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Surfing in Tamarin

Surfing in Tamarin, Mauritius

FAVORITE SPOT is a mix of Travel Blog with current ones travel reports and a collection of my personal favorite places around the world. I want to share my travel experiences with you and share my insider tips! Maybe I can too Inspire for your next trip...

My name is Tatjana from Munich and I'm a passionate travel agent and globetrotter! The fascination for travel was virtually laid in my cradle. My mother is from Scotland and has traveled all over the world. And my dad travels for months through Canada or Scandinavia.

Riding on the beach

Riding in Morocco

No wonder then that the travel fever has seized me and I was inspired by my family! It all began quite harmlessly with 16 years with a total of three InterRail trips across Europe. 2006 was my first time alone in New Zealand and Australia for a long time on the way ... and that was the beginning.

Meanwhile I have Travel partner growth got: since 2006 from my husband and 2012 and 2015 from my two children. The "Adventure Travel" goes into the next round ... (which does not mean that I always have everyone in tow!)

Island hopping Cyclades

Island hopping Cyclades

How do I earn money with my travel blog? or at least finance my next trip?

And so that you receive new, free input? This is possible thanks to selected cooperations, at the beginning of the text for you as Advertising or Ad characterized.

And if you over Affiliate Links (Amazon, Booking or CHECK24) booked something or ordered, I get a small commission - the price remains the same for you. I am very happy if you support my work. Be it comments on the blog or sharing articles.

This blog combines my two passions: traveling and writing - have fun!

If you have questions or suggestions, want to work with me or write a guest post, you can mail me: (at) lieblingsspot.de

Taj Mahal, India

5 Fun Facts about me:

1. Although I have been in the tourism industry since 2006, I am very happy. But after all, I actually studied biology for two semesters after graduation! Can you imagine that? Totally dry. And in math and chemistry I was unfortunately a failure ...

2. FAVORITE SPOT is available in this form since 2016. My first blog was already called 2008 "travel fragrance". A combination of mobile travel agency and travel blog with my favorite hotels. Funny, is not it?

3. As a native of Munich, one would think that I speak Bavarian. And although my father comes from the beautiful Allgäu, I speak perfect High German! I find it funny then always traveling when I'm asked why I speak so very high German :)

4. And you will not believe it: I can not Scottish, even though my mother is Scottish! Although I understand my Scottish relatives, I did not grow up bilingually ...

5. I am the worst photographer in the world! Or it was at least once. In the meantime, after all, I can not cut off any heads or legs. At least as a travel blogger, I had to deal with the topic and have since learned a lot. I hope you like my photos?

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