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Sardinia round trip in the south - beach holiday at its finest

Two weeks we traveled through the south of this beautiful island. The originality of the landscape and the endless Caribbean beaches not only inspired me. Also my husband and two kids were blown away. For me, a Sardinia tour is a real insider tip in the off season!

This article has been updated for you, the original article was created in May 2016

At a glance:

Travel time: 10.05.-24.05.2016
Check in: Flight with Ryanair from / to Weeze to Cagliari for a total of 330 € for 2 adults and 2 small children incl. luggage
Cars: Rental car of the compact class at Thrifty for about 350 €. Booked on CHECK24
Airbnb and Hotel

Arrival (day 1)

Arrival at about 9 in Cagliari, After the typical "wait at the baggage carousel and pick up the rental car" we are about 2h later on the way to our first accommodation in Arbatax in the east of Sardinia. The weather is rather temperate, on the ride through the mountainous landscape it even rains.

View from the terrace on Porto Frailis

View from the terrace on Porto Frailis

But despite bad weather awaits us in Arbatax but actually my first FAVORITE SPOT in Sardinia: The Airbnb Enrica with great sea views, great location and plenty of space. So the holiday can go on! Today we only cover ourselves with food for the next four days at Conad in the city.

In Love with Arbatax in Eastern Sardinia (Tag 2)

Spiagga San Gemiliano

Spiagga San Gemiliano

Who or what is actually Arbatax? Granted, this place is certainly not among the top 10 of Sardinia. And that's what makes the charm somehow. The short walk (approx. 5 minutes) to our "house beach" Porto Frailis I fall in love with this little tourist village. The beach is not breathtaking, but beautiful and almost empty, the cafes and hotels manageable. A sweet campsite (Telis) is still there. Nothing exciting, but all the more lovable.

Beach Porto Frailis Sardinia

Beach Porto Frailis Sardinia

In the afternoon we walk to the beach San Gemiliano, about 10min away (if you sneak through the hotel Saraceno). It's a bit more impressive and miles long! There is also a small airport by the sea, but this is no longer in operation, really bad. Also similar here Scenario: hardly built, just said club area, a campsite, and endless sea. If you dream of your own property right on the beach can even be found here. In love with Arbatax, in love with originality.

Wildromantic (Tag 3)

I've read that word so many times and always dismissed it as exaggerated cheesy. But as we drive our car through the beautiful mountains today, I always have this concept in mind: wildly romantic. Goats and wild boar along the wayside, spectacular serpentines, quaint restaurants and felt a thousand hiking trails through olive groves. Mountains, valleys and in between sea.

Coast at Arbatax

Coast at Arbatax

From baunei to Chiesa San Pietro and on to Pedra Longa and to the beach of Santa Margherita Navarrese, But the most beautiful is it but at home in Arbatax...

A shepherd on the Vespa (Tag 4)

Sardinian shepherd

Sardinian shepherd

Granted, the weather is not perfect in May. Here and there a few raindrops and a cool breeze. Nevertheless, we enjoy the breakfast on the terrace overlooking the sea always happy. I'll definitely miss that.

After a short walk on the beach and a delicious lunch in “Il Faro” right by the sea, we cruise a bit through the area. Past the beautiful natural beaches Lido di Orri and Lido di Cea. The roads are narrow and winding and it's just fun to drive.

And there we discover him, the shepherd on the Vespa, how he drives his flock of sheep with a few dogs and a shepherd's stick! A picture for the gods and certainly only possible in Italy.

On to Villasimius in the southeast (Tag 5)

Even today the weather is on our last day in Arbatax unfortunately mau. Gray clouds in the sky and a cool wind. Nevertheless, we have breakfast for the last time on the terrace with sea views and walk to the beach. Then it is time to say goodbye, I would have liked to stay longer ...

Terrace of the Family Suite in Hotel Mariposas Sardinia

Terrace of the Family Suite in Hotel Mariposas Sardinia

But I am also looking forward to it Villasimius! Above all, I'm curious, because I've read that it is here a bit more touristy. After about 1,5h drive we are there. The landscape in the extreme south-east is no longer as "wild", the city is definitely livelier: Restaurants, shops and cafes everywhere. Even in the low season is something going on. And thankfully, my next LIEBLING SPOT is already here:

The hotel Mariposas with a beautiful garden with pool and partial sea view, extremely friendly staff and a great location between the village center and the beach of Simius.
Here you can definitely feel good. So today we just stay home ...

Dream beaches as far as the eye can see (day 6)

Spiagga Porto Giunco

Spiagga Porto Giunco

I was a bit skeptical of the rather touristy region here in Villasimius, But I am excited! The weather god says it's good with us today - steel blue sky, the sun is laughing. Only the wind could be a little less ...

First, we have breakfast with great views in the hotel and then drive to the beach Simius. White sandy beach and turquoise blue sea, in the Caribbean it could not be more beautiful! Thanks to low season, hardly anything going on.

