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My experiences with the cheap airline transavia

transavia review

There are four of us, two adults and two small children, and fly for the first time with this subsidiary of KLM.

Travel time: from 22.04.2017 to 29.04.2917 for one week from Munich to Faro (Portugal)
Cost: in total we pay about 650 € including luggage. We book 2x15kg and 1x25kg. Babies are allowed to take 10kg again for free. Everyone (except babies) still has 1 hand luggage a 10kg free.

When we want to book our flight to Portugal, we come across this cheap airline for the first time and are skeptical at first. I must confess, I did not know this airline until now and the name sounds somehow unsympathetic. After a short Google search, we know more. So it is a subsidiary of the Dutch airline KLM.

The company was founded by 1965, a Belgian bicycle manufacturer and a Scottish businessman, and started at 17. November 1966 with the flight operation. Since 2003 transavia belongs to 100 percent to KLM.

First wait

At the check-in desk in Munich there is already a small minus point for the transavia. The queue at the counter is ellenlang and that one has priority as a family with small children - no indication. At the end of the waiting the lady at the counter is very rude and annoyed. In the plane itself everything is green, optically therefore only conditionally recommendable. Well, that's not the point. It is a somewhat older machine, but the flight attendants are all very friendly. Of course, food and drink costs extra. We pay for two simple sandwiches and 1 drink 10 €. Fine with me. The flight is unspectacular and we arrive punctually in Faro.

Back in luck

The return flight runs contrary to expectations without problems. No big line at the counter and without delay. In principle, you can not say anything about the price. In the future, I will integrate this low-cost airline into our travel planning and, if the price is unbeatable, we will definitely take it again.

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  1. Thank you for this report. I think it's very important that you can also read from the experience that one makes with such cheap airlines, because ultimately not only the price must be right here.

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