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Austria with children: 3 cool altivities in Imst!

Austria with children

Whether adventurous gorge hike, exciting Jägersteig or a fast descent on the longest Alpine toboggan run in the world! Imst near Innsbruck has a lot to offer for big and small kids. So a holiday in Austria with children definitely fun:

1. Hike through the Rosengarten Gorge:

Duration: approx. 1-1,5h (1,5 km) one-way
Difficulty: medium, sure-footedness required
Starting point: Jonakparkplatz in Imst

Rose garden gorge Imst with children

Whe knows and loves the Partnach-Klamm in Garmisch, will not be disappointed here either. The best parking is on the visitor parking "Jonakparkplatz" in Imst and follow the signs to "Rosengartenschlucht". It's just a bit through the city until you then after about 10 minutes the Schinderbach river, so cross the gorge and the show starts!

Rosengarten Gorge in Imst in Austria with children

Of course you are not alone here, but it is actually distributed quite well. It goes steadily uphill always terrific crossings and views over the rushing brook! Half way it goes steeply uphill via steps a bit away from the river and partly through rocky outcrops. Very exciting for the kids! That was not a problem for our 5 year-old. We had our 2-year-old daughter in Kraxe.

Rocky ledges in the Rosengartenschlucht in Imst with childrenShortly before the end, it goes into the gorge again, through caves and over the riverbefore going up the last stretch through the forest Hoch-Imst walk. There is then also the valley station of the Imster mountain railwaywith restaurants and various attractions for kids including trampoline, quad bike, electric trial and playground. Back to the car park we take two stops by bus: The timetable can be found here.

Further information about the Rosengarten Gorge in Imst

2. Hike to the Latschenhütte on 1.600m:

Duration: about 1h back and forth
Difficulty level: easy
Starting point: Untermarkter Alm
Cost of Imster lifts: eg 13,90 per adult mountain + valley

Hike to the Latschenhütte in Imst with children

DThis really easy hike starts in our case with the lift ride from Hoch-Imst to the middle station Untermarkter Alm. Alone the gondola ride is a real experience: The open two-seater sneaks comfortably for about 15 minutes through the breathtaking mountains. Once there then starts the Alpine Coaster, But more on that later.

Jägersteig in Imst with children

We ignore the playground and the bouncy castle and start on the wide forest road. After about 10 minutes comes a small fork - and what can I say: all roads lead to the Latschenhütte!

Through rocks in Imst with children

We decide to make a small round trip and start on the left side of the river with the so-called Jägersteig, This narrow path leads steadily uphill, but not steep through a green forest with rocks and stairs, The goats on the wayside point out this special section especially for families!

Hike to the LatschenhütteAs soon as you are out of the grove, you just have to cross the river for a short while and you can already see the quaint one a few hundred meters further on Latschenhütte with a view over the mountains. Over there Austrian home cooking at humane prices.

Latschenhütte with children in ImstBuy Way back we walk back on the other side of the river, again on a wide forest road and alpine meadows with great Panoramic view over the Alps! After about 20 minutes you reach the fork again from the beginning and this time crosses the bridge and runs back to the middle station.

Tip: If this hike is too short, you can alternatively hike from the valley station up to the middle station or, at the end, walk down to the very bottom. Duration then, however, about 1h longer each way.

Further information about the Latschenhütte in Imst

3. Alpine Coaster - the longest Alpine roller coaster in the world

Length: about 3,5 km
Costs: eg 1 ride with lift 12,80 per adult
Starting point: middle station of the Imster cable cars

Alpine Coaster in Imst with children

AThe middle station is the notorious Alpine Coaster aka the longest summer toboggan run in the world! Exactly 3.535 meters long, this really unique Rollercoaster meanders through the Alps, sometimes curvy, sometimes through forest and meadow, always with a view! Even our 5-year-old son wanted to run faster and faster and drive again. Unfortunately, I did not ride with my 2-year-old daughter because the departure is only allowed with 3 years.Alpine Coaster Start in Imst in Austria with children

Alone because of this Alpine Coaster I would come again to Hoch-Imst. Really fun for the whole family! Once at the bottom, there are various fun activities for the kids and restaurants waiting for the guests and everyone is happy!

Tip: The toboggan run can even be ridden in winter or in the rain!

Further information on the Alpine Coaster in Imst

Have you ever been in Austria with children? What are your tips?

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