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Bavaria: Hike with children including boat trip on Lake Tegernsee!

Hiking Tegernsee

This pushchair - suitable hike on the Tegernsee high trail is really pretty and tranquil with a view over the Tegernsee. In good 1,5 hours one runs from Gmund to Tegernsee and back again by ship. Hiking on Tegernsee is also feasible for families with small children!

Starting point at Lake Tegernsee:

The best way to start at the parking lot of Beach bath sea glass in Gmund (just enter in the sat nav).

Tegernsee hiking with children and shipping

Wide paths overlooking the Tegernsee

DThis costs a bit, but is an optimal starting point! From there, cross the main street for a short while and then follow the signs, following a paved path, slowly upwards. Steep it is actually nowhere. At the beginning it is still very leisurely, past homes and meadows. And you always have beautiful views of the Tegernsee! There are many retirees on the way and a few families with small children. That says everything. In principle, you just follow the signs "Tegernseer Höhenweg", you can not go wrong

Half time:

After about 45 minutes it finally goes into the forest and the way is not paved anymore.

Hiking on the Tegernsee with children

Small bridge in the forest

Nevertheless, with stroller well feasible. Again and again there are small benches with a view to linger and here and there are also a few houses. In the forest you cross one or the other brook, a nice change for the kids!

The end is in sight:

After another 30 minutes, the end is in sight.

Hiking on the Tegernsee with children and views of the Tegernsee

Pure idyll with cows and lake view

You come to a junction after Tegernsee or you stay on the trail to the end (I would recommend, even if it is not the direct way). Follow the way down direction Tegernsee, you have to walk the last 20 minutes through the place at the station to the lake, which is not so spectacular. If you stay on the mountain trail, you arrive shortly after the train station in the place and runs only a small piece on the road to the Tegernsee.

Stop at the Bräustüberl

At the lake is then the much visited, quaint Bräustüberl with a long tradition.

Hiking on the Tegernsee with children and boat trips

Departure point in Tegernsee back to Gmund by boat

It is worthwhile taking a break here and tasting the typical Bavarian food. From there it is only a stone's throw to the jetty. You just walk to the water and hold on the right bank. After about 5 minutes you reach the Pier Town Hall Jetty 1, From there you take the ship back to Gmund (Travel time approx. 20 minutes). It's best to check the times beforehand so that you don't have to wait too long.

Shipping back

The shipping schedule can be found here.

Personally, I personally find these little boats on the Tegernsee much sweeter as, for example, the large excursion boats on Lake Starnberg. That really surprised me a lot and the kids thought the boat on the boat was fantastic! Cost: € 5,70 per adult and children until 5 years are free. Older children up to 17 years pay 50%.

In Gmund right on the jetty is a small adventure playground right on the water, So when it's hot, be sure to pack the bathing suits! Next to it is the beach with a kiosk. All in all a great way to hike with the whole family at Tegernsee!

Where do you prefer to hike the Tegernsee? Or do you have another tip for families with children in Bavaria? Maybe you like these easy walks with children in Bavaria!

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