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Morocco travel report - souks, surf & soul!

The exciting markets in Marrakech from 1001 nights, the flowing surf at the artist city Essaouira and last but not least just let your mind wander - you can find all of this in my Morocco travel report in autumn:

This article has been updated for you, the original article was created in October 2017

My Morocco travel report at a glance:

Travel time: 01.10.2017 to 07.10.2017

Air conditioning: in Marrakech it had over 30 degrees during the day, at night around the 20. In Essaouira it was about 20-25 degrees during the day, a bit cool with 15-18 degrees in the evening.

Getting there: Flight with Royal Air Maroc directly from Munich to Marrakech including luggage for 150 € per person

Getting Around: you can Supratours from Marrakech in about 3 hours to Essaouira for about 10 € per person. Back then by taxi for about 50 €

Get Away: Flight with Transavia only with hand luggage from Marrakech directly to Munich for about 100 € per person

Accommodation: Marrakech in the Riad Signature *, Essaouira im Riad Benatar *

Currency: Moroccan dirham

Exchange rate: 10 DH ~ 0,90 €

1. Morocco travel report: SOUKS in Marrakech

MIt's a bit late and we land at about 20 local time in Marrakech at night. The flight was unusually luxurious compared to all the cheap airlines with drinks and good food for free! At the airport we are picked up by the hotel for a fee of 20 €After all, it's a holiday after all.

Courtyard at Riad Signature

Courtyard at Riad Signature

Our riad is located in a narrow alley in the medina of Marrakech, from the outside completely unimpressive. But behind the beautiful wooden door hides a small oasis of peace and exoticism. The Riad Signature is definitely my FAVORITE SPOT in Marrakech!

François, the very friendly owner of the riad, shows us the room and tells us exactly how to get to the place Djemaa El Fna, Marrakech's most famous juggler's square. We feel very well received and safe with his explanations, he even accompanies us into the medina.

Morocco travelogue: Place Djamee El Fna at night

The Place Djamee El Fna at night

Despite a late hour, we plunge directly into the fray. Here it is loud and hot and bustling and at first we are a bit overwhelmed. We finally sit down at a small food stall with soup for 3 DH and sweets and arrive so slowly in this beautiful, strange world ...

The next morning we dive into the wonderful world of souks

In the souks of Marrakech

In the souks of Marrakech

We have no goal and just let us drive. At the beginning a bit uncertain, but after a while you feel really comfortable here. We act, we haggle, we look, we marvel! From bags, jewelry, clothes to fruits, meat and animals, there's nothing here that does not exist. It's really like in another world.

The landmark Koutoubia

The landmark Koutoubia

After more than an hour in the lane Labarynth we come back (mind you without even looking at the map) only after feeling back on Djemaa El Fna Of course we want to see the landmark of the city, the Koutoubia, also from closer look and walk to the main street, which is a kind of border between Old and New Town. In front of that, pretty carriages romp about with their horses.

Snake charmer on Place Djemaa El Fna

Snake charmer on Place Djemaa El Fna

On the way back, I would like to see a snake charmer and we are already in the tourist trap. As soon as you are aware of it, you have a snake around your neck and of course take very excited photos. Only then does it become clear that this costs a lot of "baksheesh". No matter, once in a lifetime!

We leave this exciting day with a fresh mint tea on the terrace of the Café Kasbah Reminisce. On the way back to the riad there are snacks from the stand to the hand for about 20 DH. After a bit of relaxation on the roof terrace of our riad in the afternoon, we go back to the souks in the evening and then to dinner near the riad for a total of about 150 DH. Wow, what a city!

2. Morocco travel report: SURF in Essaouira


View from the harbor on Essaouira

The next morning the taxi takes us from the riad to the bus station for about 30 DH Supratours, Fortunately, we have already been able to reserve the tickets for each 80 DH through the hotel. Everything works like clockwork and we start punctually at 10.45 with the air-conditioned bus to Essaouira.

