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A weekend trip to Berlin!

Alexanderplatz, Berlin

What do you do without kids and a birthday in Berlin? Correct: sleeping in, feasting, drinking, celebrating ...

Friday: on the way in our Kietz

Airbnb Prenzlauer Berg Our Airbnb Prenzlauer Berg

Due to a thunderstorm, we arrive late at 19 in Berlin-Tegel. So let's take a taxi for about 25 € to the trendy district of Prenzlauer Berg, where our cool Airbnb apartment is located.

We are here in the middle of the crowd with lots of bars, cafes and restaurants around the Kollwitzstraße. So let's just stroll up and down and just enjoy the brilliant atmosphere here on a warm summer evening. We're going to be right across the street from our flat in the Delice d'Italia Dinner. It's crowded, it's loud, it's Italy and above all, delicious! We order wine, pasta and dolce vita and get a great relaxed evening for two in Berlin ...

Then there is a nightcap with some friends around the corner 3. man, an Austrian wine bar. So there are also Austrian wine and Kaiserschmarren for us and we fall at midnight happy and tired in our beautiful bed.

Saturday: Berlin by bike & party on

Brunch in the as good as good Brunch in the as good as good

Sleep on - a pure luxury! We actually manage to sleep until about 11 o'clock ... Then we make ourselves comfortably ready to brunch. We land in So far so goodwhere breakfast is served until 22. Perfect. We order scrambled eggs and cereals with yoghurt and fruit.

Weekly market in the Kollwitzstraße Weekly market in the Kollwitzstraße

In our Kietz hell is really going on and just a few hundred meters away there is a weekly market. We stroll through the really cool market and then borrow at the end of the Kollwitzstraße Orange bikes two wheels for each 7 € per day. It goes straight to Alexanderplatz, where we meet with our friends for a bike tour through Berlin. Here we go!

Bike tour through Berlin Bike tour through Berlin

We drive with our guide Eric from Rudi's Bike Point criss-crossing the Viertel Mitte, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. In between, there is a little stop in the Prinzessinnengärten, to have a drink. A brilliant spot in the middle of Berlin! Here residents plant boxes with herbs and vegetables and in the associated beer garden you can buy organic snacks and snacks.

Princess gardens in Berlin Princess gardens in Berlin

The tour continues past street art artworks, the Spree and of course the famous Berlin Wall. After three hours I'm really knocked out but it was definitely an exciting way to discover Berlin!

Street Art in BerlinA Street Art in Berlin

Then we chill out a bit in our old apartment, before we leave for dinner. The great thing is, we do not even have to get out of our Kietz, because it is teeming with restaurants here. We choose Asian and go into it Mao Thai, The Pad Thai here is not cheap with 11 €, but a poem, just like the Massala Curry.

Party on in the June Bar Party on in the June Bar

Towards 22, we finally make our way to the big party of a friend, his 40. Birthday in the June Bar celebrates. The location is very nice, a kind of cocktail bar with plenty of seating outside and inside. We meet a lot of old acquaintances and new people. Berlin just. The long drinks like "Moscow Mule" or "June Smash" are delicious and time flies by! Sometime around 5 in the morning we stagger into our 300m distant Airbnb apartment. What a night!

Sunday: say goodbye

Totally blessed, we stand around 12uhr so ​​slowly. We'll go back in 3. man brunch around the corner. Everything was delicious, but a little too expensive for the small portions. A varied weekend in Berlin is coming to an end. We pack our things and call us a taxi. For 15uhr our flight goes back to Munich with Air Berlin.

Beer garden in the Prinzessinnengärten Beer garden in the Prinzessinnengärten

At the end...

Berlin is always different. I've been there so many times and this time I've got to know another face of the city. Berlin is young, hip, vibrant, alternative and casual than Munich. A refreshing change ...!

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