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Sailing tour Mallorca: a personal travelogue

I will not forget the summer so quickly. I experienced the vacation of my life and got to know an island, which I brought to date rather with Ballermann and beer king in connection.

But two calls changed that opinion and led me up and to the island of Mallorca. This travelogue will report on this unforgettable holiday.

The adventure starts

June in Siegen, where I studied then, the summer semester is coming to an end.

Johannes on sailing tour Mallorca

Author Johannes on sailing tour Mallorca

So I'm sitting at this wet and cold June day in the refectory of my university when I suddenly get a call from my uncle.

He tells me that unfortunately he can not take part in the sailing tour with my parents and asks me if I go sailing with my parents instead want to do.

I think for a moment and then say spontaneously. Seconds later, it occurs to me that I have never been on a sailing boat and have no idea about it. My thoughts are interrupted by the next call.

My dad is on the phone and in about 20 minutes he tells me all about the sailing holiday in Mallorca. I'm completely taken by surprise when my dad hangs up in the end.

I actually only noticed three things: It starts in four weeks. The sailing trip takes 20 days. And the best: I do not pay anything. Nothing!

Let's go to Mallorca

On the much-anticipated morning of departure, my parents and I drove from the hotel in Berlin to Tegel Airport and boarded the 10: 45 watch exactly the same way Palma de Mallorca. Yesterday still Berlin, today already Mallorca. I felt like a jet set boy.

Marina on Mallorca

Marina on Mallorca

After landing, it went with quick steps (okay, it was more of a panic race) to the car rental company SIXT, It went out of the capital in the direction Pollenca, There lay namely the YachtMy parents joined at the beginning of the year Scansail rented.

We parked our rental car in front of the driveway Marina and looked at a sea of ​​sailing ships. Small, big and damn very big. After some searching, we finally found the sailing yacht that my parents had rented.

With the harbor master and an employee of Scansail were still fix the formalities exchanged and I was already on board the Julia.

Leash off!

My first impression of the yacht? Amazingly spacious and very comfortable. We had a sailing yacht with two cabins and a toilet and a small kitchen with stove. That's enough for three people.

My dad was immediately in his element and took command. When Owner of a boating license But he was the only one on board who understood anything about sailing.

Explore the coast of Mallorca

Dreamlike bay in Majorca

Dreamlike bay in Majorca

The first night in the sailboat was pleasantly quiet. The light swings of the yacht was very relaxing and I must confess: there is nothing better than standing on the boat in the morning and getting up fresh sea air breathe.

After breakfast, the meeting began. My parents had weeks ago in the living room the route planned exactly.

A short time later we ran out and set course direction Alcudia, The day we sailed out to the open sea and there where it was allowed to anchor the anchor. And one thing I must confess: It is incredibly great when you swim in the Mediterranean and you around you only the sea sees. I have never been so fascinated as on this vacation.

From Alcudia via Cala Ratjada to Cala Millor

In the evening we went in Alcudia firmly. The place itself is not that great, but the beach along the hotel mile is very clean and View of the open sea Just beautiful at sunset.

Bay of Cala Ratjada

Bay of Cala Ratjada

The next morning it went by Alcudia continue to Cala Ratjada - known as the little sister of the Ballermann. In the bay we wanted to invest actually, but unfortunately were occupied all seats on this day.

Spontaneously, we sailed on and later, in the bay of Font de Sa Calla again the anchor and jumped into the cool Mediterranean.

In the evening we ran to the harbor of Cala Millor a and ate in Modu in the evening. For the first time in my life, I tried one Paella and was - except for the size of the portion - really excited.

My mother then took the next bottle of wine out of the fridge and we left Review the day on the deck of our Julia.

Porto Colom, Palma and Port de Soller

In the next few days we went in Porto Colom its harbor bay and houses by the sea easy fantastically beautiful are!

Palma de Mallorca at night

Palma de Mallorca at night

After that a longer sailing route followed Sa Rapita, After another three days we stopped at the port of Palma de Mallorca, Capital of Mallorca.

My dad started to sweat when we drove into the harbor because here was pure chaos! It went like in a hive.

My absolute favorite spot is and remains Port de Soller, This little place did it to me. We were assigned a mooring at the entrance of the marina and in the evening we ate in the Ses Oliveres in the evening.

Village on the way to Sóller

Village on the way to Sóller

The rustic atmosphere in the restaurant was really nice and the food was extremely delicious! Spontaneously, we decided in this marina a couple of days longer to stay and explore the nearby area.

Very close to the harbor Port de Soller lies the city Sóller. Surrounded by mountains This little town is very pretty.

I especially liked those Tram, which drove through the small old town. After the siesta, it is also very crowded in this city.

Old town of Valldemossa

Old town of Valldemossa

If you are on holiday in Majorca, be sure to visit Valldemossa. The old town is just beautiful - unfortunately also very crowded by tourists. The many small streets with the restored houses look great. Be sure to bring a good camera with you: There are great photo opportunities on you!

A time that you will not forget soon

A few days later we were (unfortunately) back in front of the Scansail office Port of Pollenca and regulated the handing over.

Port de Valldemossa in Mallorca

Port de Valldemossa in Mallorca

20 days sailing trip ended up passing faster than I thought. It was an incredible time with beautiful beaches, delicious food and beautiful weather.

With a little sadness we drove with the car back to Palma and only four hours later we boarded the plane to Berlin.

I have to confess: I am never interested in sailing boats until now and will probably never make a sailing license. But a sailing vacation as a guest on a ship or a small yacht is an experience that you never forget.

You feel incredibly free and live a life away from the hustle and stress, On some days, rocking got on my nerves but on the whole it was the best holiday of my life.


We were a total of 20 days on and off Mallorca and you should take this time too. You need 14 days to go around the island once, If you still want to explore a few places on the island, the 14 days are unfortunately not enough.

And Mallorca should also be explored in the countryside. Away from the tourist miles and hotel strongholds, the island has very nice sites that you should definitely look at.

If you explore the coast of Mallorca with a sailboat, you discover new ones every day Bays and new sleepy coastal villages.

Granted, so a sailing trip is not cheap and I would never have been able to afford it alone as a student. But when you're older and have a well-paid job, such a holiday is definitely worth it! Cost of 3 weeks: about 3.500 €!

To the author:

John is trained media designer and is currently doing his Masters in Media Culture at the Uni Siegen, Until recently, he has Online magazine MOLOGUE operated and now works for the Theater Academy Cologne.

This article contains unpaid advertising!

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