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Eibsee hike with children, bike & stroller in Bavaria!

Eibsee hike with children

This really beautiful and yet easy Eibsee hike is ideal for the whole family! It combines the perfect mountain backdrop of the highest mountain in Germany with the shine of the emerald green Eibsee. A gravel path leads around the lake, through forest or along the water in just over two hours!

Vone is from Munich in just over an hour by car at the new Zugspitze cable car arrived. At the weekend it can get very crowded and parking spaces are scarce. We are lucky and start in March with the temperatures still cool, but with bright sunshine. With us a stroller for our 4 year old (safe is safe), a bike for our big one (7 years) and a filled picnic basket for our varied tour.

The Eibsee circular route

Eibsee hike by bike and pram

So we follow the signs at the parking lot counterclockwise. The path leads us through the forest at the beginning, but soon the flora opens and leaves us first glimpses of the crystal clear, shimmering water catch.

Eibsee hike with prams

I'm already blown away. There is a lot going on on a Sunday, yet it is no problem for our son to ride a bike and the little one is still walking happily with uswhile we push the stroller.

The first highlight awaits us: a small bridge leads us directly over the lake with a 360 degree panoramic view of the Eibsee and the Alps! It is still very windy, but still spring-like in early March. Since it is already noon when we start, we are already looking for a quiet place for our picnic.

Picnic or swim stop

The beautiful, distributed bays with coarse pebbles are particularly suitable for this at the beginning of the tour after the bridge. Everyone will find a quiet place here, everything is small and hidden, but always with a breathtaking view of the Eibsee and the Zugspitze!

Picnic at the Eibsee Bay

We find a calm corner behind a large rock just for us directly on the shore of the lake and make ourselves comfortable. The children throw stones or collect sticks and test whether you can go swimming after all. For me, this is the most beautiful section for a swim stop in summer. After an extensive break with snacks and sweets, it continues.

The Eibsee hike

The path is usually nice and wide so that the children have enough space to run around. It always works uphill and downhill, sometimes our son has to push the bike. Our daughter is slowly tired from running and is being pushed in the stroller. In principle no problem, just in the steeper places my husband has to go in the long run that's too exhausting for me.

Wide gravel path on the Eibsee

Approximately half way then opens up the absolute mega view over this perfect landscape. Over the Eibsee you can see the eight uninhabited islands and in the background the Zugspitze. It can't get any better than this. Shortly afterwards there is still a large pebble beach with shallow waterto marvel at the ice on the lake (or go swimming in summer).

Eibsee with panoramic views

The rest of the way is a bit unspectacular through the forest with only a glimpse of the lake now and then. This route is maybe a bit lengthy for the kids, but soon the forest clearing will open again and there are a couple of pretty bays for swimming (in summer) and lingering. The end is not far here and if you like you can still at the Ice cream parlor at the Eibsee eat an ice cream or in the Eibsee pavilion of the Eibseehotel take a little refreshment.

Favorite spot tip & conclusion

I find it one good idea for the children to pack the bike or the stroller, The path is really easy to do and it will be a little more entertaining for the children more relaxed for us parents. If I come back in the summer I would maybe start clockwise, because I liked the little bays best at the beginning of our tour and the view here is the most spectacular. Then the highlight comes at the end, so to speak.

With a stroller and bike around the Eibsee

With a stroller and bike around the Eibsee

For me one of the most beautiful tours in Bavaria with children, because it is also possible with a bicycle and pram. There is something for everyone and the beauty of nature is shown here in all its perfect facets - it couldn't be better! Otherwise I think it's nice with children Tegernsee high trail or this one three easy winter hikes in Bavaria!

Good to know for your Eibsee hike:

Getting there:

From Munich you drive a good hour via the A95 towards Garmisch and on to the Eibsee.


There is a large, chargeable parking lot at the new Zugspitze cable car. Otherwise, parking on the road to the Eibsee can be partially free of charge at the roadside.

Start / end point:

The start and end of the tour is the parking lot at the Zugspitzbahn, the path is signposted here. If you feel like it, you can of course also go up to the highest mountain in Germany. Costs: from approx. € 25 for children and € 48 for adults. Click here for the tickets!

Duration of the Eibsee hike with children:

The round trip can be done in just under two hours without stops. With children you need a good two hours and with a picnic or a swim we needed three hours.

Refreshment possibility:

At the end / beginning of the tour there is a small ice cream kiosk and next to it the Eibsee pavilion and a beer garden of the Eibseehotel. Only 10 minutes above the hotel there is the quaint Eibsee Alm with an adventure playground in summer. More information on gastronomy can be found here!

Highlights for children:

There is an adventure playground at the Eibsee Alm in summer. Of course, the ride on the Zugspitz cable car up to the highest peak in Germany is a little adventure, prices from around € 25 for children and € 48 for adults.

Otherwise it is on the circular path over hill and dale and there is a lot to discover both at the lake and in the forest. A highlight on the way is the small bridge over the lake at the beginning of the tour and of course swimming in the lake in summer!

Have you ever done a hike with children? What did you liked the most? Or do you have any tips for another lake near Munich? Feel free to write me a comment!

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