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Edinburgh Festival - a day in 15 pictures!

Edinburgh Festival in 15 pictures

In August there are several festivals in Edinburgh at the same time! The city vibrates, is full of people and there are concerts, plays and stand-up comedy on every corner. A day at the Edinburgh Festival in 15 pictures!

Fringe Festival Edinburgh (always 25 days in August)


as you get carried away by this colorful and lively Scottish metropolis! The so-called Fringe Festival Mainly between the Esplanade between Castle and North Bridge on High Street (Royale Mile). Flyer about flyers are here for the thousand presentations pressed into the hand, jugglers show their shows on the road to the best. Many things are even free. The flair is really unique!

Auch im Grassmarket there are events everywhere. There is something new to discover on every street corner and Edinburgh is a worth seeing city anyway! There are no rules and no plan, just let yourself drift, look into hidden side streets and absorb the unique atmosphere in the city! In a courtyard we accidentally discovered a mini-festival with stalls and live music. In a side street there was also a woman with falcons in her arms to pet and take pictures.

Of course you can watch online all events of the Fringe Festival and book directly. Or you can be inspired locally at the Edinburgh Festival and take the flyers on the streets. We chose two or three things in advance on the internet, which would have fit the time. Unfortunately we only have a small comedy show in the end Grassmarket area managed, but it was definitely a funny experience.

Military Tattoo, Book Festival, Edinburgh International Festival & Art Festival:

NNot to forget the world-famous Military Tattoo im Edinburgh Castle, Unfortunately we did not have time for this anymore ... Make sure you reserve your tickets online in advance! The free Book Festival in the New Town on Charlotte Square is also worth seeing if there is still time. There are nice little cafes and the shopping mile on the Princess Street is not far.

The International Festival comes up with high-profile ballets and theater performances, but not every artist is allowed to participate here (therefore, the fringe was launched, which means as much as the fringe area). And the Art Festival deals, as the name implies, with art throughout the city!

Calton Hill Edinburgh

Calton Hill Edinburgh

Auf dem Calton Hill It has a breathtaking view over the city and the sea and you can escape the hustle and bustle for a short moment!

Have you ever been to Edinburgh? I think so, this city is even without a festival worth seeing! We enjoyed our stay in Edinburgh with a Scotland Travel combined and were still in the sea after England Northumberland!

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