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First-aid kit with children: what should be included!

First aid kit with children

Especially when traveling long-distance, the question arises again and again: what needs to be put in the first-aid kit with children. Here are my tips & tricks! (This article contains advertising for Europe Apotheek)


We want to visit Mauritius individually with our children next year. These are then 3 and 6 years old. A good first-aid kit with children, especially in exotic countries, where there is not a pharmacy or a doctor on every corner, is in demand here.

We were with our kids when they were smaller, already in Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka! Therefore, I have gradually put together the most important medicines and remedies for my first-aid kit and would like to give you my tips here.

What must go into the first aid kit with children

What must go into the first aid kit

What must go into the first aid kit

Of course, this is totally individual and also depends on the age of the children and the travel destination. Basically, for me, I do not quite as much drag along within Europe as with long-distance travel.

But what I have (with long-distance travel) always with me:

  • Plaster & scissors, if necessary bandages
  • disinfectant
  • Ointment, eg Soventol or Tyrosur (with antibiotic effect)
  • Penaten
  • Sunscreen SPF 50 +
  • Lips cream on brittle lips
  • Tooth gel or wound in the mouth gel, eg Kamistad
  • Nose ointment in dry aircraft air
  • nasal spray
  • Ibuprofen suppositories or juice
  • Fenistil
  • Mosquito repellent for children
  • Eye gel for eye inflammation
  • Thermometer (clear anyway)
  • Angelica balm with snuff nose
  • Thyme myrtle balm for a cold
  • Vomex
  • Cough medicine eg Prospan
  • Possibly. Acupressure band against travel sickness
  • Arnica globules (globules for basically everything;)
  • Electrolytes (Oralpadone) in diarrhea, better than something "darning"
  • Tweezers & tick tweezers
  • possibly staple plaster for taping wounds
  • possibly lice remedies (I really had a friend who had lice in Colombia and was happy to have a German preparation with me ...)

I usually order directly online Europe Pharmacy, then I have no more stress and can do all in the evening in peace, when the children are in bed :) Practically, I also find here The category "travel pharmacy" as a rough guideline. Mostly it is also cheaper online.

My personal tip: I usually buy spray or ointment against mosquitoes on site, because there are simply the most effective remedies there. Or in general, I like to get involved in the natural healing of the country. For example, in Sri Lanka, my daughter had an allergic rash. Since I have in the Ayurveda pharmacy around the corner in Unawatuna brought a great ointment!

At tuk tuk in Sri Lanka

At tuk tuk in Sri Lanka

General tips for long-distance travel with children

Of course, it always helps to talk to other travelers who have already been to the country with kids. Here also help me various other travel blogs. For example, there is a great article on the blog Cake, kid and cone.

But when it comes to more exotic countries, you can not get past the tropical doctor. Friends of ours wanted to go to Central Africa with their children this year. Here, of course, various vaccinations and preparations must be made. As a first stop you can also inform online at the Tropical Institute, Or in South Africa we had a (super expensive) emergency drug for malaria. Of course, the recommendations / warnings are also helpful Foreign Office.

Sure, for my husband and I take a small pharmacy, but on the whole it is the same in green.

What do you take with you to your first-aid kit, especially with children? Maybe you are also interested in mine Travel tips for backpacking with children?

Sri Lanka with our children

Backpacking in Sri Lanka with our children

Note: This contribution to the first aid kit with children may contain advertising, as you can see some of my personal first aid kit. I am neither a doctor nor a pharmacist and do not give medical advice here! If you have any questions about the medications you need, please ask a doctor or pharmacist!

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