Beach of Simius Sardinia

Beach of Simius Sardinia

Then we drive on to the nice harbor and discover at the end still (at least in the low season) my first beach-LIEBLINGSSPOT: Buy Spiagga Porto Giunco ​​- fantastic! We let the day end relaxed by the pool ...

Dolce farniente (Tag 7)

A sentence known from the film "Eat, Pray, Love" and means something like: the sweet idleness. Which is not quite true. After all, we are up to today Costa Rey in the north of Simius hazards. Here, too, a dream beach joins the other. Finally we stop at the 15km long bay of Costa Rey, Even in midsummer, everyone will surely find a spot here.

On the way back it is still to Spiagga di Punta Molentis over a small gravel road. Very nice, as everywhere here, but unfortunately too windy. In the hotel we prefer to jump in the pool again ...

A New Day in Paradise (Day 8)

Again the sun is shining and after a lap at the pool we drive to our favorite beach Port Rush, This time it is a bit fuller as the weather is better. In addition, it will be upgraded for the high season and built a bar. Nevertheless, the scenery and especially the water remains indescribable! This time we jump into the cool water, even though it probably has no more than 18 degrees ...

Dream Beach Porto Giunco ​​Sardinia

Dream Beach Porto Giunco ​​Sardinia

In the evening I'm still in the Tanka Village ride for an hour. Balm for the soul. We ride towards the sunset, along the cliffs along the sea and past the lagoonwhere there are flamingos. After that, I am completely relaxed and dog-tired ...

Same same but different (Tag 9)

In principle, today is very similar to yesterday. First relax by the pool and after lunch once again to the beach. This time again to the Costa Rey to the nice beach bar "Il Girnapio". On the way back we make a stop at the playground around the corner from our hotel. Has to be too. In the evening we take a super delicious pizza in the "La Galeria" for take-away Villasimius.

Continue to Pula in the south (day 10)

Our apartment with sea view

Our apartment with sea view

Today is another day of travel. It goes on a big trip Santa Margherita di Pula west of Cagliari. We need about 2 hours with children (yes, that's a difference) Villasimius File Then we reach my next LIEBLINGSSPOT around noon: The Airbnb Accommodation in 1. Sea line with stunning terrace. Today we only make a bulk purchase in the Conad Chaff and chill on the almost deserted "house beach" until evening.

Just relax (Tag 11)

Today is time again doing nothing. And really. We do not move from the spot, only from the apartment to the beach and back to the food. The weather is perfect and everyone is having fun on our beautiful “private beach”.

Beach right in front of our apartment

Beach right in front of our apartment

Pure Caribbean Feeling (Tag 12)

First we cruise a bit through the area, past the beach of Chia and Tuerredda continue along the Costa del Sud with spectacular views over the many dream bays. At the end we land at the beach of Tuerredda, my second beach-FAVORITE SPOT (in low season). You might think you are in the Caribbean. I repeat myself, but it's really amazing and you just have to jump into the water. In the afternoon we build sand castles on our own beautiful beach ...

Sun, beach and sea (day 13)

Bay of Chia

Bay of Chia

Even today we start after a leisurely breakfast on our beautiful terrace with sea views again a small tour by car. This time we drive inland Domus de Maria. A really cute city decorated with hundreds of flags (just like Pula, by the way).

Then we drive a nice, small serpentine road through the green hills back to the coast. This time the beach is from Chia on the line. Again, a beautiful beach. We "hike" to Torre Chiafrom which one has a breathtaking view of the bays. Then we jump into the crystal clear water. In the afternoon we go to our own beach ...

Our last day (day 14)

Another beach day. First to our favorite beach of Tuerredda and then just chill out on the beach and on our dream terrace. I will miss that.

Beach of Tuerredda

Beach of Tuerredda

Arrivderci and Conclusion (Tag 15)

The journey home early in the morning runs without major problems. We are a bit sad that the great and relaxing time on this dream island is already over. I think Sardinia really has everything to offer. And we've only seen a small part of it so far.

It's Italy with lots of good food and wine, but less crowded. On the small roads you can sometimes make slow progress, which makes the charm of the island. The accommodations are not cheap, but value for money. We will come back!

Ciao ea dopo!

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  2. Patricia Müller sagt

    Looks very nice and is good for stressed young people to Erhohlung.
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    combined with a little adventure.

  3. Hello, your contribution is already something here. Maybe you can still answer 2 questions.
    How did you feel about the trip from the airport to Arbatax with children? It's already a stretch.
    And your hotel was also right on the sea.
    We are Sardinia - newcomers and your tour sounds just perfect.

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    • favorite spot sagt

      Hi Katja, thanks for your kind comment! So I found the drive from Cagliari to Arbatax really ok with the kids. For the Tril they slept and partly Hörbuch / Tablet☺️🙈 and the landscape is gorgeous there! Which accommodation do you mean exactly? In Arbatax and Villasimius we had to walk about 5 minutes to the sea :) LG and have fun in Sardinia, you will love it! Tatjana

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