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Surfing in England Northumberland!

Surfing in England Northumberland

Would you have thought that you can surf in England as well? Especially for beginners, the beaches here for surfing in England Northumberland offer perfect conditions!

I already had a surf course last year Morocco made and was completely enthused by the freedom on the board! So my new passion was found. Now I wanted to try my luck here in England.

Surfing at Bamburgh Beach in England Northumberland

Surf schools

GJust as a bloody beginner, the beaches offer Bamburgh Castle and Druridge Bay a brilliant panorama and small, easy waves. The two surf providers Northside Surf and Surf Northumberland offer surf lessons for every level or just bodyboards or SUPs for kids and adults.

Beaches for surfing

II got it from John Northside Surf quite easily after mail contact a board and a wetsuite loaned for about 20 pounds and then I ventured on my own into the sea. Unfortunately, the weather was not so nice, but the view of the Bamburgh Castle on Bamburgh Beach indescribable for that! The waves are really great for surfing. As an advanced starter like me, it may have been a bit boring, but to freshen up really a good start!

In Warkworth Depending on the weather and the season, there are also higher waves and surf instructor John knows all the insider tips here! Next Druridge Bay is also the beach of Alnmouth or Amble approached in good conditions. I definitely felt like going surfing more often. And surfing in England is pure nature combined with trendy sports!

Surfing overlooking Bamburgh Castle in England Northumberland

Where do you go surfing as a beginner? Would you have thought that you can learn surfing Northumberland in England? I am looking forward to your feedback! Maybe you are also interested in my highlights in Scotland?

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