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Sustainable travel as digital nomads - an interview with HELLOGECKO!

Sustainable travel as a digital nomad

Especially in the stagnant time - when you can calm down a little and calm down - you finally have the muse to think about your life. And of course, especially as a travel blogger, you also deal with the topics of "sustainable travel" and "digital nomad."", Fittingly, I asked Martina and Eric with dog Chaska, who fulfilled their dream of a world trip without a destination and without an end:

GThe three of them are out and about with the camper in Portugal and I emailed them about sustainable travel and had an interview with digital nomadism:


Behind HELLOGECKO is an adventurous trio - Eric, from French-speaking Switzerland with Peruvian roots, Martina from Munich and our dog Chaska, a fun-loving clown on four paws.

And how did you come up with the name?

Hui that's a long story - I'll try a short version of it, but I have to go back a little:

We both had - independently of one another - toured the world in 2012 and met us in a small hostel in Thailand one evening. 2 months later we ran into each other again by chance in Saigon and decided to move on a little bit together.

In Vietnam, a gecko welcomed us in almost every room - and so the gecko became a bit our symbol for this kind of lifeto go wherever you want for freedom and peaceful coexistence. The little bit of traveling together took two months and when it was time to say goodbye we had the need to keep some connection. On our last evening together we bought a shared web domain and this mentioned. At the time, we did not know what exactly our joint project would be or whether there would ever be one.

The next day Eric continued his “Open End” trip to China and I am back in Germany. However, we didn't last long without each other ... but that's another story.

What exactly is the HELLOGECKO project?

Basically, HELLOGECKO has now become the documentation of our next joint adventure.
And yet it's much more than just a travel blog. We want to motivate others to follow their hearts and to live what they really want, It is very important to us that this happens in harmony with nature and our fellow human beings.

In everyday life we ​​try to observe the following three principles regarding sustainable travel:

  • Less is more.
  • Leave no trace
  • Local first

And that also accompanies our project - to live as digital nomads in the coming years, to report on our impressions on this incredibly fascinating planet and to follow a lifestyle that is as “suitable for grandchildren” as possible.

Did you quit your job and your apartment?

Yes, we separated from almost everything. Job canceled, apartment dissolved and everything sold or given away except for a few memorabilia. It was important to us to be completely free and to see what life has in store for us.

Where do you currently live?

We live on about 5 square meters in our rolling home - a self-built van.

Camper Life

How did you get the idea?

From the moment we settled in Munich, we knew that we would be drawn out into the world again. But we believe even more that regular changes broaden your horizons and let your personal comfort zone grow. Letting go and stepping out of everyday life has something liberating. Unfortunately, experiencing and living in the here and now in our fast-paced and performance-oriented world is often almost impossible. As a nomad you are immediately in the now. For us it's like meditation. It slows you down and shows you what really matters.

Where are you currently planning and what is your schedule?

Planning what is it? Plans are the things you deal with while life is completely different, isn't it? Of course we have a rough idea of ​​what we want to do. But basically we let ourselves be driven by life. Because (luckily) we often cannot foresee the details. Therefore, we prefer to speak of what we dream of, push it and see what life says about it.

So far it looks like this that we are currently driving our bus towards Portugal. There we meet Labora somewhere between Porto & Lisbon - that's a 2 master School sailing ship built in 1938. With this we will then translate across the Canary Islands and Cape Verde to Brazil. From there we go - as we don't know yet - to Chile.

Our two homemade bamboo fat bikes are waiting for us there. With them we want to go from Patagonia to Alaska. There is no schedule. We are guided by the seasons and what life brings us.

What comes after

Which one afterwards? We left Open End. When and where an “afterwards” begins and whether it will be so is written in the stars.

For you, sustainable travel means?

It is not that easy - after all, we are currently traveling by car. But it is important for us to think about the overall footprint I leave behind. It starts with the question of how far do I really have to travel to find what I'm looking for. How long have I been there and what does this mean for the local population? Hence the three principles mentioned above.

On road

How do you finance your trip?

Basically we saved and sold our bus. However, he stays in the family - my sister bought it. That forms the basis. I would like to use my training as a holistic health and nutrition consultant and offer virtual advice and support here.

Eric has worked as a project manager in an advertising agency and plans to work as a freelancer in his area.

Would like more?

If you want to accompany the three on their adventure, you can reach them on these channels:

How about you - would that be a dream or not? How do you define “sustainable travel”? Feel free to write me a comment! Maybe you are also interested in ours Road trip through Croatia!

With this in mind, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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