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LEGOLAND Germany - is the visit to the amusement park Günzburg worthwhile?


(Press Trip) We spend one day with our two children 3 & 6 one year in LEGOLAND Germany, just an hour's drive from Munich. What we experience everything, what tips I have and if it's worth it, you'll learn here:

DThe drive from the northwest of Munich Gunzburg (north of Augsburg) really flies by. From Obermenzing we are the same on the highway A8 direction Stuttgart. The roads are almost empty during the week at 10 in the morning and the three-lane highway is very well developed. That's a big plus for LEGOLAND in Germany. After the exit "Günzburg" we follow the signs a few more times - and here we are!

Signage to LEGOLAND

Signage to LEGOLAND

At a glance:

Opening hours:

The LEGOLAND is from the 6. April to 3. November 2019 opened by 10 - 18 clock. Longer opening hours on weekends, holiday dates and public holidays. More information about opening hours.


Online Spartickets from € 35,00 per person from 4 persons, annual tickets from € 62,00 per person from 3 persons. You pay from 3 years admission. Tickets are available here.


There is really a huge parking lot. Costs are regular € 6,00 per day.

Public transportation:

By train you can easily reach the train station Günzburg LEGOLAND. A bus regularly commutes between the station and LEGOLAND. The shuttle bus timetable for the season 2019 you can here . view


The park in Günzburg is one of the largest amusement parks in Bavaria and offers with 63 attractions and thousands of models of more than 57 million LEGO bricks a unique experience for families with children aged two to twelve - on request with overnight stay.


In addition to the novelties Land of the pharaohs and the LEGO City 4D, there are among other things a ninja, knight, adventure and pirate world! More information can be found here.

Practical tips for a good time

The first shock: the parking lot is already half full at 11 on a Wednesday outside the Bavarian vacation! We can not really believe it and we are curious how full it will be in the park itself. But the sun is shining, a few white clouds are floating in the sky and it is neither too hot nor too cold. A perfect day for a trip to LEGOLAND.

Well filled parking

Well filled parking

Therefore, the mood of the kids is great, as we go to the entrance. The coffers are well staffed and we just have to queue for a short time at the ticket queue. To be honest, I find the regular entrance fees with about € 45,00 per person no bargain. I'm curious if it's worth it!

Here we go

Here we go

My tip for the tickets:

If you are considering rethinking for a second time within a year, should best buy a season ticket! This is worth starting from the 2. Visit in any case. One can "test out" the amusement park once for a day and then allow the paid entrance for an annual pass to be credited. Otherwise, buy the tickets in advance online, then it costs only € 35,00 per person from 4 people!

Then it goes by scan code into the park. It is only a short check our bag and the backpack and the adventure can begin! Ever anticipated: going through the amusement park in one day completely is almost an impossibility. Therefore, it makes sense to look out for the highlights you really want to see in advance and then proceed according to the exclusion principle.

LEGO everywhere

My tip for planning and discovering:

Be sure to invite in advance the LEGOLAND Germany app on your mobile phone, Here you can get up-to-date information about waiting times, age and size limits, which attraction is in your area and how long you have to walk. There are also other useful info and Free Wi-Fi in the park!

We agree as a family so on the must-see MINILAND, magic show in the charade, Jungle X-pedition and Pedal-A-Car, The rest will be decided spontaneously, depending on where we are and how long the waiting times are. So we start our tour of the MINILAND - my personal highlight and really nice for the whole family - no matter what age. About 25 million Lego bricks have been installed here by 140 artists. Really a masterpiece!

Colorful mini country

Fascination MINILAND

From here it is only a stone's throw away to charadewhere the magic show starts at 12 o'clock, Directly opposite is a nice playground to rave - this shortens the waiting time until the show. It finally starts and Tobias tears the kids with funny sayings and cool tricks directly into his spell! After about 30 minutes the spectacle is over and everyone is happy!

Playground for romping

I think it's really awesome that the whole shows are included in the price and of course (almost) all rides. Just for a few extra things like that Hyundai LEGOLAND driving school or the Duck Fishing etc. must be paid extra.

Time for lunch

Right across from charade is the same Schnitzel Depot. For a salad with chicken, a Kinderschnitzel with fries and an extra helping of chips we pay 20 €. A waffle for 4,50 € we share as dessert. Not necessarily cheap.

