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9 favorite places and insider tips in Istanbul!

With its 15 million inhabitants, a unique history and many attractions, Istanbul is one of the most interesting city destinations ever!Dear Thomas von Tü shows you in this guest post his personal LIEBLINGSSPOTs in Istanbul. So expect a lot Travel tips, useful information and inspiration for a trip to Istanbul!

1. Rooftop terrace of the Seven Hills restaurant

One of the most beautiful views offers that Seven Hills Restaurant (see cover picture), directly in Istanbul Old Sultanahmet, next to the 1.500 years old Hagia Sophia and Blue mosque.

My recommendation is to eat a Turkish breakfast on the roof terrace and then to start the many attractions in the area!

2. Food tip: Midyeci Ahmet

Midye Dolma

Midye Dolma

Turkey can do more than kebabs! "Midye Dolma" is one of the many proofs of this, that is the name for stuffed shells.

Recipes for the preparation of these clams differ slightly: bulgur or rice, pine nuts, currants and many spiceslike cinnamon, are definitely one of them.

These stuffed shells are my turkish favorite Food and the best place to eat Midyeci Ahmet in Besiktas.

Ahmet's shells come from a private farm near the Marmara Islands, 70km south of Istanbul. Ships bring the shells daily from the islands to his well-frequented shop.

3. Galata

Golden Horn and boats near the Galata bridge

Golden Horn and boats near the Galata bridge

The Galata is the liveliest place in Istanbul. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people arrive at the two-storey drawbridge on Golden Horn .

The upper part of the bridge is reserved for cars, trams and fishermen. They stand there in all weather and hope for a good catch from the Bosporus.

Stand in the lower part of the Galatabrücke dozens of restaurants, Cafes and nargile bars. Hookah By the way, the Turkish name is for one Shisha.

I like to sit down in the restaurants or go to the bridge to eat or just watch the ships.

Among the highlights on the Galatabrücke include the small ones Balik Ekmek boats at the southwestern end. Balik Ekmek means "Fish with bread". The fish is grilled and sold on the boats. The very simple fish sandwiches are found in all Istanbul travel guides for some reason.

4. Prince island of Buyukada

View of the Marmara Sea

View of the Marmara Sea

Büyükada is the largest of the nine belonging to Istanbul Princes' Islands, It is located a few kilometers south of the Bosphorus.

Ferries drive from Istanbul within 60 to 90 minutes to the port of Buyukada. One of my favorite places on Büyükada is the small one Greek monastery on the tip of the island, with a wonderful terrace and good food.

The view extends from the top far to the Sea of ​​Marmara, to Istanbul and Yalova.

If you do not want to walk, bring yourself coachmen to the monastery. Cars have not been allowed on Buyukada for several years.

5. Girls tower "Kiz Kulesi"

Girl tower and Bosphorus

Girl tower and Bosphorus

The girls tower "Kiz Kulesi" or also Maiden's tower stands on one small island at the southern end of the Bosphorus.

The tower once served as a lighthouse. Today he is one of the Landmark of IstanbulThe Istanbul Tourist Information uses its silhouette for example as a logo.

Drive to the small tower all 15 minutes of boats from the Asian side of Istanbul, in Üsküdar. I especially like that at the tower small cafe from the top. It's fun to sit there and watch the passing ships in the Bosporus.

A great place is that, too Restaurant opposite the pier the boats to the girls' tower. I like to sit there in the evening and wait for the sunset with a cup of Turkish tea "Cay" in my hand.

6. Ortakoy district

Ortaköy Mosque and Bosphorus Bridge

Picture book view over the Bosphorus

Ortaköy is mainly through the Ortaköy Mosque and the picture book lookout on the Bosphorus famous.

The area is also close by universities and the many restaurants a very busy place.

My recommendation for Ortaköy is one Kumpir to eat are fried potatoes stuffed with all sorts of imaginable things.

