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Mauritius with children - my 5 highlights and travel tips!

Anse La Raie

Can you really recommend Mauritius with children? Definitely yes! As a safe travel destination with little time difference and hardly any dengue and malaria, it is almost perfect! Here are my highlights and tips with kids:

ZFor two weeks we have been traveling with our two children 3 & 6 years in a rental car on this dream island and live in three different locations. By the way, you can find my hotel tips for Mauritius here.

What five highlights I can recommend in Mauritius with children and my tips & tricks for this travel destination at a glance:

1. Tip for Mauritius with children: beach hopping

Children love nothing more than splashing in the water or digging in the sand. The best way to do that in Mauritius! And not only that: also Snorkeling is very popular here and even our 3-year-old daughter can spot a fish or two with this special mask *!

In addition to snorkeling there is also SUP rentals, pedal boats and ice cream vans, that make a beach day with children in Mauritius just perfect. A nice minor thing is that with kids you can easily get in touch with the locals. My top 3 beaches for Mauritius with children:

Pereybére at Grand Baie in the north:

One of my favorite beaches in Mauritius with palm trees, turquoise blue sea and action, We are definitely not alone here many locals bustle here and our kids love to jump over the waves and play ball with the other kids.

Splashing in the sea Pereybére

Splashing in the sea Pereybére

The adults meanwhile have a picnic on the beach. The water goes in fairly shallow, so that it is even with small children is ideal. SUP and pedal boat rentals provide additional fun. At the many beach stalls there is a pineapple on a stick for the small hunger in between or an ice cream. A perfect mix for the whole family!

Mont Choisy at Grand Baie in the north:

This kilometer long beach just south of Grand Baie is really super chilled. The Filao trees provide plenty of shade, the water is calm and goes super flat into the sea and everyone finds a spot on the golden beach.

Mont Choisy Beach

Mont Choisy Beach

If you want more variety, you can get something to eat at the stalls or go banana boating, But there is just so little going on that it definitely is one of my top 5 beaches in Mauritius is. There is also a large parking lot (which can also be really crowded on public holidays or weekends) and at least at the north end also a public toilet.

Point d'Esny in the southeast of the island:

To be precise, this perfect beach for Mauritius with children is exactly there between Point d'Esny and the well-known Blue Bay, Here one dream bay chases the next. What makes this beach so special? It is almost deserted since there are only private houses and hotels here, the sea is shallow and a dream for snorkeling. Don't forget your bathing shoes! There is also the possibility at Chauntuvent hotel to borrow a SUP.

Snorkeling at Villa du Lagon

Snorkeling at Villa du Lagon Point d`Esny

The provides even more variety nearby town Mahébourg with market place and the turquoise blue Blue Bay with various stalls and cafes, For me, the place to be to spend a wonderful time with kids in Mauritius.

2. Tip for Mauritius with children: Botanical garden at Grand Baie

Green, green and green again, Okay, with 30 degrees in the shade there are definitely nicer things to do with kids than walking around in a park. But in the Botanical Garden about 20 minutes from Grand Baie away, there is really a lot to see and do! And because it's actually much too hot, we have this green oasis just for ourselves.

Turtles in the botanical garden

Turtles in the botanical garden

A local guide is included in the admission price, but with our 3-year-old daughter and in the heat we prefer to determine our tour ourselves. At the beginning there is a small enclosure with turtles and deer, However, the animals are very exhausted from the heat and it is nothing special in itself.

Green Botanical Garden Mauritius

Green Botanical Garden Mauritius

We continue past many beautiful and special tree species to a small pond with a pavilion. Here we take a little break in the shade and the kids play with sticks, stones and the water.

A highlight in the Botanical Garden

A highlight in the Botanical Garden

The highlight of the park is the water lily pond, The sight is really breathtaking! A great photo motif and the kids are also enthusiastic. It continues over hill and dale and the paths are a small labyrinth. After an hour past the water lilies, this really worth seeing excursion draws to a close and in the afternoon we jump into the pool to cool off.

Admission: Non-Mauritians pay 200 MRU (about 5 €) and children under 5 years are free

3. Tip for Mauritius with children: Black River Gorges NP at Le Morne

This day trip to Black River Gorges National Park and the surrounding area has some highlights. The short version:

1. View and snack with a view in Lakaz Chamarel

View in the Lakaz Chamarel

View in the Lakaz Chamarel

2. Seven-colored earth

Natural wonder Seven-colored earth

Natural wonder Seven-colored earth

3. Chamarel waterfall

Chamarel waterfall

Chamarel waterfall

Entry to the seven-colored earth and the waterfall 250 MRU = approx. 6 € and children from 5-12 years 150 MRU (approx. 4 €).

4. Viewpoint Black River Gorges NP with baby monkey

Monkeys in the Black River Gorges NP

Monkeys in the Black River Gorges NP

Viewpoint Black River Gorges NP

Viewpoint Black River Gorges NP

Eintritt frei

5. Detour to the Grand Bassin

Grand Bassin

Grand Bassin

Eintritt frei

Summary: a really varied tour with different highlights. In my travelogue you will find all the details about the individual stops.

