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Insider tip Munich - green Obermenzing with my 5 favorite places!

Insider tip Munich

Anyone who has ever been to Munich knows the classic highlights, such as Marienplatz, the English Garden or the Olympic Tower. My insider tip in Munich: the Obermenzing district in the north-west of the city is off the beaten track. Here I will show you my five favorite places in my new home!

If you take the S-Bahn (Obermenzing stop with the S2), bike or car When you come to Obermenzing from downtown Munich, you think you have landed in another world. This insider tip in Munich is more of a village and sometimes has very traditional sights. But above all, Obermenzing is a very green, quiet and family-friendly district away from the hustle and bustle the city and my new home for over seven years now.

Green Obermenzing

It is particularly lovable in the largely still well-preserved village center with the St. Georg Church, opposite the "Old Landlord" that has existed since at least 1417 one of the most beautiful maypoles in Upper Bavaria, with the “Weichandhof” restaurant (an ancient former farm with the mill mentioned as early as 1397) and opposite to the over 300 year old, now externally and internally developed Zehentstadel and not far away is Blutenburg Castle.

Obermenzing is first mentioned in a document in 1315. However, with the name “Duo Mentzing” - two Menzing, there is also the Untermenzing district. Here are my five favorite places for you in Obermenzing:

1. Insider tip Munich: Blutenburg Castle

When I didn't live in Obermenzing, I knew the beautiful Blutenburg only as a location for the annual wine festivalwhich, by the way, is also very worth seeing. The old castle is much more than that. It contains an international youth library, a nice castle tavern right on the small lake and of course serves as a wedding location and event location. Here also takes place every year of Blutenburg Christmas market instead of. Now I live only five minutes away by bike. Lucky me.

Blutenburg Obermenzing

The history: First mentioned in a document Blutenburg Castle in 1432. Until about 1430 the Blutenburg consisted of the so-called manor house and was of four towers and a moat surround.

Source: Click here to go to the Blutenburg Castle website with its events and even more information!

2. Insider tip Munich: Inselmühle beer garden

My absolute Favorite beer garden in Munich! The name suggests a bit that this one a small island of calm in the middle of the city is. Surrounded by lots of green and the worm it is just idyllic and, above all, not overcrowded. There are a small playground and of course hearty food. You can find more information here!

Inselmühle Obermenzing

3. Insider tip Munich: The Würm

The Würm is Obermenzing's green lifeline. It leads like a canal system through the north of Munich and is a total of 39,5 kilometers long. That little stream rises at the northeast end of Lake Starnberg, which was also called Würmsee until 1962, and flows into the Amper near Dachau. Parts of the Würmwasser also find their way into the Isar and Moosach. For us Obermenzinger, the banks of the Würm are simply the most beautiful local recreation area for young and old.

The worm

In summer you can play in the meadow or splash around in the river and in winter fed the ducks and threw stones. With a bit of luck you can spot beavers here too. Especially the worm arm on that Mergenthalerstrasse in Obermenzing is a popular meeting place and when it's hot, the kids even hang out here with theirs Bodyboards down the flow float!

Surfing on the Würm

It's a nice idea that there is there are also QR codes at various stations on the Würm, which provide further information when scanning! You can find more information about it here.

4. Insider tip Munich: Kapuzinerhölzl

If you want to forest bathing in the middle of Munich, you can do it wonderfully here in Kapuzinerholzl do. This small forest connects Obermenzing with the district of Nymphenburg and Moosach and leads, among other things, almost to the Nymphenburg Palace! Directly from the residential area in Obermenzing the path "In the oak tree" the countryside.

A brook flows, the birds chirp and cyclists or Families with kids enjoy the idyll. If you go east by bike, you get to nets Economy “The pheasantry" with a nice beer garden. If you head south again, you pass a small cross-road stretch and land at the end at the Botanical Garden of the Nymphenburg Palace Park.

5. Taverns, shops & country idyll

Traditional inns

Anyone Bavarian Traditional home cooking and rustic tavern lounges in Munich, you will definitely find it here in Obermenzing:

To the old landlord: Munich veteran and the oldest inn in what is now Munich's urban area with rustic lounges inside and a beautiful beer garden outside.

To the Altes Wirt Obermenzing

Weichandhof: The landlords Peter Kinner and Michael F. Schottenhamel spoil you here at the highest level, with a small beer garden.

Weichandhof Obermenzing

To the green tree: Traditional and international cuisine. Meeting point for the people of Obermenzinger in the beautiful beer garden, also with live music.


A little bit Aunt Emma in Obermenzing. Three turquoise-colored houses in the middle of the residential area offer everything from fruit and vegetables or children's equipment to a decoration shop, shoe shop and hairdresser!

Shopping in Obermenzing

This way to the small charging center in Obermenzing

Country idyll in Obermenzing with farms & Co

Here in Obermenzing there is still real farmers. This can be seen in the Chickens in the fieldwhere fresh eggs are laid or the farm shops on Pippinger Straße with potatoes & Co. In spring it is Strawberry field on Weinschenkstrasse a real highlight and recently there is Alpacas on Carl-Hanser-Straße with a small farm shop. A desert in the middle of the city and a real insider tip Munich!

Country idyll Obermenzing

Even more country idyll offer the old houses around the Würm and above all that St. George Church right on the brook. This is an originally Romanesque sacral building whose beginnings go back to the 9th century. Perfect Postcard motif and always a reasonthat I have come to appreciate Obermenzing as a new home.

Home love or what is home actually?

What is home for you? For me, home is a place where I can feel completely at ease with my family, I feel welcome, have a secure network and love people around me. All of this connects me, at least for the moment, with Obermenzing. There is certainly always a special phase of life for every placethat one associates with love of home.

Homeland love

Gerade with small children is the green Obermenzing, as a real insider tip Munich, not only for life, but also as a break from the city optimal. Coupled with a bit of country idyll, good restaurants and small events, this is the perfect place to discover Munich from another side.

Do you have an insider tip Munich? What is love of home for you? Write me a comment!

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