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Learn foreign languages ​​with the Babbel app - a self-experiment!

Explore Barcelona with the Babbel app

<Advertisement> Shortly before my trip to Barcelona, ​​I wanted to freshen up my Spanish skills and tested the Babbel app to learn foreign languages! Whether it worked - read for yourself:

I already had Spanish lessons at school, then tried again and again to learn this foreign language again and even booked a one-week language course in Malaga. But to be honest, it only helped at very short notice.

The weekend with my girls in Barcelona was the perfect occasion to get it right Learn Spanish, I love that language yes. Therefore I have the Brought Babbel app and I taught myself Spanish in four weeks!

Registration at Babbel via app:

In the App Store (or for Android) you can easily download the Babbel App for free. There you can then register, for example, with the help of the Facebook account. Really easy and self-explanatory! If the app is installed with you, you can start immediately ...

I'm a total cell phone freak. Everything that is possible, I do on the phone. Be it photos, blogs, emails, Pinterest or Facebook! It's just so amazingly practical! So I'm really rarely and reluctantly on the PC, only if it must be necessarily. And that's the absolute luxury of the Babbel app for me.

You can just do a lesson on the side, if you have time between work and kids. Or if you finally sit in the evening on the couch or on the terrace. A dream!

Service & features of the Babbel app:

In principle, the app is very intuitive. You can easily select your level in the menu. There are also extra lessons on various topics such as travel or everyday life and also grammar and vocabulary learning units. The choice is endless!

Since I already had Spanish, I have with the Refresher Course 1 started. And I have to say, the level has been perfect for me! Of course, if you are a beginner, you can just go ahead with the Beginner course 1 begin.

The nice thing is that you can proceed at your own pace. Each level is divided into short units. Per unit you need, depending on your skills, the 10-20 minutes and then you have the feeling that you have learned something! Super effect.

I thought it was great that each lesson was a mix of pronunciation, vocabulary and real-life dialogues. I also found it important that real native speakers have auditioned the movements, so that you could get used to the tempo and the indistinct pronunciation so slowly ...

So I had decided to improve my Spanish again in four weeks. So every day at least one unit to deal with. At the end of each unit you get a summary of the points you have achieved. That motivates you to get better and better!

Qué tal?

Highly motivated I went last weekend with my friends for 3 days to Barcelona (my blog post will follow!) And could also apply my Spanish skills in the hotel. "Hola, qué tal!" A great feeling!

Also on sightseeing tour and in the evening in the different tapas bars I tried to do a little talk with the locals. Once I had to ask for directions and it worked out great!

As a crash course I found "Spanish on vacation" great with lessons in the restaurant, in the business etc. That you actually in Barcelona Catalan speaks and not the highly Spanish castellan Incidentally, this is not an issue. The locals are happy that they even tried to communicate with you in Spanish and were always very helpful!

Highlights of the Babbel app at a glance:

  • practical and self-explanatory app for Apple, Android or the desktop PC on the go or on the couch
  • different levels for every skill level
  • short learning units within the levels with different topics from daily life with each about 10 to 20 minutes of time spent
  • real native speakers who audition the lyrics
  • you have the choice whether the micro should be switched on or not (practically in the subway)
  • the lessons can also be downloaded, so you do not even need internet (handy for when traveling eg in the plane;)
  • you can choose different languages ​​from 14 and you can change every now and then (I really want to learn french!)

Do you also feel like learning a foreign language again?

Your advantage, if you register via my link:

How do you teach yourself a new foreign language? Would you prefer a classical language course at school or digital? I look forward to your experiences!

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