4. Tip for Mauritius with children: La Vanille Nature Park in the south

This nature park is in principle a small zoo in the jungle, Entry is not cheap, but really cool for the kids! At the entrance there is a small playground with ponies. Our daughter is of course thrilled.

La Vanille Nature Park

La Vanille Nature Park

The path leads through green scrub on various paths and is really nicely laid out. With the giant tortoises you can experience these incredible animals up close and even stroke it. You also learn everything about rearing. A special experience for young and old.

Stroke turtles

Stroke turtles

There are monkeys, iguanas, crocodiles and more! The roaming deer is funny Princess. At first we think it is exhausted, but then the park guards tell us that it is the "princess". Otherwise there is various dates for animal feeding and for a small donation you can take a photo with a chameleon. All in all a very cool stop for Mauritius with children in the south of the island.

Deer Princess

Deer Princess

Cost: The entrance fee is about 30 € for a family of four

5. Waterpark in the east & Casela Nature Park in the west

Waterpark Splash N'Fun at Belle Mare

We ourselves have not been to the east of the island, but who was near Beautiful Mare spends his vacation can certainly find a little variety with his children in this water park. However, it is not cheap.

Cost: 600 MRU for children under the age of 12 and 1.000 MRU for adults.

Click here for the website and the tickets!

Casale Nature Park at Flic en Flac

Wir fahren near Flic en Flac directly past the park and considering going there in the next few days. However the prices are not cheap and the kids on the beach just happy too, so we skip this trip at the end. It is well a mixture of leisure and adventure park and zoo, also more for bigger kids.

Cost: Children 4-12 years old cost 595 MRU and adults 850 MRU.

Click here for the Casela Nature Park website and tickets!

Tips & Tricks


German citizens do not need a visa for a tourist stay or a visit and business trip. Children need a children's passport and adults of course also need their passport.

Time shift:

In winter time in Germany it is + 3 hours and in summertime only + 2 hours.


Our Accommodation in Mauritius with children and other hotel tips can be found in this article! We stayed in the guesthouse in the north Bleu de Toi* stayed overnight and in the southwest in the Villa Seewoo, In the southeast we had a private house on the beach Villa du Lagon *.

Air / Travel time:

Year-round travel destination. In our winter (approx. November to March) it is the main season, but it also tends to be the rainy season. Temperatures around 30 degrees during the day and at night about 26 degrees. The sea also has very pleasant temperatures of around 25 degrees. In our summer it is a bit cooler (approx. 25-28 degrees), but also drier.


The good news: there is hardly any dengue fever and malaria in Mauritius. You can find current information at the WHO, Only standard vaccinations are recommended for children. Hepatitis A and B are also recommended. A hepatitis vaccination is not absolutely necessary for smaller children, since the course of the disease is rather harmless. We did not have our children vaccinated against it.

Medical care:

Just around the tourist center Grand Baie medical care is very good in the north. But also in the other regions there is a pharmacy in almost every larger town. Here you can find my tips for the First aid kit with children!


There are definitely a lot of mosquitos in Mauritius - no question! In the hotels there are mostly anti-mosquito room fragrances for the socket, which help quite well at night. When I go out to eat at dusk in the evening, I always have a mosquito spray in my handbag.

Car rental & child seats:

We book our rental car through Maki Cars, The service is great and there is even a dedicated app. When we arrive by plane, the driver is already waiting for us with our rental car outside the terminal. The child seat for our 6 year old son and the navigation system are even free of charge. We pay a total of around € 500 for two weeks without a deductible. Warning: left-hand traffic!


Mauritius rupee in the ratio about 1 € = 40 MRU (as of March 2019).

The local:

Mauritians love children! From the feeling, we came into contact with the locals through our kids more than if we had been without children. The Mauritians are never pushy! Our children came into contact with the local kids very quickly, especially on the public beaches.

Food & supermarkets:

There is continental cuisine everywhere in the restaurants, such as pasta, fries, pizza or burgers. Basically, the typical food in Mauritius is a mix of Creole and Indian. There is a lot of fish and rice. Juices and soft drinks are also available everywhere outside the resorts. At the beach stalls there are more traditional curries or chilli bites and samosas and homemade soda. A highlight for the kids is the brightly colored ice cream truck and pineapple on a stick, which is prepared in front of the eyes and costs only 1 €. In the supermarkets there is almost everything there is in Germany, including baby porridge, milk powder and diapers. The price level is similar to that in Germany, only at the beach stalls much cheaper.

Cost for two weeks Mauritius with children:

The flights with Eurowings cost around € 400 per person including luggage but without food. We always pay a good € 100 per night as a family of four on site. There are also the rental car, tank, food and excursions. In total, we end up paying around € 14 including flights for 5.000 days.

Mauritius with children on the beach

Have you ever been to Mauritius with children? Maybe you are also interested in my complete Travel report about Mauritius or Scotland with children!

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