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Bavarian forest with children in a tiny house!

Bavarian forest with children

This year we're kind of lucky with our accommodations. Our houseboat on the Baltic Sea was really awesome. My new tip: Bavarian Forest with children in the Tiny House in the Schnitzmühle - a real space miracle on 28 square meters!

Our Tiny House is located in the Bavarian Forest on the area of ​​the carving mill in Viechtach and these call themselves Adventure Camp. Our Short vacation in the Bavarian Forest with children so is a real adventure. Only a small incident with our daughter spoils the good mood a bit ...

Bavarian Forest with children in the Tiny House Schnitzmühle

We come Late on Friday evening and don't see much of the camp itself at first. We only check in briefly and walk with our luggage from the large parking lot past the restaurant to our "Black House". It wasn't until the next day that we noticed that there was a parking lot right next to our tiny house.

Wooden terrace Tiny House Bavarian Forest

It is black because the wooden facade burns according to the traditional Japanese "Shou-Sugi-Ban" method and naturally preserved with rose oil. The four cute "Black Houses" directly on the "Schwarzer-Regen" river are about 200 meters from the main house and therefore a bit secluded and in the middle of nature!

Tiny houses carving mill

From a distance we are first of all stabbing the large wooden terrace with a cute wooden bench, umbrella and small bench in the eye - just wow! The view of the green to the rush of the river are really magical and pure nature.

We enter our new temporary home through the huge glass front. Minimalist design, stylish furniture with velvet and a really cool bathroom expect in black and inside.

The The highlight is the double bunk bed, which offers space for 4 people. The top has a Skylight with a view of the starry sky, however it will be up here also quite hot in summer. I just miss a few more seats to chill out, to enjoy the view of the greenery and a small kitchen would have been nice. But at least there is a small fridge, glasses and a kettle.

Price: € 180 per night for up to 4 people

Click here for the Tiny House in the Bavarian Forest

The Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle

The name says it all. The restaurant is located in the main building next to the reception with breakfast, afternoon snack and dinner for a fee. There are also hotel rooms here, the so-called haciendas. Next to it is the wellness area with the lodges. On the other side of the river is that one Campsite with parking spaces and open space, canoe rental, volleyball court, Table football and ping pong table. There is also a football field outside the camp when you walk across the bridge. A small camper shop with the essentials is just behind the reception. Our tiny houses are located here a little apart.

The basic idea here is that everyone should come together, start talking and have a good and relaxed time. Everything is nicely laid out, but also somehow honest and natural. Not artificially chic or tasty, but with Bavarian cosiness.

Wellness - the Emoji Spa

Same in the pavilion behind the restaurant is the wellness area. Unfortunately, the spa is closed due to Corona. But we book a massage in advance and let us have a good time. Everything is nicely laid out with plants and water. The lodges are also located here. Everything is not big and there are no distances to be covered. The highlight here is definitely the outdoor whirlpool with about 2 × 3 meters. The kids then besiege it from 12 noon and are happy!

Bavarian Forest with children in the Emoji Spa

Bavarian Forest with children in the swimming lake

Again only 100 meters The swimming lake is hidden behind the pavilion. Quite inconspicuous to reach via a small gravel road. Not spectacular, but kind of cute and really nice for the kids to run around. It's not particularly hot today, maybe around 20 degrees, but our son swims to the raft anyway and has fun.

Bathing lake Schnitzmühle Bavarian Forest

There are several jetties that lead into the water a small sandy beach for digging and also a large shade sail, which provides shade. All in all beautifully laid out and perfect for the kids!

Restaurant for breakfast, dinner and snacks

The Thai Bay Restaurant has a beautiful wooden terrace with lots of green. It's dim and cozy inside. Breakfast is served in slots herewhich we always order the evening before and cost extra. We have the choice between a continental breakfast with cold cuts and yogurt with fruit etc. and the Special breakfast with antipasti, hummus and porridge. Both really tasty and sufficient. For the kids there is cocoa, croissants and Nutella - what more do you want.

Delicious breakfast carving mill

On the second evening we go in the evening Eat in the restaurant and order burgers, fish and Thai curry. Unfortunately, the food no longer arrives at our place our daughter hits her lip while playing, comes running up covered in blood and we decide to go to the hospital with her to drive. Better safe than sorry. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be sewn and we take it later in the evening the take-away to us at the Black House. The kitchen is only available until about 20.30 p.m.

Thai Bay Restaurant Carving Mill

Bavarian forest with children in the area

Pony rides (500 meters away)

Just approximately There is a small pony farm 500 meters from the camp. This always offers pony rides for children at a certain time with registration. Saturday morning at 11am it starts and my daughter is allowed to ride a really big horse named Luca for about 15-20 minutes. She is totally excited and also my son can take them to the paddock. Really a worthwhile excursion with children.

Pony farm at the carving mill

Price: € 10 per child, here are the prices

The pony rides currently take place on the following dates:
Monday 13.30pm - 14.30pm
Wednesday 13.30pm - 14.30pm
Friday 13.30 - 14.30 clock
Saturday 11.00 a.m. - 11.30 a.m.
Prior registration is currently required by SMS or WhatApp to +49 170 5728863.

Bavarian Forest with children pony rides

Hiking to the Great Stake (5 minutes away)

We're going in the afternoon by car a short distance to the parking lot on the big stake. There are two variants of there. The small circular path with 2,5km (path no. 4) and the large circular route with approx. 4,5 km (route no.9). It's not spectacular now, but it really is a nicely laid out path through the forest and along a gorge. We choose the longer route and are sometimes a bit confused by the signs, but you can't really get lost.

Great post hike

At the beginning it's a little uphill, past beautiful rock formations. We pass the gorge and in the end we get to the big rocks, where climbers also practice. From here it goes slowly downhill again, past beehives, an old cable car and a forest kindergarten. In the end you have too a nice view of the Great Arber. We need 4 & 7 years with our kids a good hour for this circular route and then drive back to the Adventure Camp.

Large Bavarian Forest stake

St. Englmar climbing forest (15 minutes away)

Unfortunately we don't feel like it ourselves with the little one and the injured lip on the climbing garden, but I only hear good things. There is also an area for small children - next time then!

Waldbahn (stop directly at the hotel)

On Sunday morning, when we got over the first shock from the fall the night before, it goes after breakfast with the forest train a piece through the Bavarian Forest. The stop is right behind the main building and is free for guests of the Schnitzmühle. Tickets are available at the reception.

This time we're going only about 20 minutes after Gotteszell, since our daughter is still in a bad mood, unfortunately. Usually we would like to be approx. 1,5 hours to the "House of Wilderness" drove to see the animals there. Still, it's a really nice ride and then we start our way home to Munich.

Forest Railway Bavarian Forest

Bavarian Forest with children in a tiny house - would that be something for you too? Or maybe you prefer one Houseboat on the Baltic Sea!

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