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Croatia Road Trip - with the camper through the Balkans (part 2)

Roadtrip Croatia

After five days in Slovenia with mountains, a lot of nature and partly mixed weather, especially our two kids long for sun, beach and sea! So we go with our camper first direction Krk and then further south. Our highlights at the sea, in Krka NP and in Dubrovnik from 10 days Croatia Roadtrip can be found here:

2. Part: Croatia Roadtrip 10 Nights (13.8.-23.8.)

WWe get the hint from friends that it is on the Island Krk Even in the summer is still idyllic and they especially the campsite Glavotok to the heart. When we call the day before, the receptionist tells us that we can pass well. After all.

Continue to Krk

Continue to Krk

So we start from our early morning Kayak Kamp Toni in Slovenia Bovec Direction Croatia. Finally, on the coast, we cross the bridge to Krk. From there it is just under an hour to the campsite on the extreme western tip of the island. All in all, we need five hours with children. Since we arrive only against 14, our chance are rather bad on a beautiful pitchbut sometimes things are different than you think.

Cost bridge: 39 Kuna and back for free (1 Kuna = about 0,13 cent)

1. Stop Croatia Roadtrip: 3 nights Glavotok campsite on the island of Krk

As expected, we are sent to the far corner on the "free-camper" corner. I find it off, after all, you also have a bit of sea view here. But as we still discover single, free parcels when running around, my husband at the front desk would rather ask again. But long speech, short story: In the end, the thumbs crossed helped the kids and we are allowed to stay in First Row for 3 nights! We are more than happy and would have dared not dream of such a place in August before.

Glavotok Camping Krk

Glavotok Camping Krk

The camp Glavotok

So we're not moving from the next 3 nights. Understandably somehow in this breathtaking setting. There is next to a small infinity pool with children's pool, a little children's entertainment and a small shop with food and baked goods. In front of the campsite there are two stalls with fruit and vegetables and bathing equipment. There is also a tour provider with snorkeling trips, SUP or kayak rentals and expeditions for kids.

Our pitch Glavotok

Our pitch Glavotok

The campsite is terraced and really nice made. And even though the season is absolutely high and the place booked out, it's totally over. The sanitary facilities are clean and only at the prime time in the evening you have to wait for a quick look at the showers.

Our view Glavotok Our rocky beach

So we beat our warehouse in 1. Sea line up and just enjoy the view.

Then we jump right outside the front door of the rocks in the turquoise blue water. Incidentally, snorkelling can also be wonderful here - Do not forget bathing shoes. Later we walk the 100 meters along the sea to the small but fine pebble beach. The water here is nice and shallow and ideal for smaller children. Once we run to the pool and splash there a bit. A nice change for our kids.

Pebble beach Glavotok campsiteInfinity pool with children's pool

But it is most beautiful on our rocky beach. There are also small lying areas on the stones and in the morning I do yoga with sea views and a fresh breeze. If you are bored anyway, you can walk along the pebble beach along the coast and discover sweet little coves.

In the evening we cook noodles or crickets with our gas grill and marvel at the sunset. Fantastic! Here you can still see the starry sky in the dark and feel infinitely free. It does not bother us that right in front of us almost the footpath goes along, we are almost at the end of the campsite.

Camper with sunset Sunset from the camper

Two plots further up is a nice family from Essen with two kids the same age. We make friends and have a great time! So special memories are created especially for our kids. These jump every day from one camp to another and have great fun. One night there is a heavy thunderstorm and it cools down a bit, but otherwise we have dream weather every day.

Cost: 1.881,00 Kuna for 3 Nights for us Four plus Camper = approx 80 € per night incl. Electricity

Here you can reserve your place at the Glavotok campsite! **


On the last evening we go with our new friends in the camp restaurant food. It is incredibly busy and we barely get hold of a table. The kids are happy at the children's disco while we enjoy our glass of wine. This is exactly what I imagined! The food is down to earth and tasty but nothing special. In the end, our children do not want to leave and I do not really want to. But the place is only free for 3 nights and we move on to the neighboring island Losinj.

Our favorite place

Our favorite place

2. Stop Croatia Road Trip: 3 Nights Kamp Rapoca on the island Losinj

Here I read before our Croatia road trip the Blogpost by and write me this spot before - you never know. Since we like the beach life on Krk so well, we want for another 3 nights again to the sea. But the camper is there, that you can decide every day, what you feel like. So I call the day before and ask for a place on the waterfront. This time, I am amazed that it worked so easily and I'm looking forward to a few lazy days on the Island Losinj.

Getting there

From the Glavotok campsite It is only about 30 minutes to the ferry in Valbiska, Before we check the times on the internet, We do not catch the next ferry, but meanwhile we pass the time for lunch in the restaurant. From there on the ferry in about 20 minutes on the Cres after Merag and after another hour we reach the Island Losinj over a swing bridge at the place Osor, (Attention: here you can also stand for a while).

