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Munich in summer - the best ice cream parlor in the city!

Summer in the City! And this time I'm pretty sure that there are not several good ice cream shops in Munich in the summer, but only this one!

Munich in the summer - the best ice cream parlor in the cityJa, of course, there is still that crazy ice cream maker or the Ice cream parlor at the castlewhich is also quite good or supposedly best ice cream shop according to Radio Gong 96,3 in Germering (no way, and I'm originally from Germering;) - but not as good as (drum roll ....)


The Lorenzo Corno Ice Cream Parlor in Munich-Schwabing!

Munich in summer ice cream parlor Lorenzo Corno in Schwabing

And why?

  1. The owner is a true Italian, that wants to mean something and you can try out his Italian skills when ordering ... The special: there is no classic waffle bag, but all ice balls only in the waffle cup!
  2. All ice creams are from our own production and taste easy, pardon, saulecker! There is only creative varieties like lemon-basil, Ginger chocolate or Earl Gray with lemon, On Top there is always a small spoon of another variety to try ...
  3. Schwabing! Yes, ok, that does not have anything to do directly with the ice, but it's still nice to be able to eat your ice cream here in beautiful Schwabing. Either you stroll up and down the Hohenzollernstraße or continue a few meters on the steps of the church of St. Ursula - absolute Munich-summer feeling!

Munich in summer in Schwabing ice cream by Lorenzo CornoCost per bullet: € 1,60 and worth every penny!

We do not even live near this ice cream parlor and still drive here!

Are you in my opinion or do you have your own favorite ice cream shop for your Munich summer? I'm curious!

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And of course my favorite restaurants in Munich are still there!

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Munich in the summer the best ice cream parlor in the city

Munich in the summer and the best ice cream parlor in the city

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