at some point we find a routinewhat we have to do first when we are on a new pitch, what we need for cooking and what we have to put wherewhen the kids are already in bed.

The Camper vacations are a bit more exhausting in daily van life, but on the other hand, it also makes you more frugal and contented in every way. You also come into contact with other people much faster when camping, is generally more sociable and makes new friends quickly, no matter what language you speak. We think that's very nice.

Freedom in the camper

The biggest difference to conventional hotel vacations is actually that you are Spends all day in the great outdoors and in the open air. A great adventure for the children, of course! But you should definitely be well equipped, be it with Toys / audio books or camping equipment - that makes daily camper life a little easier.

Sunset camper

This way to the campers of Roadsurfer! *


From Trogir from we drive back to Munich in the evening in a tour. Our 3-week road trip with the camper through the Balkans comes to an end Pure nature, adventure and lots of sea! A European tour could hardly be more varied.

Pitch in frontline Rapoca Camping

Our highlights of the entire route are: the rowboat trip to the island of Bled (Slovenia), the hike through the Vintgar Gorge (Slovenia), snorkeling and water ranger expedition on the island of Krk (Croatia), SUP driving on the island of Losinj (Croatia), waterfall and boat tour in the Krka National Park (Croatia), cable car over Dubrovnik (Croatia) and the alleys of Kotor during our vacation in Montenegro. Unfortunately we don't have enough time to like the other highlights in Montenegro Perast or Budva, to see.

Have you ever spent a vacation in Montenegro with children? What are your highlights? You might also be interested in Mauritius with children!

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