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I search YOU as a guest author!


You like to travel for your life and always discover special places? You want to share your favorite places with others because they are so beautiful? You have brought an exciting travel report from your last vacation? Then you are exactly right with LIEBLINGSSPOT!

I want to inspire my readers and pass on my most beautiful places and places in the world.

And YOU can help me find even more travel highlights and insider tips!
There is a hotel to return to every year because you like it so much. You fell in love with a place or a beach because the mood there is simply incomparable? Whether restaurant, B & B or just a place where you can sit wonderfully ... I want to know where you felt most comfortable on your travels and would like to return immediately!

Just write me a mail with a short text, why this is your favorite place and send some nice pictures. Or you send me your very personal travel report with your holiday experiences and tips. I'm looking forward to it!

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  1. Hello Tatiana,

    Thanks for your prompt reply on Facebook 🙂

    I would like to publish an article in your blog!

    We have a lot to tell, but of course we can also write about a given topic.

    I'm looking forward to your response.

    Greetings from "currently" Müchen

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