My advice:

Best to bring drinks and snacks, then you save yourself at least the small meals in between! Of course, there is still in the course of the day an ice cream for our kids and the one or the other apple spritzer. After all, it's like a little vacation!

Fun & action for the whole family

So now we start stronger and with first positive impressions to the "right" rides.

Adventure Safari

In the adventure land

My look at the app shows me that we only have 5 minutes when Safari Tour have to wait around the corner. So go! Before each attraction, there is also a hint-sign, how big the children have to be, to ride. In the app, there is the info too.

The drive in the little yellow car looking at the LEGO animals is really cute, albeit very short. But as a start ever great! Then it goes to the next door Whitewater Jungle X-pedition, The app shows a waiting time of 25 minutes, in real it is rather 35min. But patience pays off and we experience a fast and wet ride. A real highlight for all involved!

Next stop white water course

In the theme world Imagination

Now we want to go further Pedal-A-mobilto admire the LEGOLAND from above and stay but first in the Duplo Park hang. My little one is blown away by that Mini train without standing, and the water playground. So here we take a little snack break. Meanwhile the men are walking towards each other Kids Power Tower.

Duplo Village

Shortly before our actual goal we spontaneously decide the Viewing platform . Again, we only wait 5 minutes and then have a great view over the whole area! But you only realize what you have not seen before. Well, there must be a reason to come back. The ride is short but nice and finally we stand in front of the queue Pedal-A-mobil.

Knights castle from above

Our highlight: the pedal-o-mobile

According to the app, the waiting time is 25 minutes and we get started. However, it is already 15 clock and the mood of the kids is slowly tipping. This time, the waiting is rather exhausting and we decide to separate afterwards. Finally it is our turn. The kids are allowed to sit in the front and pedal hard, we can rest a bit behind and enjoy the view over the park. A nice tour and definitely recommended.

Ride on the pedal-o-mobile

Final spurt on separate paths

The children are in a better mood again after the contemplative journey and I only drive with my daughter in tow with the help of the app Jousting.

In Knightland & LEGO City

There my girl is allowed galloping around alone on a LEGO horse, Then we go to make-up for 6 € and then we drive in the theme world LEGO City with the LEGOLAND Express through the park. A nice ending for both of us to let the great adventure of LEGOLAND pass by again ...


In the theme world LEGO X-treme

Meanwhile enjoy themselves the boys at surfer and get really wet! Later it will work a little round in the Techno slingshot right next to the entrance of the amusement park. There we meet again against 17 clock and an eventful day is coming to an end.

Conclusion for the LEGOLAND Germany

The LEGOLAND Germany definitely has a lot to offer for all ages. My daughter with pretty much 100cm is not allowed to ride all the rides. Under 90cm size really only the playgrounds remain over. But you pay so only from 3 years admission. In some cases, the waiting times at the major attractions, such as the Fire Dragon, the Dragon Hunt or the LEGO X-treme with just over 40 minutes are just too long for our kids. Therefore, it is worthwhile especially for older children from about 6 years.

A train ride is funny

LEGOLAND Germany with smaller children

I think that's nice great variety of action and smaller rides highlights, Playgrounds and Co. Here is also a lot for the age of about 3 years to the teens and it is definitely not boring! The infrastructure is mega, everywhere there are toilets, kiosks and restaurants.

Cool LEGO figure

The amusement park is relatively large, but somehow compact. So you can get along well without a buggy, without the smaller children to go limp, If necessary you can in the Duplo world also rent a buggy. And even though the parking lot is almost full, this is actually going very well in the park, so you never have the feeling it is completely overcrowded.

We will be back

From Munich worth a day trip to LEGOLAND Germany in Gunzburg in any case. But if you arrive from further afield should possibly consider an overnight stay.

A visit to LEGOLAND is for us like a short break, but without a beach, but with many new impressions and stories in the luggage, when the children go back to kindergarten or school the next day ...

Have you ever been to LEGOLAND Germany in Günzburg? What are your experiences and tips? Maybe you are also interested in mine Excursion tip in the PLAYMOBIL fun park?

Transparency: I was invited by my family from LEGOLAND Germany to test the park. My personal opinion was not influenced by this.

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