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Holiday at the North Sea - Büsum with child and grandma

Vacation on the North Sea

Dear Jane reports about her eventful vacation on the North Sea with the whole family! It goes on tour by bike, the pirate sea is also tested and a mudflat hike should not be missing. Here you will find plenty of tips and impressions of what you can experience in two weeks in Büsum on the North Sea:

The weather on the North Sea is always a matter of luck. But if the weather cooperates, there is a lot to experience in Büsum - it will definitely not be boring! Here are tips and impressions for bike rentals, holiday apartments and mudflat walks, dining, beach bars and excursions:

Holidays on the North Sea - we are coming!

Büsum beach chair Holidays on the North SeaThrough the Elbe tunnel I have many childhood / holiday memories. We arrive at Dusseldorf at 30 degrees and only noticed in the last two of the seven-hour drive that the ventilation was closed for our 1,5-year-old son - maybe the drive could have been more relaxed. Grandma is waiting for us and we enjoy our first evening at the pearl bay in the beach chair with cyclists and fries.

Our apartment from the mediation Lilo Sattler* is only equipped with the most necessary - So first shop in the next big city: Heath. And very important for a vacation on the North Sea: Rent bicycles from Röhe!

The son, grandma and I know Büsum, but my husband doesn't and so it's worth it a walk from the pearl bay to the very top of the harbor. Always along the water, past sheep, beach chairs and seagulls. There is no classic sandy beach here but a huge lawn that combines the promenade or dike and sunbathing lawn. Practical for rollators and strollers.

Kids Wattwanderung

Vacation on the North SeaThe weather is not reminiscent of summer vacation. We are not deterred by 14 degrees and start to Kids Wattwanderung with Antoine in nasty wind but surprisingly warm nape-feet. It is exciting and beautiful for all of us and afterwards our grandma welcomes us with her long pants and cozy towels.
WattwanderungAnother special grandma service: Bring rolls with a child including ducks, cyclists, excavators and lawnmowers. We enjoy our relaxed start to the day and the little man always comes back totally happy from his morning exploration tour!

We have organized two beach chairs for the whole time with early bird discounts from home and these are now selected by grandma and son according to the best location ... first row at the Family lagoon, Perlebucht, Watt'n Island - here is an artificially created pool with sea water and the best sand! Our son explores the beach and playground while we are in Wilawan's spa stamp can enjoy a partner tai massage.

Excursion by bicycle

Bicycle tourSummer is coming back and we're doing one Bike tour to Sheep farm Rolfs in Deichhausen. The program: cake, coffee, spritzer, play barn and ponies. The sheep are on vacation and so we drive back to the Büsumer dike and visit the sheep there.

Summer in Büsum

Summer stays and we can go to the beach: beach chair, fries, digging, splashing around.

Dig in the sandMy husband and I can even really get into the water and enjoy the Water slide and the play island in the pearl bay. Important utensils since then: watering can, shovel, bucket and an excavator! You don't actually have to get out of Büsum - there is enough to discover and here the little one doesn't really need much more as a bridge and stones.

But Grandma would like to go to the Market after Heath. Here is the largest marketplace in Germany: there are great fruit / vegetable offers / chickens ... we shop for food. But it's also tight and crowded. The Büsumer market Tuesdays and Fridays do it too!

There is something going on on vacation on the North SeaGrandmother

We are in the middle of the Pentecost weekend: cheers, hustle and bustle, too full, too loud - but too great weather to stay indoors and all that we drink cocktails (also non-alcoholic) on the Watt'n Insel 360 degree bar. It is more bearable here than on the main beach (which is completely paved and more designed for pensioners) or in town! An open Sunday in the big city is a good comparison to the hustle and bustle in the center of Büsum, which is a beloved place to stroll on quieter days and offers really nice shops!

BüsumWhit Monday gives us a great day at the beach. We learned and did not even try to get our son to sleep in the beach chair but walked 50m with the stroller - the child slept, mom and dad had a break from excavators, digging and the watering can. The fact that the combination of beach and stroller is not an obstacle is a real plus for us! Sea air makes you tired and hungry ...

Off to the pirate sea in bad weather

And what really great holiday in Germany is: you get into conversation! The children play together and the parents have a relaxed time together (if you want, because nobody wants "stress"). Holidays in Germany also mean: no weather guarantee. The rain comes with strong gusts of wind. All of Büsum and we also go to Pirate sea, A great indoor pool with real waves and a beautiful children's pool.

Addendum 2020: unfortunately the Pirate Sea will be closed until 2021 due to renovations.

BüsumMy husband and I have a free evening we in Ralf's restaurant spend. Highly recommended and the tomahawk steak will be a fond memory for my husband!

Simply enjoy!

A small day trip goes by Friedrichstadt (small Holland), A A boat trip over the canals would be a highlight - but not yet feasible with our little man. The tranquil inner city is optically beautiful, but otherwise rather boring and be careful: lunch break in the shops!

The last two days, we just let ourselves go and relax on the beach, strolling around town, eating Muku ice cream, drink biomaris water, eat fish sandwiches Beckmann and have to slowly bring our apartment back to baseline and pack the bags.

Two weeks of vacation between meadows, fields, water, beach, wind turbines, sheep and seagulls pass by ... we are relaxed, our child got his money's worth and as the saying goes: relaxed child = relaxed parents ... or the other way around ;-)

Conclusion vacation on the North Sea

Dike and sheepWe will be back! Because a boat trip to Helgoland is still missing, an excursion to the seal station in Friedrichskoog and actually we wanted to go to St. Peter Ording, 40 km away, which would have shown a completely different beach picture and the famous stilt houses. Coastal shipping is definitely worthwhile for older children and the model railway magic in Friedrichstadt. But without a program it was just nice and the radio commercial from Flensburger was our guiding principle: "What is this stress !?" Määähhh!

Have you ever spent your vacation on the North Sea? What are your insider tips? Feel free to write me a comment! Maybe you are also interested in one Holidays on Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria!

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  1. Karl Wuppke sagt

    Büsum = now the total overtourism, the surrounding communities included! TOTALLY STUFFED, EVEN OUTSIDE THE SEASON !!!

    • favorite spot sagt

      Hello Karl, we were there over seven years ago, still without children, and there it was still very contemplative. Pity!

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