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Toledo in Spain: brilliant day trip from Madrid!

Toledo in Spain

Jean, Martin and Michele from the travel blog Nomad nation have a favorite city: Toledo in Spain! Where that should be and what you can experience here, tell the three smart guys in this guest post:

WIf you are asked which cities you should definitely see in Spain, what comes to your mind first? Madrid, the capital, fashion metropolis and with impressive architecture. Then of course Barcelona, less than Madridbut not less well known. Of the two cities, everyone has heard or read before, without having to do much research. However, Spain has so much more to offer on the mainland, if you look very closely: the small town Toledo inland

Getting there

The capital of Spain was not always called Madrid, rather Toledo. The small town, with about 80.000 inhabitants, is just under an hour from Madrid remote and is one of the three historic cities. And she is definitely worth a visit! From Madrid out of reach you Toledo quite easily either by bus or by train. Price wise, both are not really much and usually return tickets are sold as a "package".

Overnight stays in Toledo are of course possible as in any city, but a visit is as a day trip from Madrid from more meaningful. Due to the limited supply of beds in Toledo, prices can be very high. Furthermore, the city is very popular for meetings of companies and politicians.


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Getting Around

In the streets of Toledo

In the streets of Toledo

Christian, Arab and Jewish culture have left their mark here and in the course of time not much has changed. A visit equals a journey back in time, because in the old town of Toledo almost no buildings had to yield to wider streets or modern architecture. Historic churches, city gates and the remains of the former city walls are all still preserved. Together with small streets and shops they create a very special feeling. It is not without reason that the entire city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. All this can be explored on foot, however, the city was built on a hill and thus it is often up and down. Comfortable shoes are recommended.


In Toledo There is a lot to discover and depending on your interests, you can spend more than a day there. Like any city, but has as well Toledo Klassikerthat you should definitely see during a visit.

The Mirador del Valle is a lookout point with views over the entire city. A bit off the beaten track is worth either at the very beginning, or at the end of the trip. Photos at sunrise, or sunset always look very nice (see cover picture).

One of the most important buildings in Toledo is the cathedral "Catedral Primada", It is the second most important Gothic cathedral in Spain and not only impressive from the outside. A look inside is definitely worthwhile because the sight of the main altar astonishes you.

The Alcázar of Toledo is a fortress in the upper city area, which now offers guided tours inside. Everyone who is interested in weapons of the Spanish army and knight armor is right here. Otherwise, it can get tiring quickly, but you will be rewarded with a beautiful view over Toledo.

Historic city wall in Toledo

Historic city wall in Toledo

At lunchtime we recommend a visit to the lively "Plaza Zocodover", The central square in Toledo. Many restaurants and bars invite you to sit comfortably. Just the right moment to try the famous "Queso Manchego". The famous cheese of this region is highly appreciated by connoisseurs and you definitely should not miss it!

Strengthened then it goes on to the former mosque "Cristo de la Luz". Definitely worth a visit as this is almost completely preserved and considered one of the most important examples of Islamic art in Toledo applies.

The last classic is the "Sinagoga del Tránsito". The former synagogue now houses this Museum Sefardí and shows the history of the Jews in Toledountil her expulsion in the year 1492. Admission only costs 3 Euro and definitely recommended for those interested.

Of course it offers Toledo even more, after all, tourism is the main source of income of the city. Whether it's a hot-air balloon ride over the city, or a unique way to see the city with the 180m long zipline. It all depends on how much time and money you bring.


Toledo is really a very nice, if small, city. Still, you get the full load of culture. Whether this is your thing or not, you have to decide for yourself. Most people there are all very hospitable, though not many speak English. So if you are in for several days Madrid you definitely should make a detour to Toledo . make Walking in the narrow streets gives you a feeling that is difficult to describe and everyone should experience for themselves.

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