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Gargnano on Lake Garda - my favorite place with bathing place!

Favorite Lake Garda Gargnano

For me the most beautiful place on Lake Garda defdinitiv Gargnano! Small and tranquil, surrounded by brilliant mountain scenery. And the village also has to offer the most beautiful bathing spot on the lake ...

Gargnano on Lake Garda has everything you would expect from an Italian village on the water.

Footbridge on the water in Gargnano

Footbridge on the water in Gargnano

When man coming from the south direction Gargnano moves, If you park your car just before the city center (There is a parking garage on the main street and just before the Centro again a small parking lot, both for a fee). From here you walk a little way on the "main street", the Via Roma with its cute shops, then walk under a house down to the lake.

Tranquil harbor in Gargnano

Tranquil harbor in Gargnano

Here you come then on a really unique wooden walkway over the water to the harbor. Passing picturesque houses and overlooking the entire Lake Garda - fantastic! Every now and then there is a nice bar or restaurant right on or rather on the water. The harbor itself is totally manageable and therefore so charming. Here you will also find various cafes with lake views and a few kiosks.

Restaurant over the water

Restaurant over the water

And as if that was not enough, will Gargnano surrounded by a wonderful mountain scenery. Above Gargnano my favorite show starts too Chapel San Valentino!

If you also want to go swimming after a delicious lunch, it's best to head north for a bit further restaurant La Fontanelle and the associated, public bathing beach.

Parking is unfortunately rare, so you should be on time or run from the city center. But the effort is worth it!

Public bathing beach with pine trees in Gargnano

Public bathing beach with pine trees in Gargnano

The beautiful lawn is distributed over several levels under shady olive trees. Gorgeous, even if it is full no problem. There is a nice playground, beach volleyball court and just that La Fontanelle, Highlight is that OK Surf at the beach. There are windsurfing lessons, SUPs, pedal boats and mountain bikes! A real stroke of luck ...

Have you ever been in? Gargnano at the lake Garda? What is your favorite place on Garadsee? Maybe you are also interested in the Favorite places on Lake Garda by bloggers?

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  1. Since you want to jet off directly! Thank you for this nice insider tip on the "less traveled" west shore of Lake Garda, because I know so not so 🙂 at all

  2. favorite spot sagt

    Yes, I did not know the west side yet and was very pleasantly surprised ... Next year it will be back! :)

  3. Elke Metz sagt

    We got to know Gargnano on Lake Garda in September. The area is beautiful and worth the trip. There are many possibilities such as hiking, swimming, exploring the area or a boat trip. There is something for everyone. We were thrilled and will be back.

    October 2019 E. Metz

    • favorite spot sagt

      Dear Elke, thanks for your comment! I agree with that, there is something for everyone and the scenery is beautiful! Best regards, Tatiana

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