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World Vision child sponsorship

World Vision child sponsorship - an adventure trip for you and your godchild!

(Advertising) The further I travel, the more I realize how well we are here in Germany. This thought simply does not let me go after our Mauritius trip. Therefore, I would like to pass on a piece of happiness with a child sponsorship at World Vision and start with it in a new little adventure with my family! Maybe you also feel like?

Raffle of 3x4 tickets for PLAYMOBIL FunPark

Raffle Terms and Conditions - Disclaimer

Conditions of participation for all competitions and raffles on 1 General A participation in the raffle is only possible under inclusion of these conditions of participation. 2 Requirements for Participation All natural and legal persons with a minimum age of 18 years can participate. The participant agrees with the participation that in case of profit his / her name and / or picture will be published on the internet. Participation is only possible within the deadline specified in the competition description. The legal process is excluded. 3 prize The prize is awarded as announced in the competition. If there are several participants, the lot decides to exclude legal recourse. A change or cash payment of the price is excluded. The winner will be mentioned either in the blog / on Facebook and will be notified by mail / message. If the winner does not respond to the winning message within 2 weeks, the prize will be forfeited without replacement. 4 Liability Damages claims against LIEBLINGSSPOT, which are in connection with the competition, are excluded - within the legally permissible - regardless of the legal grounds, unless LIEBLINGSSPOT would have intentionally or grossly negligently violated legal obligations. Furthermore, LIEBLINGSSPOT assumes no guarantee that the competition page on the respective ...