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Beach Sardinia - pure Caribbean feeling on the beach of Tuerredda

If you did not know better, you would think you are really in the Caribbean at this beach in Sardinia! Only the palms are missing here Spiagga Tuerredda and get better at Chia in the south of the island.

SFrom a distance, when you see the serpentines of the Costa del Sud driving along, you can see the spectacular sea with the white sandbank.

Turquoise blue sea at Tuerredda

Turquoise blue sea at Tuerredda

Once you arrive at the beach, the color of the sea is even more unreal. A rich, clear turquoise blue, as from the advertising. You can not help but jump in! My absolute dream beach in Sardinia in the south!

In the off season, the hustle and bustle is still manageable, but there are two bars on the beach and more is under construction. Incidentally, the parking lot costs 6 €, actually a joke. But the sight of this perfect bay makes up for everything. Unfortunately, this is no longer an insider tip ...

Do you have your favorite beach in Sardinia, which I have to visit? My second Favorite beach in Sardinia is yes at Villasimius!

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