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A walk through Cologne

The dear "Zuogroaste" Rhineland Nicole from the travel blog tells today about her favorite city Cologne and her favorite places ..!

Hi'm Nicole of, Rhinelander and like to go. And although I have been living in Munich for several years now, I still remain a Rhinelander. With a special liking for Cologne. That's why I thought ...

... let's do a little tour through Cologne

And start at a monument that probably everyone knows, if only from pictures. Yeah, I know, that's pretty worn out, but nevertheless he stands there ... the Cologne cathedral!

Cologne cathedral

And he does not look as long as he stands there. With its proud towers. The cathedral was completed only 1880 ... after over 600 years of construction, Who is complaining about the Berlin airport or the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie? The Cologne went out during the construction of the money and so stood for centuries on the stump, which should be a tower, only the construction crane, But even at this sight, one got used to the passage of time ...

Roman history in the Roman-Germanic Museum

If you are into history - so much old story - he should pay a visit to the Roman-Germanic Museum. I was there for a very long time with the school and can really only remember the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun. That was one at the time special.

My last visit was about that Roman Cologne, And that was really exciting. Just to see the remains of the Roman villa on which the museum was built is quite impressive. The center of the museum is the huge one Dionysus mosaicwhich is thought to have been placed around 230 after Chr.

You can buy a combination ticket with the Roman-Germanic Museum and the Praetorium. Every time I think of past tense, this museum is called Praetorium. And I would definitely have passed, if I did not have one knowledgeable guide had it. Behind a typical 50er-years facade in the small Budengasse 2 should be Remains of an ancient Roman villa hide? And those of a Roman sewer? This is again Cologne so typical. But what can you do, if these remains are now just under the old town.

In Cologne is actually dug constantly (mostly underground shafts) and in the transformation of the cathedral plate you have one Roman street found! Since they could not stay where they were found, the extremely well preserved stone cube a few meters further back to a "road" composed, Guaranteed nothing for high heels ...

Historic stone cube in Cologne

Walk on the banks of the Rhine

Personally, I really like the banks of the Rhine. If you walk between the cathedral and the Roman-Germanic Museum, am Museum Ludwig past (by the way, my favorite museum with a lot of modern art) and then down the stairs, you're already on the Rhine promenade, Sit here, to let the sun shine on the nose in nice weather and real Watch ships, is always nice.

But you can also about the Hohenzollern bridge (Railway bridge) go to the other side of the Rhine. I am always surprised that the bridge is still standing. I'm looking forward to the moment when the structural engineer bridges the gap for more Love locks (others also say padlock).

Love Castles on the Hohenzollern Bridge

Fantastic view of the Cologne skyline from the Kölntriangle

On the other side of the Rhine - so the right side of the Rhine - we are already in Cologne-Deutz, but here is a few steps further the "Cologne Triangle" (formerly this tower was also called LVR tower). Of the Visitor platform in 100 meter height you have a great view of the Cologne skyline and of course the Cologne Cathedral.

Modern architecture in Cologne

Modern architecture has meanwhile also arrived in Cologne. We are here like this a mix from the very old (Roman halt), 50er years old (Cologne was rather destroyed after the war and the damage had to be remedied quickly) and now also quite modern.

The first area with modern architecture was the Media Park, Here is my favorite cinema, the Cinedom, Is not that new anymore, but still very well maintained and always a large selection of films. There is one Artificially landscaped lake with small pedal boats for the kids, a hotel and a lot Gastronomy.

Absolutely impressive is the Rheinauhafen with his crane houses. When the port for commercial shipping was shut down at some point, they thought about what to do with the area. Let it fall away is not a solution. It's a mix now modern architecture and old restored harbor buildings, The beginning of the Rheinau harbor marks the chocolate Museum, A dream for young and old children who love chocolate.

Getting there

Cologne is easy to reach by car or train, Parking is not the problem in Cologne either. There are loads Parking garages in the city center, z. B. under the cathedral plate, Philharmonic or Central Station. Of course you can also get there by train to Cologne. And as is the case with main train stations ... they are in the middle of the city. In Cologne, you just take the exit to Domplatte and there he is ... the Cologne Cathedral!

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