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Oslo tip: the city beach Huk on Bygdøy!

Huk on Bygdøy

If you want to relax after a strenuous sightseeing day or spend a day at the sea, it's best to come here. Cute and relaxed does not work - my Oslo tip!

Arrival to my Oslo tip

Pink door huk

Pink door on the toilets

MYou reach the peninsula best with the ferry from the town hall (about 5 € one way and about 7 € roundtrip) and then runs past the Viking Museum always straight ahead along the Huk Aveny, At the end you come to a small grove, which turns into a park. The path is already part of the deceleration. Here there is a beach volleyball court and a totally cute toilet with pink doors! (Yes, honestly!)

And finally it is there, the sea!

Quite idyllic, overlooking the other islands and the passing boats. The cloud game in the sky is perfect. The beach is fine-sanded (of course not like in the Caribbean) and the water in July not so cold.

huk Bygdøy


Who wants to pick you up a licorice ice cream at the kiosk or throw his own barbecue. The audience is mixed, the atmosphere is infinitely relaxed. Here you have sun until late in the evening. In the evening, who wants, can still in the nice excursion restaurant Hukodden Going out for a nice meal to end the day perfectly.

Licorice ice huk

Who is lazy, goes back to the city by bus 30 directly from the parking lot.

Have you ever been to Oslo? Here is my travelogue! Maybe you still have a great Oslo tip?

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