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Summer Vacation: The 6 Best Destinations in August!

Summer vacation August

The summer holidays are coming up and you just do not know where to go? It should not be totally overcrowded and priceless. Here are 6 tips for your summer vacation in Europe and Asia:

Italian is just full in the summer and the accommodations anyway months before booked. In Germany staying is not really an option as the weather can be miserable in August. Asia is all well and good, but is not it rainy season? So, where in your summer vacation?

Summer vacation in Croatia

A jewel on the Adriatic with endless coastline on the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. Still an insider tip, as there are so many beautiful places that it can never be crowded. The food is hearty and delicious and the accommodations still affordable. The best way to rent a private holiday home with pool in the hinterland or go camping in a campsite.

My personal tips:

Cottages in Istria by Casa Mundo or the campsites on the Islands Rab or Pag, just beautiful!

Summer vacation in Northern Cyprus

The Turkish part of Cyprus is hardly visited and has been completely spared the mass tourism. Really a lonely patch of earth. There are few hotels and accommodations and who with his car from Cyprus after Northern Cyprus would like to have to pay an additional fee at the border. But the money is worth it anyway. Here you will find miles of secluded natural beaches, simple accommodation and original vegetation.

My personal tip:

Tree house night and night bathing with sparkling algae on the Karpaz Peninsula in the very northeast of the island am Big Sands Beach.

Summer vacation in Scotland

Since I'm half Scottish, I can only recommend this beautiful country. Okay, the food is mostly bad and the accommodations a bit more expensive, though the rough nature, the enchanted castles and legendary holes are truly unique. Also, in the summer, if you are lucky (we were rather unlucky!), You can also bathe and it has pleasant temperatures around the 20-25 degree. So not too hot! Mean Travelogue about Scotland with children Is there ... here.

My advice:

A secluded cottage rental by the sea on the Isle of Mull or in Fort William and day trips to the area. Edinburgh Of course, it is always worth seeing, perhaps with the arrival or departure plan! Or how about one Beach House in Northumberland in England?

Summer vacation in Iceland

Who visites Iceland did not see the end of the world did not see it, at least it seems to me. Barren stone deserts as far as the eye can see, black lava beaches, hot springs, enchanted geysers, breathtaking ice giants and the supernatural northern lights. Okay, in summer you will probably not see it that much, but we even saw it in late August! Iceland is so diverse and original like no other country in Europe and its inhabitants so warm! Even in August you are here partly alone.

My advice:

With the car around the island drive to the geysers, glaciers and stone deserts. Bathing in the hot springs, hiking to waterfalls and riding on an Icelandic pony. Like from another world!

Summer vacation in Malaysia

In Malaysian is actually the best climate in European midsummer! No rain, pleasant temperatures, blue sea, palm trees and low prices. Although Malaysia is mainly a Muslim country, it is still accessible for tourists without restrictions. The best way to get there by private taxis from A to B and continue by ferry to the many idyllic islands on the east coast!

My advice:

Tioman Island - (m) a paradise on earth!

Summer vacation in Sri Lanka

We were only recently there and actually it is here in August from the travel time optimally (of course not everywhere). Sri Lanka is incredibly varied and exotic! There are delicious food and fresh fruit like sand by the sea, turquoise beaches and the locals are very friendly. Thailand only in better.

My advice:

The Flower Garden Hotel in Unawatuna and Mangrove Beach Resort in Tangalle

Maybe I can inspire you for your summer vacation? Or do you have any other tips for the high season?

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