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My 3 favorite cafes in Dusseldorf

Roasterei four in the old town of Dusseldorf

Düsseldorf is after my hometown Munich my favorite city in Germany! We are there at least once a year and of course visit my favorite cafés again and again ...

Suli's in Pempelfort (addendum: it's now just an aperitif bar, unfortunately ...)

Café Suli's

Café Suli's

Was i should say, this cafe is like my second home when I'm in Dusseldorf. This is mainly due to the very warm host "Suli" aka Suleimann with Moroccan roots. The decor is wonderfully comfortable, sitting outside is a real summer highlight right in the hip district Pempelfort.

The food is, starting at the Breakfast to small main courses, always super delicious, even if it sometimes takes a bit longer, when it is full ... But you get as a compensation but sometimes a croissant or a coffee donated. Suli is also incredibly child-friendly. Highlight are the barbecue events with Bratwurst & Co! Not for nothing is Suli's Café one of my absolute FAVORITE SPOTS in Dusseldorf...

Opening hours:

Mon - rest day
Tue - Fri 10: 00 - 18: 00 clock
Sa-So-Holiday 9: 00-18: 00 clock

Further information about Café Suli's

Café hip gold in Flingern

Café Hüftgold in Dusseldorf

DIt's a sweet little retro cafe in the trendy district Flingern is actually always full. You can sit inside and outside and get here delicious cake and of course coffee served. But there are also hearty dishes, such as toasties, tarte flambée and a changing lunch menu. Again, families are welcome! I think the atmosphere is always super relaxed and awesome urban!

Opening hours:

Mo-Su 9-18 clock

Further information about Café Hüftgold

Roasterei four in the old town

Banana bread and croissants roasting four

DThis inconspicuous cafe in the middle of the old town make his own coffee in the coffee roastery Four. There are also snacks such as homemade banana bread or croissants. Delicious! For me a total authentic shop with nice seating inside and outside ... To get so good coffee so central is a real highlight for me!

Opening hours:

Mon-Sat 9-19 clock, Sunday 11-18 clock

Further information about roasting house Four

What are your favorite cafes in Dusseldorf? I look forward to your insider tips, which I can try on my next visit!

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