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Stuttgart tips: my 5 highlights for a day!

My Stuttgart tips

Far too seldom do you look at the beautiful spots right around the corner. This definitely includes Stuttgart, only 2,5 hours by ICE train from Munich. Together with my blogger colleague Nicole I explore this beautiful city in Swabia for a day and have my personal Stuttgart tips for you!

II must confess, I have never (never really) before in Stuttgart. Although I was there once in the musical and in the outlet, I did not explore the city center. A big mistake, as I know now! What you can experience in the shade on a day in Stuttgart despite 30 degrees in the shade, where we ate delicious and my personal highlights & Stuttgart Tips, I have summarized here for you:

Getting there

My dear blogger friend Nicole von Preissnbeere.de and I will do it early in the morning with the ICE on to Stuttgart. For once we have 1. Class booked (since hardly more expensive than 2. Class) and enjoy the peace with a coffee and plan our city trip. None of us has prepared, we only know, that we absolutely have to covered market want and to Library, We should do that. However, since it has 30 Gard, we prefer not to do too much sightseeing and also want to be surprised. After 2,5 hours without any special occurrences we arrive at Central Station an, Cost: about 80 € per person in the 1. class

Getting Around

Eternal construction site at the main station Stuttgart

The Central Station is the purest construction site and somehow we hit each other up to the tourist information i-point by. There are city maps, tickets for everything and also the Hop-on and hop-off bus with two different lines through the city starts here. Good to know, because we want to do a little tour later.

Price: from 18 € per adult. The details to Stuttgart City Tour * you can find here. StuttCard-Plus * you can also in the i-point buy and costs from 27 € for 24h including public transport. Thus, the bus tour is then also discounted.

StuttCard and more

The StuttCard Plus also includes various attractions, as the entrance to the TV tower, the ride on the track and also with the so-called "Zacke" on Marienplatz, More on that later.

The public transport is included in the ticket and we really use that in the end. The You can find the route network for Stuttgart here or as an app.

1. Breakfast in the Bohnenviertel

It's 10 in the morning and we have not had breakfast yet. So we run from Central Station, past the Klett-Passage und dem Schlossplatz Direction Bohnenviertel, On the way there are of course already a lot to admire the Schlossplatz with the new castle. Soon we will come across that old castle to the beautiful Karlsplatzwhere the Hamburg fish market is currently guesting and take a quick look around.

Continue past the Nobel department store Breuninger and under the underpass through to Bohnenviertel, Yesterday a street festival raged here, nevertheless the small streets and narrow houses just sugary. In the middle we find then after about 15 minutes walk also finally Café Da in a small courtyard to relax.

The Café Da

There are benches and tables outside and a lot is going on. We still get the last seat in the yard and go first order at the counter. The interior is minimalist-modern and definitely an eye-catcher. It smells like coffee and cake and my mouth is watering.

Chalkboard Café Da

The menu is on a large chalk board and looks really stylish. I opt for the home-made cereal, an iced matcha latte and homemade lemonade. For this I pay about € 15, which is not necessarily cheap, but prepared with much love.

Our breakfast in Café Da

2. Walk to the Stuttgart market hall

It is so cozy in the Café Da and nice shady, that we somehow mudddle something and only about 12Uhr to explore the city. According to Google Maps you can walk from here about 10 minutes through the pedestrian zone covered market, At this time in the city center is already a lot going on and suddenly we are already in front of said building. Already from the outside I am very impressed, flowers and palm trees decorate the street and the yellow walls of 1914 radiate a Mediterranean flair.

The market hall from the outside

The market hall

When we're inside, I'm totally excited! Everywhere there are stalls with goodies, fruits, fish, meat and sweets. Too bad that we have just eaten. I would like to snack on something everywhere. We walk around and I feel a bit like Barcelona in the Mercat de la Boquería.

The indoor market from inside

If you have a little more time, you can also do one Book Schlemmer tour. Then we go up the stairs and have a great view over the landmarked Art Nouveau building with the new glass roof and the many stalls.

3. My Stuttgart tip: The city library

Since it's such a beautiful, sunny day today, we also want to City Library on Milan Square Laufen, Somehow we underestimate the heat and the distances. I thought that Stuttgart was small. But just the financial district on the other side of the Central Station, is located just outside the old town. Completely sweaty, we will eventually come after a 20-minute walk at the futuristic-looking library.

