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Munich excursion destination with kids: the PLAYMOBIL FunPark in Zirndorf

Munich excursion destination with children of PLAYMOBIL FunPark in Zirndorf

<Advertisement> In good 1,5 hours one is from Munich in the PLAYMOBIL FunPark with Nuremberg. Numerous theme worlds provide fun and action and our kids loved it!

Egal in good or bad weather, in PLAYMOBIL FunPark in Zirndorf near Nuremberg the kids are definitely not bored! Tickets are easy online to print.

A ticket costs currently € 11,90 per person from 3 years for the whole day in high season, What I find relatively cheap, considering that even an entrance to the Munich Westbad for 3 hours costs a similar amount. In low season, the tickets are even cheaper and special afternoon tickets are also available.

Check in:

Arriving by car

Arriving by car

If you get along well, from the north of Munich (we live in Obermenzing) in good 1,5 hours in Zirndorf. At the end of the amusement park is well signposted.

My advice: There are several parking garages, as you should always get a seat (either in the parking garage for € 5,00 or free on the street in front of it). The parking ticket can be paid directly at the entrance to the ticket office.



In summer is the FunPark opened by 9-19clock and you should really take advantage of that. We were there around 9.30 and there was a lot going on, but still fine for a Sunday.


Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast Buffet

If you want to spend the whole day in the park, is it worth it? Breakfast Buffet from 8-10 o'clock to use. My advice: If you want to have a breakfast buffet between 8-9, you will be able to get in earlier HOB Center € 1,00 discount on entry.

Tasty selection at the breakfast buffet

Tasty selection at the breakfast buffet

The buffet leaves nothing to be desired - From muesli with fruit and yoghurt or rolls with cold cuts to hearty dishes like Weißwurst & Co everything is offered. Coffee specialties and juice spritzers are included in the price.

Adults pay € 11,90 and children 4-12 years pay € 7,90.

On a discovery tour in PLAYMOBIL FunPark:

We are really lucky with the weather and start in bright sunshine after the extensive breakfast our discovery tour through the park.

But even in bad weather, the visit is worthwhilebecause the part is in HOB Center is completely covered. In the PLAYMOBIL play city On 5.000m² there are the different PLAYMOBIL worlds to touch. In the connected Indoor Climbing From 5 years the kids can let off steam.

In any case, you can not see and try everything in one day. We separate ourselves at the beginning, because the big one is interested in other things than our little daughter. By the way, the whole park is suitable for pushchairs.

Favorite activities of my 2,5 year old daughter:

Bouncy cushion with mini ark:

It is still early in the morning and still not very busy Hüpfkissenso it also for smaller children it is fun to jump on the edge. Right next door is the Mini Ark with wooden ship for climbing and large PLAYMOBIL animals for riding. Really nice for toddlers!

Western world with gold mine:

Past the Feenwelt, The Paddelsee and the Go-cart race track we come to Western world you can gold mine, It really does to dig a heap of fun in the sand and diligently to seven gold pieces and diamonds to seven. For € 1,00 I start a mini-treasure chest for our treasures with a friendly coworker, which holds my little one proudly in the hand.


A dream for every little girl (and of course guys): Here horses can be groomed and washed and cows can be “milked”! My daughter will spend half an hour here diligently caring and nurturing animals and is fully in her element with the water buckets!

Favorite worlds of my 5,5 year old son:


Right at the beginning my two men start Miniature golf play. Although this costs extra (€ 5,00 for adults and € 4,00 for children up to 11 years), but my son is blown away, Only about 1,5 hours later I see him happy and with the victory in the bag again!

Knight's Castle:

Alone from the outside sees the knight's castle really cool! There is then inside various climbing possibilities in the towers with observation platforms. Romping and racing is here explicitly desired.


The highlight of Dino world are hidden paths and climbing coursethat belong to the Dinos down the hill or up. When you arrive at T-Rex, you can jump over the river, run behind a waterfall and discover other secret ways á la Indiana Jones!

A lot of fun for both kids:

Sand and mud playground:

An absolute must (at least on hot days) are the different ones Water playgrounds, Our kids wanted to go to the big one Sand and mud area with waterfalls, caves and different watercourses, The whole area is really very nice and spacious, so that all children have space. Badesachen / change clothes for the kids you should definitely pack here!


A really great theme world is the Piratensee with the big ship and various climbing possibilities, rafts and jetties. Here the whole family has fun and also visually this plant is an absolute highlight! My son goes rafting with dad and crosses the lake on suspension bridges & Co while I balance with my daughter on the jetty to the ship. There is crawling under deck, captain played and watching the raging around one!

At the end...

Even if the PLAYMOBIL FunPark no rides has, there is a lot on offer. It's more like a giant playground! This amusement park is best suited for smaller ones Children from about two years to maybe ten years.

On a total of 90.000m² the amusement park PLAYMOBIL play worlds to touch and there are numerous active playgrounds, climbing and balancing possibilities. From the many restaurants and snack options on every corner to silence. We eat ice cream, hot dogs with fries at noon and treat ourselves to a chocolate crêpes at the end.

The price-performance ratio is right here. On the spot you pay partly for special promotions, but if you bring your own picnic you can save some money.

The trip from Munich and back is not without, Therefore, you should really plan a whole day in FunPark, so it's worth it. We were there for almost six hours and time flew by!

More information about PLAYMOBIL FunPark!

Brandstätterstraße 2-10
D - 90513 Zirndorf
+ 49-911-9666-1455

Are there any other amusement parks worthwhile as a Munich excursion destination? I look forward to your opinion!

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  1. Mona sagt

    That sounds really awesome! Thanks for the great tip and the detailed article. I'm looking forward to it when my daughter finally turns 2 years old. Then it's time to go there. Also coming from the north of Munich ...
    Have you ever been to Schongauer Märchenwald? Should also be pretty for little ones. I would be interested in your experiences with it.
    Thank you and best regards

    • favorite spot sagt

      Dear Mona, thank you for your kind comment! It is really worth going there, if possible even during the week. I also wanted to try the fairytale forest, is already on the to-do list;) Best regards, Tatjana

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