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Exciting holiday thriller "With quiet wings"

<AD> Just in time for the Pentecost holidays I can recommend this beautiful thriller / thriller to you. The story takes place in Spain in a fictional seaside village a bit off the big city. The perfect beach reading for your vacation!

What is the book about (Klapptext):

You get, what you deserve.

Although Tyler never wanted to re-enter his Andalusian home village of Adra, he has to travel there after the death of his father to administer his father's estate. Upon arrival in Spain, Tyler meets his childhood sweetheart Blanca and soon faces the ghosts of the past.

Within a short time, the events overflow and a cruel murder series overshadows the otherwise peaceful quiet of the small fishing village. Investigator Alejandro Moreno Pirezo gets more questions with each murder than answers. What is the motive of the killer and is it a coincidence that the series of murders with Tyler's arrival really gets going?

Will he get to the bottom of the dark secrets?

My Opinion:

Book by Drea Summer With soft wingsRight from the start, it starts directly with the action without much ado. There appear quite a few figures, some of which are described a bit superficially. Therefore, unfortunately I could not (until the end) the personalities really well apart ... but that's just my subjective impression.

I like the different narrative perspectives, that make the book very exciting. The "normal" narration is mostly in the 3. Person held. If the killer commits his actions (yes, there are several murders!), Then the narrative form changes into the 1. Person. The murders are described in such detail and brutality that I could not stop reading at the latest from the second murder act! One feverishly until shortly before the end and wants to know of course, who the murderer is. Hats off to the author here!

The police work in the book I find something unrealistic. However, the author herself writes in the epilogue that, for reasons of excitement, she portrays police work as a fictional world, which I find completely in order. Also the end, in which the main actor Tyler feels the murders in retrospect but somehow as fair, I can not really understand, because the brutality of the murders must also be made clear.

Nice, I find the Spanish terms, which are thrown in and out, so that at least Feels a little bit that the thriller really plays in Spain. However, I would have liked more details on food and customs in Spain to really "travel" there.

At the end...

Drea Summer's "Quiet Wings" book is a mix of crime thriller and thriller that is easy to read. Excitement is guaranteed by the many murders described in detail! But the book can also be put out of hand, for example, to jump into the water for a short time and then re-enter without losing the thread. So the perfect beach reading!

Click here for the book by Drea Summer With quiet wings

For research purposes the author gave me a free copy. This did not affect my personal opinion.

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