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Great destination on Lake Garda: the Lago d'Idro!

Lake Idro Lake Garda

Anyone who gets bored or too busy on Lake Garda will find it on Lago d'Idro Peace and a magnificent panorama! A perfect destination on Lake Garda ...

From Saló on the western shore of Lake Garda you need about 40 minutes by car to Lake Idro:

AAs a starting point on Lago d'Idro offers the same name village Idro, located directly on the lake, at. There you have a great view over the lake and the mountains, there are some nice cafes with lake view and the ferry also leaves from here. Just a stone's throw away there is an idyllic campsite. It does not get boring that fast.

Love bank on the shore of Idro

Love bank on the shore of Idro

If you want more, drive along the eastern shore until after vestowhere the road ends. You can also go to the west bank Amphora drive, where there is a castle to admire (we have not done).

Mountain panorama on the Lago d'Idro

Mountain panorama on the Lago d'Idro

Highlight of the excursion is beside the panoramic view and the idyll on the Idrosee certainly the ride over the mountain pass, among other things at the mountain village Eno past, in the middle of the plateau. The small road leads about 40 minutes of adventurous uphill and downhill through green hills and breathtaking scenery!

Have you ever been to Lago d'Idro? What else can you recommend as an excursion destination from Lake Garda? Maybe you also feel like one easy hike on Lake Garda?

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