City library from outside

Beauty in white

We enter the white building and immediately surrounds this quiet and extraordinary aura. We enter the center, where there is a white hall with a fountain, and then look for the elevator. This brings us up into the 8. Floor. As soon as we step out, I'm really breathless in the face of this minimalist beauty!

Architect here was the South Koreans Eun Young Yi, We walk around a bit and can not stop wondering. If I had such a library in Munich, I would probably come here every week. In the café we buy a little refreshment and make our way from there to the roof terrace in the 9. Floor. This is not spectacular, but at least you have a nice view of the surroundings.

4. Hop-on and hop-off bus & the rack railway

We just decide on the Stuttgart city tour Sprinkle and take a tram to the station Central Station. UThe 14 clock starts the "green" bus line Direction Fernsehturm, Standseilbahn and Marienplatz and takes about 60 minutes.

Our hop-on hop-off bus

It starts and we drive on Schlossplatz over and over the hill. Now I realize that Stuttgart actually lying in a cauldron. The bus winds its way up the narrow streets, past countless beautiful villas. The Fernsehturm let's be on the left (among other things because of the "Muddy Angel Run" and everything is closed off) and enjoy just sitting there and watching, It's hot and busy on the bus, but we do not have to run it ourselves. Also nice.

The "Zacke"

Only on Marienplatz we get off again and are almost directly in front of the rack railway, called "Zacke". Just the nickname I find so great that I'm looking forward to the ride. Every 15 minutes (at least until about 20 o'clock), the yellow course on a up to 17,8 percent steep track goes up the slope and that since 1884. Cool, I think that even on an extra loading area, the bikes can be transported and then you go downhill from the top again.

For us today is too hot and we are getting in Degerloch and walk around a bit. We decide two stops down again "Haigst" to drive. There you have from the small viewing platform on the Santiago de Chile square a nice view over the Stuttgarter-Kessel. There is not much going on and we enjoy the view, the flowers and a shady spot.

5. The Schlossplatz & Swabian kitchen

After this idyllic stopover we land again on the bottom Marienplatz and hunger is starting to make itself felt. It is late afternoon and we have just had breakfast. As our train returns at about 18.30, we decide to close the train Central Station something to eat. It will be us Carl's Brewery recommended with typical Swabian home cooking and we make our way to the train Schlossplatz.

The Schlossplatz

In the middle of the city extends this beautiful park with the new castle. There are fountains everywhere, a huge castle garden for strolling and nice shops in the arcades. Okay, you can shop here in the Klett-Passage right next door also good.

We look around and walk a bit Direction Castle Garden with a small lake and great buildings, Right here at the corner is already the brewery.

My Stuttgart tips for Swabian cuisine:

Carl's Brewery at the Schlossplatz

There is still a free table in the shade overlooking the Schlossplatz, We are definitely not alone here. It is a bit noisy and touristy, but that must be sometimes. For that we have a great view of the Schlossplatz and you can see a bit of the people passing by, from mummies with pushchairs to porsches and hipsters.

To celebrate the day we treat ourselves to a cyclist and there are for Nicole Spaetzle with lentils and I take the Maultaschen with potato salad. My main course costs around the 12 €, Everything is delicious and we are well fed and with many new impressions on the way to Central Station, We take the S-Bahn one last time and hop into Munich on our ICE.

Inn bears in lake of fire

Bear restaurant in Feuersee

Only a few stops on the S-Bahn from Central Station remote in "Feuersee" there is the very stylish restaurant "Bären" with Swabian tapas. Unfortunately, there is only from 17.30Hur warm kitchen, which is a bit too late for us. The interior is really awesome and the service very friendly. Definitely a little insider tip!


Stuttgart is bigger than I thought. Therefore, it is worthwhile to travel by public transport and the network in the city center is really well developed. Stuttgart is also perfect for a long weekend to explore the bar culture and the surrounding vineyards as well, That's definitely on my must-do list!

Stuttgart exploring for a day makes you want more. More wine bars, more wine village (a kind of wine festival in the city center in late August), more delicious food and even more culture! But for such a beautiful summer day, the trip was definitely worth it for just one day - I'll be back!

Have you ever been in Stuttgart? What are your Stuttgart tips for me on my next visit? Maybe you also feel like one City trip to Hamburg?

*Transparency: The Stuttgart Tourist Board has provided us with a StuttCard Plus and a hop-on hop-off ticket free of charge. My opinion was not influenced by this.

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