Cost Ferry 28,50 € for the camper (we cheated with the length a bit;) and per adult 2,40 €, Kids 3-12 years 1,20 € = about 35 € one-way

The Camping Rapoca

Finally we come on Camping Rapoca* and are already expected. At first glance, it may not be as idyllic as on Krk, but Here, too, we get a really nice place under pine trees right on the sea. So we set ourselves up comfortably again, because here too we do not intend to drive around with the camper. But the whole thing with the kids is too exhausting and we just want to relax here. Of course, next time we would like to explore the beautiful surroundings of the island.

We'll be talking to our nice, Dutch neighbors and the big boys are getting on well too. The plots are quite narrow here and the place completely fenced, but the view is still fantastic from the hammock.

Pitch in frontline Rapoca Camping

There is a small shop with the basics and a children's playground with animation and face painting in the afternoon. Especially my little daughter loves that. The sanitary block around the corner is very generous, so that never actually creates a queue. At the sea you can sip your coffee in the café or have an ice-cream.

Small bay at the campsiteSmall harbor at the campsite

Right in front of our campsite there are two small bays.

To the left of us is this very picturesque with a small church tower and mini-harbor. Here you can also rent SUP boards, which we do once. If you want more variety, but also kayaks and windsurfing boards here.

The other bay almost in front of our plot is a bit bigger and fuller, but also beautiful! Always with pebble beach, so always pack the slippers. Also here you can snorkel well, if not as nice as in Glavotok. In between there is a small beach volleyball court and outdoor showers, very convenient. In the morning I swim by the rocks my tracks with several bars and ladders into the water. Simply fantastic!

Cost: about 70 € per night for campers and us four including electricity

Here you can also reserve a mobile home at the Rapoca campsite! **


My personal highlight is the cute little place nerezinewhich is only 5 minutes walk away. Here in the evening in the narrow streets, life rages and especially the locals cavort here. There are ice cream and waffles, a small playground and various shops. Also a larger supermarket and a trampoline facility can be found here. On the last evening we go to Essen and find our favorite restaurant. The Bistro Barbakuan is not super cheap, but has very delicious fish, incredibly friendly service and is right on the sea. My personal insider tip!

Our favorite restaurant in Nerezine

Our favorite restaurant in Nerezine


Actually, we originally got the idea on our Croatia road trip by ferry from Losinj to the mainland Zadar to drive. After some research on the internet, however, we learn that the ferry only runs overnight and takes about 10 hours. Or a catamaran, which unfortunately does not carry any cars. We resent our naivety for a moment, but in the end it does not help and we have to travel all the way back to the mainland via Cres and the ferry to Krk. We leave early in the morning at 8, because a long day of travel is imminent and we still have to go today Krka National Park would like. When I call the camp the night before, there are definitely enough places left.

3. Stop Croatia Road Trip: 2 Nights Camp Krka at the Krka NP

We come a bit exhausted in the late afternoon on the Camp Krka, right next to it Camp Marina The course is right on the road, but has nice, shady places under pine trees, a small playground and luckily also a pool. So we jump into the cool water and the kids are happy. It's a lot hotter down here in the south.

Camp Krka CroatiaPool in Camp Krka

It is not too busy and the location just five kilometers from the National Park is ideal. We stay 2 nights and go out in the evening restaurant. Just like the place itself, the restaurant is simple but good. We feel well and get good advice and plans for the future Krka National Park. This is then for the next day on the program.

Costs about 30 € per night for campers and family incl. Electricity

You can also reserve an apartment in the main building here! **

Krka National Park:

We deliberately decide against the National Park Plitvice Lakes, in the hope that it is not quite as crowded here. As we are in the large parking lot at the main entrance in Lozovac Arrive at about 10 in the morning, this is already half full. There is even a maximum number of tickets per day. The sooner you get there, the better, as it is a bit cooler then. Both the entrance in Skradin as well as in Lozovac is only about 5km from Kamp Krka away.

Krka National Park

Krka National Park

Skradin is probably closer to Skradinsky Buk Waterfall and there is a boat to the entrance of the national park. Ab Lozovac In turn you have a free car park with shuttle bus down to the National Park. So we use this to finally admire this beautiful nature!

Admission 100 Kuna per adult. Children including 6 years free.

Educational trail to the Skradinski Buk waterfall

There is a really nice circular walk up to the famous Skradinsky Buk Waterfall over footbridges and stairs. This lasts with children and various photo stops about 45 minutes and is really a small highlight! The water and the nature are stunning, there are fish everywhere in the water and there are small waterfalls and cascades on every corner. The many tourists in August you just have to hide. Everything is very nice and the kids have fun.

Pure nature in Krka NPFootbridges over the water

The absolute coronation is for us, especially in this incredible heat to go swimming at the waterfall!

The setting is just amazingly spectacular. It is the longest waterfall of the river Krka and consists of moat barriers, islands and lakes. Unfortunately, it is completely overcrowded here, of course, but it is a special experience. The waterfall itself is closed, otherwise you can swim up and down in the river and hop from the rocks in the water. We spend an hour in the water, Then we get some drinks and snacks at the various stalls and walk across the long bridge over the river back to the starting point.

