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Heimatliebe something different - the musical Ludwig² in feet!

Ludwigs Festspielhaus in Füssen

(Press Trip) Füssen = Neuschwanstein Castle! But how about a different perspective on Füssen in the Allgäu with a musical in the Bavarian past? And also in a cool location with mountain views and lake love:

Whe knows me a little better, knows that several hearts beat in my chest. My father is from the Allgäumy mother is Scottish with Ukrainian roots and I was born in the west of Munich, Therefore, I now feel a great desire to embark on a search for clues in the Allgäu ... And I love musicals! The last one was "The Lion King" in Hamburg. This time it goes together with my mother in the musical Ludwig² im Ludwigs Festspielhaus in Füssen.

The Festspielhaus

Arriving by train

We drive from comfortable Munich-Pasing off by train and only need to get in once Buchloe change. The first train is overcrowded and we have to be in part in the corridor. Ab Buchloe It will be more like a panorama trip with a view of the imposing Allgäu mountains and idyllic lakes, Shortly before the end one then sees on the left side in far distance, trapped in the rocks, the notorious infamous Neuschwanstein Castle!

After a good two hours drive we come in Fussen an, From the station either a bus to Festspielhaus (unfortunately only very sporadically in the countryside) or you treat yourself for about 10 € just a taxi.

Breathtaking panorama

Finally we are at the Festspielhaus and walk around the musical building. As we look around the corner, my breath starts to falter I am once again overwhelmed by the beauty of my homeland. The mountains stand out majestically, and between them, as in a fairy tale, this appears Neuschwanstein Castle and the forggensee radiates with the sun to the bet. I've already flashed, even though the musical has not started yet!

The location - box seat in the lake

The Ludwigs Festspielhaus has a long and varied history. Ludwig II designed sketches for a modern festival house with master builder Gottfried Semper as early as the year 1864. With the start of construction 1998 his vision finally became reality. The Festspielhaus has already filed for bankruptcy three times and for a good three years now, the new staging will be Ludwig² listed and is so far a complete success. I'm very excited!

The musical

Not least because of the fantastic location of Ludwigs Festspielhaus am Forggenseeufer - with a direct view Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle - the new production by director Benjamin Sahler is definitely more than just a musical visit for the musical visitors. Really breathtaking!

Panorama Festspielhaus

Open Air Stage & Events

When we arrive, we immediately see that the open-air stage is being set up for the next show act. The scenery is really unique! Stars like the Kelly Family, Mark Forster, Rae Garvey and Toto will be performing this summer.

There is also a lot going on at the restaurant. In addition to excursion guests and musical visitors who eat a snack in this breathtaking location, Today there is also a yoga event of the extra class. There are various yoga sessions on the roof terrace of the Festspielhaus and SUP yoga is offered on the lake. The next time I'm definitely at the start!

The restaurant

The Tavern in the lake (yes, it really means that!), lives up to its name. I can not get enough of the incredible scenery. The menu in the beer garden is manageable, there are typical, Bavarian specialties but also fresh salads. We order a Sunday roast and the fitness salad with fruit. I'm blown away when the food comes: the meat is juicy and tender and the salad fruity-fresh! Here it definitely pays to make a stop outside of a musical visit.

Eating tavern in the lake

The musical

After the meal we are happy and satisfied and the excitement increases with regard to the upcoming show! For the fourth year, the musical Ludwig² will be performed on stage by Ludwigs Festspielhaus in the Allgäu resort Fussen. The season premiere started on 16. May 2019 and until the end of the season on the 5. January 2020 are planning more 76 performances.

With music titles such as "Cold Stars" and "Born in Palaces" Ludwig² is one of the most beautiful and moving works of the genre with music by Konstantin Wecker, Christopher Franke and Nic Raine. All this and more I experience in advance and the anticipation increases! Shortly before we go to the musical building of the Ludwigs Festspielhaus. Even from inside you have, thanks to the panoramic windows, everywhere a view of the mountains. We are sitting in the 2. Row in the middle and have an excellent view of the upcoming spectacle.

first act

The first part deals at the beginning with the young Ludwig and the rather difficult family constellation. Ludwig is appointed king early on but quickly realizes that he can not be the king he would really like to be. Namely without war, but with art & music for all. The actors are all ingenious and the minimalist stage design supports this dramatic yet true story. I get a real goose bump feeling in a duet with Sisi.

Ludwig and Sisi in duet

Ludwig and Sisi in duet Source: Festspielhaus

Second act

Now it gets really rousing. Ludwig must realize that Sisi does not love him, but can only offer him friendship. Soon after, war will break out and the little brother at the front will have to go to the sanatorium. Only now Ludwig can finally fulfill his dream and builds his fairy tale castle Neuschwanstein. He is interested in further inventions and is ahead of his time, but is only mildly ridiculed. In the end, King Ludwig II is overthrown by an intrigue. The rest is history and I almost feel tears as his sweethearts Sybille, Sisi and Count Dürckheim so compassionately mourn for him.

Final Scene Source: Festspielhaus

Final Scene Source: Festspielhaus

The musical lasts almost three hours with break, but is captivating and very entertaining. More information about the musical Ludwig² can be found here, Tickets cost from about 39,90 Euro.

Other musicals that run here in the Festspielhaus are The popes in November and in the fall a very modern interpretation of the Nibelungen, The schedule and other events in the You find Ludwigs Festspielhaus here.

Other highlights

In addition to the Neuschwanstein Castle, the sweet old town of Fussen and pure nature on forggensee and other lakes in the area, The trip is also worthwhile for families with children.

Excursion ship Forggensee

For example, there is one 3D cinema event "Ludwigs Visions"which brings the planned objects of Ludwig to life and introduces the visitors from the perspective of the king into his visionary ideas. Since the film lasts only 45 minutes, it is also well suited for kids. Then you can then with the excursion boat on the forggensee enjoy the panorama or walk around the lake.

Have you ever been to the musical Ludwig² in Füssen? Then go there! Otherwise, I can you the musical "The Lion King" in Hamburg just to heart!

Transparency: I was invited to the musical by the Festspielhaus and the restaurant “Wirtshaus im See” invited us to eat, My opinion was not influenced by this.

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  1. Hello dear Tatyana,
    the report about LUDWIG2 is great !!! Thank you very much - we are always very happy about people who appreciate our house and our musical and thus a mega-dedicated commitment. Above all, I am pleased for our employees about it.

    Sincerely greet and always come back to us in the Festspielhaus
    Birgit Karle

    • favorite spot sagt

      Dear Birgit, thank you! I'll definitely be back! The mix of this fantastic location and the great musicals is really unique :) Greetings, Tatjana

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