Approximately 3 hours later (with break), we arrive at the gates of the medina Essouiras. At first we are a bit skeptical: there are low clouds hanging over the cityIt is at least 10 degrees cooler than in Marrakech and the buildings all exude a somewhat morbid charm ...

Rooftop terrace in Riad Benatar

Rooftop terrace in Riad Benatar

Somehow we find ours on demand Riad Benatar. Nice, but not as detailed as the Riad Signature in Marrakech. Nevertheless, with a beautiful roof terrace, friendly service and a very central location!

Once we drink a mint tea on the terrace overlooking the sea and acclimatize us so slowly. Essaouira is different - European, more relaxed with humid sea air and friendly people - an incomparable mix!

We venture into a new adventure

First to the harbor past sweet, small fish restaurants and then further along the wall with numerous art dealers.

Beautiful shops at the harbor

Beautiful shops at the harbor

It is fun to stroll through the small streets and At the end we land again in the Souks with all sorts of gimmicks. We eat something and slowly go back to our riad.

After a short break, we go in the recommended Restaurant Scirocco Evening food - my FAVORITE SPOT in Essaouira! The ambience is discreetly African in a beautiful vault. A wonderful end to this eventful day.

Surf course in Essaouira

Surf course in Essaouira

And then we would be finally on the subject of SURF: after breakfast we will be from Zac picked up our surf instructor at the hotel. He is Moroccan from Essaouira and really nice! With two other German surfing students we drive to the city beach of Essaouira, perfect for surfing.

A dream comes true for me!

After a short briefing from Zac, I "ride" my first wave and have discovered my new passion!

I never thought that it would be so easy anyway ... However, after about 2 hours, I realize how incredibly exhausting surfing and fighting the waves is and I need a break. Everything hurts, I'm all ready and despite wetsuit completely frozen through.

Surfing in Essaouira

Surfing in Essaouira

After a short lunch break, I try my luck again and catch the odd wave, but I just realize that I lack the strength. Tomorrow is also a day! With aching limbs it goes back to the riadwhere I take a quick shower and then totally knocked to bed.

In the evening we stroll through the beautiful streets again and do some bargains before we go to the harbor in one of the fish restaurants. There are delicious sea bream with side dishes for slack 180 DH for both of us!

Art in Essaouira

Art in Essaouira

After that we want the city-known Taros Try out with its winding rooftop terrace and live music. Unfortunately, as always since we are here, it is foggy, so we hardly see anything. But on the last evening the weather is perfect and we enjoy the atmosphere and the cool live band with a few “Casablanca” beers!

3. Morocco travel report: SOUL without kids

Delicious Moroccan tagine

Delicious Moroccan tagine

On the last two days the weather is fantastic and we stroll along the beach or sit on our roof terrace and do nothing at all, pure luxury!

In the evening we go shopping for souvenirs at home and just enjoy the togetherness without kids. We stroll, go eat delicious, typical Moroccan with couscous and tajine for about 150 DH. Let us drift. On the last day we treat ourselves to a partner massage in traditional Hammam Azure.

Riding on the beach of Essaouira

Riding on the beach of Essaouira

During the day I book a horse ride Equivasion on the beach of Essaouira and gallop along the beach and feel infinitely free, Balm for the soul and for the otherwise stressed mom.

One last great evening of food with fresh fish at the harbor and slowly we are heading home back to our children ... On the day of departure our taxi picks us up at noon and drives us back to Marrakech in about 3 hours directly to the airport for about 50 €.

Fresh fish at the harbor

Fresh fish at the harbor

Despite the beauty, the diversity and the incredibly friendly people here, one must not forget that Morocco is a poor country. Especially in the streets of Marrakech and Essaouira there are many beggars, sometimes childrenwhich always tears my heart.

We were only in the tourist resorts, the "real" life so we have not experienced. For me, Morocco lies between the past and the modern and is incredibly fascinating ...

Have you ever been to Morocco and wrote a Morocco travelogue?

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