Skradinski Buk waterfall

Boat trip to the island of Visovac

In advance, we booked an 2stündige boat tour through the arms of the National Park in the morning. So we walk about 20 minutes to the dock and wait. At some point it is said that it is not sure if the tour really takes place. We are a little disappointed and annoyed by this rather bad organization. Only on repeated demand we are offered an exchange of tickets and we may finally start with a kind of water taxi with about 10 other people yet.

Boat tour Krka

It goes in beautiful nature and a really very friendly Croatian captainwho also speaks German, an hour to Visovac Island, There we walk around a bit, look at the Franciscan monastery and eat ice cream at the kiosk. I must confess, I find the tour very nice, but I have hoped for something more.

2-hour boat tour: 100 Kuna for adults and 70 Kuna for children 4-18 years


We definitely want to follow our Croatia road trip Dubrovnik and thus also follow a tip from our Dutch neighbors of the island Losinj, They highly recommend this campsite and we will not be disappointed. The drive there is tedious, but spectacular! The highway to Split is incredibly well developed and we are almost alone here. Then it's a bit curvy through beautiful landscapes in the interior to the brilliant coastal roads in the very south. We cross the border controls of Bosnia and after a good four hours drive, we arrive a bit north of Dubrovnik on our next campsite. Also here I call the day before and there are enough free parking spaces.

To the beach

To the beach

4. Stop Croatia Road Trip: 2 Nights Camping Pod Maslinom at Dubrovnik

Here a rather simple campsite awaits us directly above the sea with a breathtaking view! There are shady pitches in the upper area with no sea view, but we choose the first row without shadows, but with 180 degrees all around view over the coast of Croatia. I must confess, during the day we can hardly stand it without shadows, but we just spend the afternoon at the small bay below the campsite.

Sea view everywhere

From our camper a small, steep gravel road leads 5 minutes on foot to a small, beautiful bay.

There is a nice restaurant, a pebble beach and various rocks and walls to jump in. Boat rental is also offered by the campsite. Next time. We are going to eat, swim and snorkel here and find it so relaxed here that on our return from Montenegro we end up even taking a short swim stop.

Bay Pod Maslinom

In the evening it will be a bit cooler and luckily we enjoy our noodles with a spectacular sunset and later a glass of wine under a clear starry sky - Pure romance (if these mosquitoes were not). The next day we will go to the big city.

Sunset Pod Maslinom

about 70 € for 2 nights for campers and us four including electricity


We decide on the recommendation of the nice campsite owner the bus in the 10 km away Dubrovnik to take. This one drives in front of the camp every hour and costs 15 Kuna per person. Definitely a good alternative to the car, as there is a lot of traffic around Dubrovnik and parking is scarce and expensive. We drive about 20 minutes until we arrive just outside the city walls. From the bus stop we walk again about 15 minutes to our first highlight.



Cable Car Dubrovnik

This huge cable car is located just above the city wall and is not exactly cheap. But from here you have really spectacular views over Dubrovnik and the sea. Especially with kids this is, I think, a good alternative to the classic sightseeing program. 30 people fit in the orange cabins and we hardly have to wait.

Cable Car DubrovnikView from the cable car

In less than four minutes it goes up, where there are several viewing platforms, a souvenir shop and a restaurant. The platform is located about 400 meters above the sea and the whole area also has an interesting history. Behind the main building is also a small amphitheater for special events. It is definitely worth it!

Perfect view over the old town

Cost: 170 Kuna round-trip for adults and 60 Kuna round-trip of 4-12 years

The old town

From the cable car we walk in about 10 minutes down and enter the city walls of Dubrovnik. Within the walls, Dubrovnik is completely car-free, which of course makes its charm. Honestly, we do not know much about the history and sights before, but just stroll through the old town with the beautiful little streets and restaurants.

Main street in Dubrovnik's old town

We run on the Placa-Stradun along and past the old one belfry. The children are now a bit agonizing in the afternoon and we buy only a few souvenirs and marvel at the old one St. Ignatius church.

There is also this famous staircase as the backdrop of Game of Thrones.

Honestly, I've never watched the show and we just end up here by accident. It's all very picturesque and actually more like a movie set than a real city. Unfortunately, we can not manage to stroll on the city wall, next time. It is quite busy, but not as bad as in the Krka National Park. Maybe next time I would a City tour ** bookto learn more about the story. We have dinner somewhere in the streets and come back to the campsite in the dark.

City wall at night

Continue from Croatia to Montenegro

Where we have come so far on our Croatia road trip, of course we now also want to go to Montenegro! The time is a bit short, but we conclude at least three more nights near Kotor to drive. As it is in us Montenegro like, more details to Camping with children and to ours Road surfers campers, you will get here soon!

Have you ever made a Croatia road trip? What are your experiences? Please leave me a comment! Maybe you are also interested in the first part of the Road trips in Slovenia!

* Transparency: in the course of a cooperation I have received a small discount on the campsite rent. My opinion was not influenced by this.

** affiliate link (with which I earn a bit of money;)

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