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Ski vacation with children on the slopes

Ski holidays with children on the slopes: Hotel Riml in Austria!

Oh what a view! At 2.200 meters above sea level in Hochgurgl, the Hotel Riml * lies in the middle of the snowy mountains and is considered the highest 4 * superior hotel in Austria. So the perfect accommodation in modern style for a ski holiday with children on the slopes with childcare, indoor pool, half board and adults-only area for parents - welcome to heaven!

Europe travel

Europe travel - 15 favorite places in Europe for 2020!

Heiko and Franz have been traveling for around 6 years now and have been walking across Europe on foot and without money. They traveled to each country at least once and covered a total of almost 40.000 km. During this time they were able to get to know very different places and regions. In the five categories of hospitality, cultural highlights, hiking countries, natural paradises and sedentary countries, the life adventurers each chose their top 3 highlights for European travel!

Sustainable travel as a digital nomad

Sustainable travel as digital nomads - an interview with HELLOGECKO!

Especially in the stagnant time - when you come to a rest and it becomes contemplative - you finally have the muse to think about your life. And of course, especially as a travel blogger, you also deal with the topics of "sustainable travel" and "digital nomad". Fittingly, I asked Martina and Eric with dog Chaska, who fulfilled their dream of a world trip without a destination and without an end: