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Vacation in the Harz Mountains - Quench your wanderlust in Germany!

Dinsterbachschwinde near Questenberg (c) Harzer Tourismusverband, M. Gloger (92) for Croatia - folder Shooting 16

Advertisement I Because of the current situation, we all long to travel to our favorite country. Maybe you miss the rugged landscapes like in Croatia, the turquoise blue lakes like in Slovenia or the picturesque brick buildings like in Scotland? But a vacation in the Harz Mountains in Germany can also satisfy your longing with its breathtaking nature and special sights - your next vacation is therefore closer than you think!

WI wanted another two weeks at Pentecost this year Travel to Croatia because of the wild landscape and the turquoise blue sea last year on our camper vacation has captivated you! Well, unfortunately, it will probably be nothing. Therefore, we have thought about going on holiday in Germany this year, more precisely a holiday in the Harz Mountains. Here, just like in our favorite countries in Europe, there are picturesque houses and breathtaking landscapes. Here are a few comparisons with destinations we have been to and have fallen in love with their special features (with a little wink;)

Rocky coast like in Croatia vs. Vacation in the Harz Mountains:

vacation in Croatia

Rocky coast of Croatia

Rocky coast of Croatia

Croatia is one of the few countries in Europe with a coastline of approx. 2000 km. In addition to the turquoise blue sea, pebble beaches and pine forests Croatia offers above all a rugged rocky coast and there are also rugged landscapes inland. The combination of unique rock formations, the green of nature and the sea make Croatia one of our favorite destinations.

Vacation in the Harz Mountains

Vacation in the Harz as in Croatia

Vacation in the Harz as in Croatia

Do you know the impressive karst landscape in the southern Harz? Then go there! Here you feel like you are in a natural paradise and would not even think that you are in Germany. Between the historic European city Stolberg in the west and the Rose town of Sangerhausen this special Harz jewel stretches to the east. It houses one of the most important plaster karst landscapes in Europe.

Turquoise blue gorge as in Slovenia vs. Vacation in the Harz Mountains:

Vacation in Slovenia

Vintgar Gorge Slovenia

Vintgar Gorge Slovenia

We were in Slovenia for the first time last year, otherwise it was more of a transit country for us. We were immediately enthusiastic about the natural highlights like house-high waterfalls, the mountains of the Triglav National Park and the crystal-clear Soca. Above all, we have Lake Bled and the turquoise Vintgar gorge blown away. By the way, there is more information in this article.

Vacation in the Harz Mountains

Vacation in the Harz Mountains like in Slovenia

Vacation in the Harz Mountains like in Slovenia

Have you ever walked in an enchanted gorge, like in Slovenia? Why wander far when the good is so close! Here in the southern Harz Ellrich can be found in "the trowel" a remaining cave in karst rock with a five-meter deep cave lake, wild rock formations and green forests. The trowel is located directly on the karst hiking trail and is easy to hike over this and from other surrounding places.

Picturesque Cottage as in Scotland vs. Vacation in the Harz Mountains:

Vacation in Scotland

Cottages in Scotland

Cottages in Scotland

What can I say, Scotland is my second home! My mother is Scottish and as a child we were there with our relatives almost every year. In 2018, we explored the Highlands with our children and grandparents. The wildly romantic landscape, the enchanted castles and the species-rich nature remained in our memory despite the constant rain. But above all, I have settled in the cute little town Fort William in love with its picturesque brick houses and nostalgic cottages. My favorite place in Scotland!

Vacation in the Harz Mountains

Holidays in the Harz Mountains like in Scotland

Holidays in the Harz Mountains like in Scotland

Would you like a stately cottage in the middle of Germany? Then come after Bad Lauterberg in the Harz and let yourself be in Earl's Lane Luxury Hideaway move to another world! Inside it is also really cozy with a cozy Chesterfield couch, large oak table and traditional lamps. A piece of Highlands just around the corner!

Do you also want to satisfy your wanderlust - then come to the Harz!

Tips for your vacation in the Harz Mountains with children:

As a family, we always like to be out and about in nature while hiking, swimming or other outdoor activities. Here, of course, the Harz also has a lot to offer:

Hiking with children

These three beautiful hiking trails are also feasible for smaller kids and offer pure adventure for the whole family:

  • The treetop path in Bad Harzburg (2,2km)
  • Forest adventure trail in Goslar (3km)
  • Circular walk around the Oderteich with bathing area (4,3km)

All details about the tours and even more hiking trails can be found here!


Among other things, you can experience a lot in these three leisure attractions, but there is much more to discover!

  • Leisure fun in Eckartsberga
  • Fairytale valley
  • Krodoland

More information and more attractions can be found here!

Outdoor highlights

Here are just a few outdoor highlights for kids, but the selection in the Harz Mountains is almost endless!

  • Wippra toboggan run
  • Harzbob and BocksBergBob
  • Climbing forest Thale and Blankenburg
  • Waldbad Neustadt

Here you can find all details and information about vacation in the Harz Mountains with children!

What is your favorite country that you are longing for the most? Have you ever been to the Harz Mountains? Which natural highlights in Germany remind you of other destinations in Europe? Feel free to write me a comment!

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    Thank you for your appealing report. The direct comparison amused me very much because the pictures were chosen very well. I also think the Harz is beautiful and especially at this time you have to be content with German travel destinations. I bet you can find more nice comparisons. 🙂


  2. Esther Damp sagt

    That really makes you want to travel this beautiful area with the camper. The images need not shy away from comparison with distant targets.
    Put that on the “to discover goals” 👍

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