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Slovenia Road Trip - with the camper through the Balkans (part 1)

Mountains Vrsic Pass Slovenia

There he is, our camper. Packed to the top for our 3 week road trip through Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro with our two kids. The first campsite in Slovenia is reserved, the rest is uncertainty, adventure and a bit of freedom. Here you will find out everything about our route, campsites and highlights along the way:

Eines right away: Camping is not for everyone. Or at least gewhnungsbedürftig, if you are rather in small boutique hotels. We quarrel at the beginning with the narrow space, the constant tidying and the change with the bedtime of the kids.

Camping life with kids

Camping life with kids

In the end we fall in love with this simple life in constant nature. We realize again how little you actually need to be happy: a bed to sleep, a simple dinner and best still nice companions and playmates. But actually I reach the end in advance.

1. Part: Slovenia Roadtrip 4 Nights (from 09.08.-13.08.)

So first from the beginning: We start from Munich in the direction of Slovenia, then continue through Croatia and end up in Montenegro. We are traveling in three countries in just under three weeks and are back via 3000km. Of course always with us Roadsurfer Camper * and a lot of adventure.

Our Roadsurfer Camper Marco Polo

Our Roadsurfer Camper Marco Polo

At the beginning we only plan our rough route, but we have not reserved any campsites and leave the end open. In principle, every day is different and we decide spontaneously when and where the journey will continue. In between, we dispose over again and again, because the original idea but then failed in logistics. Camper holiday is not for forced neurotics or package vacationers:

1. Stop Slovenia Roadtrip: 2 nights Camping Perun Lipce at Bled

After over four hours of driving including traffic jams, we finally arrive in the late afternoon at our first stop on our Slovenia road trip. I am glad that I phoned all campsites the day beforeso that we can find something at all. The Kamp Perun Lipce is a small transit campsite about 20 minutes from Bled away. Actually quite nice above a river with a view of the mountains, but the charm is limited, As a start for our first road trip stop rather unsuitable. But while we're there, we stay here for two nights to sneak in with the camper.

Camping Perun Lipce Slovenia

Camping Perun Lipce Slovenia

There is a high fluctuation traffic and by the constant coming and going of campers, it is very restless and delivered here. For the whole place with approx. 40 parking spaces there is also only one washroom. Otherwise it is very clean and the owners quite friendly. Every day there is an ice cream for free for our kids. You can also swim in the ice-cold lake and especially the beautiful surroundings around Bled from here perfect explore!

68 2 nights for campers, 2 adults and 2 children.

Lake Bled

From our campsite there are about 20 car minutes to Lake Bled, There is now a lot of traffic in August and a lot of tourists are on the way. The view from the lake road over the lake with the castle and the island is really incredible! We drive up to the castle, but do not decide to go in (€ 11 for adults & 4 € children). By the way you have from the top of the castle outside unfortunately no view over the lake ...

View of the castle Bled Lake

View of the castle Bled Lake

We want to continue to the lake and ask the nice parking attendant for tips. There is probably a beach with entry under the castle. Alternatively, the man recommends us to the parking lot from Camp Bled to drive (or best, of course, camp right there, unfortunately we were out of luck). There then only the parking lot costs a small fee and you can go there to the swimming area from the campsite. Unfortunately, this is completely overcrowded, as we go.

Panorama Bled lake

Panorama Bled lake with gondolas

We are lucky and find after a small eternity at a church, just before it goes off to the campsite, a parking for 10 € per day and walk from here about 5 minutes to the lake. There is a sweet, small promenade, restaurants, a small Mercato and boat rentals. It's definitely busy here, but the sight is awesome!

Island Bled

Rowing to the island Bled

Rowing to the island Bled

After a small bath session we eat in Molin restaurant including lunch Kremschnitta for dessert, then jump into the water again and lend us a highlight at the end of a rowing boat and drive to the island. Really a dream and my personal insider tip! There you have a nice view over the lake with a bit more peace than directly on the shore and the kids can also wish something when ringing the church bells (at least according to information board).

Cost of the rowboat: 20 € per hour. Costs for the church: 6 € adults & 1 € for the kids.

Vintgarklamm & Vrsic Pass

On the second night it rains and when we want to continue in the morning, we have to pack everything wet. Despite the gray skies, two real highlights await us on our departure day:

Vintgar gorge

Only about 15 minutes from Kamp Lipce away, we reach this really worth seeing gorge. However, we are not the only ones who have this idea and need quasi a park + ride parking for 5 € dodge slightly outside the gorge. From there, every 20 minutes a shuttle bus, which drives us for free to the entrance of the Vintgarklamm.

An adventure for the whole family

An adventure for the whole family

Here, Slovenia and its mystical mountain landscape inspire me the first time really. Bled is nice, but the crystal clear Radovna River with its cliffs and rainforest-like flora & fauna really amazes me! We are still very early on and the fog over the water gives the rest to this unique atmosphere. I even forget about the tourist crowds around me.