Ortaköy is especially well-known within Turkey. There are some in the whole country Kumpir restaurantswho like to give themselves names like "Ortaköy Kumpir" as an allusion to the best place to eat the stuffed fried potatoes.

7. Sagin Han and "The Secret Spot"

Image: Sagir Han

Image: Sagir Han

The outlook from “The Secret Spot“Appears at the latest after a few weeks as a profile picture of all expats and exchange students in Istanbul.

Some travelers discover the not so secret "Secret Spot“Also on the net and go there. What is "The Secret Spot"?

As explained above, it is a very small amount of concentrated sourdough, a small power chamber, with which you can bake a new bread without having to wait days for your sourdough to ripen. The leaven is stored in the refrigerator and is waiting to be activated. With a very small part of it a new sourdough is "inoculated". It needs only XNUMX-XNUMX hours - instead of XNUMX to XNUMX days - to be ready for baking a bread. Since a little part of this mini sourdough is always retained and stored in the fridge, the new sourdough can be used completely to bake a bread. From the mixture in the fridge a new sourdough can be made at any time. Now you are going to learn secret rise leads to the roof of the Büyük Valide Han, near the Grand Bazaar. He appeared in James Bond Skyfall, for example.

From the northern entrance of the Büyük Valide Han, go up to the roof and go straight up the left staircase from there, and ask for it Mr. Mehdi, Do not be fooled by the Han looking abandoned.

Mr. Mehdi picks up the key to the roof for a small fee between 5 and 10 Turkish Lira.

If the Büyük Valide Han is closed, search Google Maps Sagir Han No 38.

It's around 200m from Buyuk Valide, just walk up the stairs on the side up to the roof. Although the view is not quite comparable to the Büyük Valide Han, it pays off anyway.

8. Kadikoy district

Streets in Kadikoy

Streets in Kadikoy

Kadikoy is the young and hip Istanbul on the asian side of the city.

My three favorite places in the neighborhood are that Café Monday with excellent coffee and delicious pies, the Moda Park at the weekend for breakfast and Halil Lahmacun for what I believe is the best lahmacun in Turkey.

Be sure to go with the Bosphorus ferries from Eminönü to Kadiköy and not by metro. The ride alone is a small experience, if you do not know Istanbul.

I like to buy a cup of Cay and a Simit on the ferries, the small sesame ring is something like the "Turkish pretzel".

9. Explore the history of Istanbul

Suleymaniye Mosque

Suleymaniye Mosque

Byzantion, Constantinople, Istanbul! The city has many names in its more than 2.000 history.

It was the capital of the Roman Empire, capital of the Western Roman Empire, capital of the Byzantine Empire and later the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

The many peoples have left their mark everywhere in Istanbul. Among the most famous Point of Interest & Sights definitely belongs to the 1.500 years old Hagia Sophia, the Blaue Moschee and the Great bazaar.

But there are also many other interesting sights, such as the Topkapi and Dolmabahce Sultan's Palace or the city walls of Constantinople.

I personally like the interior of Hagia Sophia from all the sights in Istanbul.

Travel Tips for Istanbul

To see all the interesting places in Istanbul, you should go for a trip at least five days Take time, a week is better.

For your travel planning to Istanbul you will find many useful tips here.

These include attractions, good restaurants, hotels, the best areas for living, food, what you should definitely try and much more!

Thanks to Tatjana for the guest post!

If you have any questions about a trip to Istanbul, then just write a message below in the comments or check!

To the author:

Thomas of as a guest author

Thomas of as a guest author

Thomas spends every year several months in Istanbul and on the Turkish south coast. Since 2015 he writes about his accumulated experiences in the Tü, This is about traveling and living in Turkey.

On the subject of safety Thomas has on the blog written a report!

Have you been to Istanbul before?

Unfortunately, when I was there a long time ago at the end of October, it was pretty cold and I became directly ill ... Therefore, I have to repeat a city trip to Istanbul and try out the great insider tips from Thomas!

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