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City break Rome: my insider tips for brilliant vantage points & restaurants!

City break Rome

20 years ago I was in Rome for the first time and since then five times. Therefore, you will search in vain for travel tips and sightseeing highlights, but find secret tips for eating out and the most beautiful views for your city trip in Rome:

WSo you are in the first time Rome I can not really help you with my tips. But if you feel like Rome away from the tourist attractions to exploreTo go and eat delicious food and a different view of Rome, then you should read on.

As my husband once in half a year Rome has lived and speaks fluent italian is Rome always a bit like coming home for us. Sightseeing is not on the program, just enjoy, feast and drift. This time without kids. We live with friends in Lucio Sestio in the southeast of the city and cruising through the area by scooter.

City trip Rome #1 View over Rome on the Gianicolo - the classic

The view over Rome from the hill "Janiculum" behind the St. Peter's Basilica is in every travel guide, but rightly so beautiful. Due to the fact that the journey can only be reached with a mobile pedestal or a little awkward by bus, there is hardly anything going on there even in August. Maybe it's just too hot for most people.

Great view Gianicolo Rome

Therefore one has the view over the Pantheon, the Castel Sant'Angelo and in the East also about the "typewriter"Almost alone. Unfortunately, you can not see the St. Peter's Basilica from here, because this is almost exactly behind one. The only downside.

Up on the mountain there are a few stalls selling cold drinks and snacks and several terraces around it Garibaldi monument around with a magnificent 180Grad view. From here it is by scooter or on foot but not far in the really picturesque neighborhood Trasteverewhich means "over the Tiber".

Getting there: It is on foot from Trastevere from about 20 minutes with beautiful views every now and then. Otherwise one comes also with the bus line 115 of Trastevere out directly in about 10 drive.

My advice:

The best way to get somewhere before in the old town in the various bars so-called "Pizza al Taglio", so Pizza to take away, then to nibble it up in the shade with a view over Rome. These snacks are available here in Rome in all colors and shapes and are nowhere as delicious as here! You must also necessarily the typical Roman "Suppli al telefono"Try a kind of breaded rice ball with cheese and tomato filling, Funny enough, that roughly means that the pulled out mozzarella in the Suppli how a telephone cable looks like (= useless knowledge;)

Rome City Trip #2 Romantic food in Trastevere at La Taverna de 'Mercanti

Not far from Janiculum away, is probably the most beautiful and famous district of Rome: Trastevere, Here Rome is like a picture book. Narrow streets, romantic restaurants and cafes with flair. And the river Tiber is not far. If you like it especially cheesy and infinitely romantic, you should definitely in the Taverna de 'Mercanti go.

La Taverna de Mercanti from the outside

Even from the outside it looks very picturesque with the old walls, the old wood and the flowers and torches everywhere. There are a few tables outside, but inside it is dim, with old barrels and candlelight.

The icing on the cake are the red checked tablecloths and the menu that reads like a treasure map. Okay, it's also a bit touristic and not necessarily super cheap, but beautiful!

Piazza de Mercanti 3 / a
Rome, 00153, Italy
TEL: + 39 06-58 81 693
Hours: 19: 00 - 23: 00

My advice:

Before dinner in said Taverna, You should definitely have an aperitif in one of the many sweet restaurants right on the Tiber close to Ponte Sisto to take. It is also worthwhile just to walk up and down, to browse in the shops and the view of the Tiber to enjoy with sunset. Alternatively, of course, also suitable as a nightcap.

View over the Tiber in Trastevere

City break Rome #3 Sunset in Frascati

Frascati is almost a suburb in the southeast of Rome and a well-known wine region. We roll in the evening to watch the sunset. When we arrive after about 30 minutes, Saturday night is the hell going on. All Rome is here to cool off. It's like a little one Rome here with sweet places and alleys. And the view is really unique.

One notices Rome Although only as an outline, but the sun is red-orange and the view far! There are several panoramic terraces right at the entrance to the station and the Via Regina Margherita with numerous restaurants, where you have a wonderful view!

My advice:

Who does not have a mobile pedestal, can be great too Rome Termini to go by train. This stops right in the center of Frascati, Then you can drink a glass of wine more! Timetable from Rome can be found here.

Getting there: The train departs from Roma Termini to Frascati about every half hour and takes about 30 minutes. Cost about 2,10 per person one way. Here it goes to Timetable and online booking!

City break Rome #4 Typical Roman cuisine in Frascati in Zarazà

By chance we discover the Roman restaurant zaraza an der Via Regina Margherita a bit hidden on a small terrace. Only the top two tables have a spectacular view, but even so, this little courtyard is insanely cute and romantic.

Sunset in the Zarazà

Everyone is incredibly friendly, there are delicious, in-house wine Frascati and down to earth cuisine. At the end you have the choice of five different types of tiramisu, the tastiest thing I've ever eaten (except from my mum). My absolute insider tip for a city trip to Rome!

Via Regina Margherita 45, 00044 Frascati (Rm)
email: info@trattoriazaraza.it, Telefono: 06 942 2053
Monday: closed, Tuesday through Sunday: 12.30-14.30 & 19.30-22.30

My advice:

Those who are hungry after that can go to the square Vicolo Bambocci or Try the typical Roman Porquetta ham at the many, small stalls on the hand, A kind of bacon from the pig. But it's not for everyone ...

City break Rome #5 View over Rome on the terrace of the Campidoglio - my insider tip

Of course, I got this insider tip from my husband. Pretty hidden behind the Capitol in the Capitoline Museums, One has one of the best, free views over the rooftops of Rome!

View from the Terrazza Cafferelli

On the associated Terrace of the Cafarelli you can let your eyes wander on the wall among other things also about the St. Peter's Basilica, Then an espresso at the bar and the city trip is perfect!

My personal insider tip

Piazzale Caffarelli, 4 - 00186 Roma
Opening hours: 9.30 - 19.00
Tel. +39 06 69190564

My advice:

From here you can also explore on foot the other sights of Rome. Past the typewriter, one arrives after about 15 minutes walk to Trevi Fountain and after another 10 minutes to the famous stairs Spanish Steps, So you can combine that with classic sightseeing!

Who else has more insider tips for a city trip to Rome? Do you know my insider tips already? Maybe you also feel like one City trip to Barcelona! Even more inspiration for the topic "Rome from above" can be found at the dear Ria from the blog riaontour.de!

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  1. Wow, what beautiful photos! We are also planning our first trip to Rome, because your contribution is just right and makes you really feel like going on vacation!

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