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Houseboat Baltic Sea Ahoi - bunk Kalle in Heiligenhafen!

Houseboat bunk berth Kalle

Who doesn't want to live on the water - pirate feeling included! This is possible on the firmly anchored houseboat Koje Kalle in Heiligenhafen. With style and a breathtaking view from the terrace of the sea and the yachts - pure houseboat Baltic adventure!

We fall in love with the stylish and cozy decor, the perfect location in Heiligenhafen and most of all in the view of the water from every corner. A dream! Here are the details of our houseboat at the bunk berth Kalle:

Houseboat Baltic Sea Kalle

Houseboat Baltic Sea - Ahoy pirate ship

The arrival is quite special. We park directly at the marina (only possible with a parking card, included in the price) and walk to our houseboat on a narrow wooden footbridge on the Baltic Sea or rather on the Baltic Sea! The sight alone is extraordinary - a little house between all the yachts directly in the 5 * marina of Heiligenhafen.

Houseboat Heiligenhafen

Our children conquer the "ship" in no time, climb the roof terrace and marvel at the sea and the many jellyfish. The adventure continues inside the glass floor in the living room and the second terrace are absolute highlights! We immediately feel comfortable - the kids find it totally cool and so on the water and in their loft bed we parents love the view and the cozy, loving decor.

Our pirate nest

Everything in the open living area is all about the pirate. There are cute pirate decorations, Anchor and Nordic cosiness with lots of wood and light tones. Every detail is right I am immediately in love with our pirate nest. Our houseboat Baltic Sea is really a small space miracle!

Pirate nest bunk KalleHouseboat bunk Kalle from the inside

An open one Eat-in kitchen, a small dining table, television and cuddly couch fit into a few square meters without any problems and the four of us don't feel cramped at all.

You can drink the tap water there is a cute little bathroom with a shower and also a separate toilet. My coffee junkie aka husband thinks the Nespresso machine is particularly great. There is also a gas stove, toaster and fridge, so everything you need. Even a hair dryer in the bathroom, I could have left mine at home.

The kitchen on the houseboat Baltic Sea

Koje Kalle is the first houseboat to have the pretty dishes from AHOY MARIE on board. There is nothing that would fit better! The attention to detail of the warm hosts Jule & Holger can be felt everywhere. Everything was really thought of in the smallest space.

The bunks in the houseboat Kalle

The first pirate bunk is right in the entrance area. A loft bed for climbing for the kids. A real pirate castle. The upper bed has a fall protection and the little one likes to sleep in her cave above. There is also a closet with plenty of storage space. A door that separates the children's room from the living room was also conveniently thought of here.

Bunk bed in the houseboat

The second bunk for the parents is right next door. This is really cuddly, actually only the double bed fits in and the view of the yachts through the window is included. The light rocking of the houseboat lulls us to sleep. All windows have pleated blinds, but here in the north it never really gets dark in summer. I guess that's part of the charm of the Baltic Sea.

Double berth with a view

Terraces for dreaming

What can I say! The roof terrace with a 360-degree view of the sea and the Heiligenhafen marina is a real highlight. I can't get enough of the beauty and the breathtaking sunsets. We have a very comfortable breakfast up here in bright sunshine (except on one day it's bad weather), I do yoga at sunset or the kids are great here just a little bit around.

Breakfast on the terrace Sunset on the houseboat Yoga with a view

But the small terrace by the living room is also infinitely cozy. Here we enjoy the evening sun at dinner or a little sundowner when the kids are in bed. With the seat cushions, the beautiful candle and the view it is too my favorite place for a good book. But that too through all windows a brilliant view of the water is only possible on our houseboat bunk Kalle!

My favourite place Panorama window bunk Kalle Sundowner houseboat Heiligenhafen

Book the houseboat bunk Kalle online now!

Price from € 75 per night plus final cleaning and bed linen

Heiligenhafen & surroundings

Heiligenhafen is really the perfect vacation spot on the Baltic Sea! From our houseboat directly at the marina it is only five minutes to the beach promenade and also to the old town and the fishing port. At the port there are various stalls, shops and fresh fish straight from the cutter. The old town with its sweet brick houses, cobblestones and the market place invites you to linger. The beach promenade really offers everything your heart desires: great restaurants, delicious waffles and fish sandwiches, cute shops and of course the open sea!

Old town Heiligenhafen The fishing portHeiligenhafen cliffs

There is one there miles of beach, a few beach chairs and the pier. If you want something more, you can ride a bike or the small train to Steinwarder and on to the cliffs. On the other hand, it follows Graswarder with its pretty thatched roof houses and white sandy beaches. Definitely worth a trip. Of course you can also find mini golf, lots of playgrounds and a sea center here in Heiligenhafen. It won't get boring here. There are free sunsets here in Heiligenhafen. You can find more information in my next post on Holidays on the Baltic Sea with children!

Heiligenhafen beach Heiligenhafen pier Grass warder

From Heiligenhafen it’s not far after Grossenbrode and Fehmarn - my must-see in the area.

Tips with children on bunk Kalle

Such a houseboat on the Baltic Sea is especially adventurous for the children! It should only be noted that the stairs to the roof terrace are relatively steep and not suitable for smaller children. You also have to hop on the houseboat over a small gap over the water. Not an issue for our grown-up. We just carry our 4 year old daughter over. The terraces are also secured with ropes only. The houseboat adventure Baltic Sea is therefore rather only for larger kids.

pirate ship

The age-old Nintendo is cool with the very old Super Mario games. My son and my husband especially like that! My daughter, in turn, is enthusiastic about the many jellyfish in the water, the passing yachts and boating and rocking the waves. Our daughter also feels like a little pirate and loves it on the cozy couch a real pirate cave from the many pillows to build and play there. Or the kids climb around on the playground just 500 meters from the houseboat. A real adventure on a pirate ship!

Playground around the corner

Houseboat Baltic Sea Ahoi - would that also be something for you? Do you have any other insider tips for the Baltic Sea? Maybe you are also interested in one Chalet in Austria!

Transparency: in the course of a cooperation, we were able to spend the night on Koje Kalle more cheaply. As always, that didn't affect my opinion.

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