The hike along the gorge

Our 3-year-old daughter we have most of the time in Kraxe, because the roads are narrow and narrow and sometimes lead across bridges. A real adventure for the kids! This little hike takes one-way about 45 minutes, until you come out at the end of the gorge at a small waterfall again. You can even continue here, but we have to go back the whole way. There is an ice cream on the kiosk as a reward and we start our way back.

Admission: 10 € for adults, 3 € Children from 6 years and 1 € for children under 6 years

Vrsic Pass

We continue from the gorge to Triglav National Park and cross the Vrsic Pass on 1.600m with spectacular views. Already when driving into the national park slain one the high mountain tops summarizes with their monumental splendor! You have to calculate about an hour drive through the national park, it goes up on narrow and steep switchbacks upwards. We are not alone here either. Unfortunately there is hardly a possibility in the hairpin bends to stop, only at the designated parking places.

Entrance to the Triglav NP

Entrance to the Triglav NP

Triglav NP mountain panorama

Triglav NP mountain panorama - road trip Slovenia

Here we take a break and are rewarded with a breathtaking setting! At the end of the National Park we come back to shallower areas and the River Soca awaits us here on every road bend.

It pays to make a short stop on the roadside and walk over one of the many suspension bridges with the turquoise river below! After an eventful day, we arrive in the afternoon at our next stop in Slovenia. All campsites except this are fully booked and I'm curious what to expect.

2. Stop Slovenia Roadtrip: 2 nights Kayak Kamp Toni at Bovec

Again, we end up on the really nice camping Toni at the entrance of the Triglav NP with great mountain views. It turns out to be an ideal base in the beautiful surroundings and also only a three minute walk to the river Soca. Campsites Kamp Liza & Kovac are right next door. There is a large volleyball court, a playground and nice campfire places for free use - a real highlight for the kids!

Costs about 60 € for 2 nights including campers and our 4-headed family

Waterfall Slap Virje

The next day everything is wet from the nearby river. We have a leisurely breakfast and head towards the waterfall towards 10, only a short 15 drive from the camp Bovec. When we drive there, we finally have the feeling to be alone in this beautiful landscape. The streets are getting narrower and winding, there is hardly a car coming towards us.

But wrong - arrived there, there is a paid parking for 5 € and it is quite a lot going on. According to the sign you walk for five minutes to the waterfall, with children and very relaxed then rather 15 minutes. It is a fairly short, steep gravel or stone path and we also see some with stroller.

Once at the bottom, an extraordinary backdrop awaits us, almost as if in the jungle, with turquoise-blue but icy water, green trees and the waterfall. A few brave ones jump in, but I do not dare. My son wades in knee-high water on the other side to the waterfall and I'm almost a bit jealous. The next time we have to pack the bathing suit!

My son at Slap Virje

My son at Slap Virje


After this little highlight we drive to Bovec for lunch and shopping. It is busy again, but this time there is a large, free car park above the church. We are lucky and end up by accident Café Gouef with delicious toasties and snacks. Otherwise, it's just nice to walk along the small main street and eat an ice cream. Supermarkets are almost everywhere.

Delicious toasties in Bovec

Delicious toasties in Bovec

River Soca

Back at the campsite, we pack our bathing suits and slippers and walk through the next door Kamp Kovac down to the crystal clear Soca. The water is icy, but because of its turquoise blue color you just have to jump in. I almost freeze my feet, but at the hot and humid temperatures in August it is really refreshing in the end!

Bathing in the freezing Soca

Bathing in the freezing Soca

River Soca

River Soca

From Slovenia Roadtrip on to Croatia:

After five days, we long for the sea and for a little more relaxation and tranquility, and we are drawn to Croatia. Even if you get a lot of scenic scenery during a trip to Slovenia, it is just overcrowded in midsummer.

Here is my article about ours 10 day road trip along the Croatian coast! In the third and last part you will learn everything about our last stop in Montenegro and there is still information on the subject Camping with children and details about our Travel Home Marco Polo from Mercedes of Road surfers.

* Transparency: In the course of a cooperation with Roadsurfer we have received a small discount on our camper rental. My opinion was not influenced by it!

This article contains unpaid advertising!

I am happy to take part in the great with this contribution Blog parade on the go with child on the topic of "Road trip with children in Europe"!

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  1. Hi! You have made such a beautiful journey. Balkan is also my destination for next summer, thanks for inspiration and beautiful pictures.

    • favorite spot sagt

      Dear Lina, thank you for liking :) Coming soon Croatia and Montenegro - it was really a great summer adventure for us! Best regards, Tatiana

  2. Hello Tatiana,

    what a nice article and sooo great photos. Slovenia is just a dream and I like to remember my trip last year 🙂

    I'm curious how your journey continues and look forward to the next part!

    Best regards,

    • favorite spot sagt

      Dear Kerstin, I am glad that you like it so much :) The second part in Kraotien is online now - have fun reading and LG, Tatjana

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