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Malta travel tips from a blogger - 7 favorite places on the island

Favorite places Malta

I fell in love with the island's landscape, the food and the warm sun when I spent a year in Malta. Here are my seven Malta travel tips!

HThis is shown to you by the dear blogger Daria von her favorite places in Malta, which she still likes to visit:

1. Golden Bay


Golden Bay on Malta

The Golden bay is Malta's most beautiful bay. It awaits you with a golden sandy beach, turquoise blue sea and lots of space. In addition to the beautiful nature you will find at the Golden bay Also many restaurants that make a day at the beach more enjoyable.

Overall, the Golden bay that's why my clear number 1 among the most beautiful beaches in Malta. Blue lagoon on Comino can with the Golden bay just can not keep up, because you always have to go by boat at least two hours to Malta's neighboring island.

2. Marsaskala promenade


The village Marsaskala on Malta

I especially like the small harbor and the promenade in the bay of Marsaskala. In the small village, I spent a year abroad with 14 years and fell in love with Malta.

Marsaskala is perfect away from all other tourist destinations on Malta. That's why the place is much quieter than the rest of the island. It pays off anyway Marsaskala visit small harbor as it is There are beautiful bays around the city for swimming and a walk along the harbor definitely pays off.

3. Hugo's Lounge

Party district Paceville on Malta

Party district Paceville on Malta

Hogo's Lounge in Malta Party district Paceville I already met when I spent a year abroad in Malta. Since then, the Lounge my favorite place to have dinner in the evening while sipping a delicious cocktail.

I particularly recommend the freshly made sushi variations Hugo's, I eat them every time. Actually, there are also Indian dishes at Hugo's, but I have never tried them, because I always order the excellent sushi platters.

4. Valletta

The streets of Valletta

The streets of Valletta

The sweet lanes in Malta's capital Valletta You must not miss! I like to walk through the city, with their nice restaurants and historic palaces.

A place with a special liking is the Casa Rocca Piccola, Palazzo from the 16. century, You see in it the life and the original furnishings of an aristocratic house in Malta.

I also like the flowers and palm trees Lower Barakka Garden. It is much quieter and greener than the other parks in Valletta and you will always find a park bench to sit on.

5. Popeye Village

Popeye Village on Malta

Popeye Village on Malta

I just love the colorful little wooden houses of the village in the southwest of Malta. He is not really a village, but was created as a backdrop for the Hollywood movie Popeye in the 80 years. Since the village fits so perfectly into the landscape of Malta, it developed into one of the most visited sights on the island.

In Popeye Village Do you see the real film backdrops, cameras and get insights into the process of a film production. The admission ticket to Popeye Village also includes a boat trip along the coast of Malta and the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery Anchor Bay to swim.

6. Salt pans in Marsaskala

Salt pans Marsaskala on Malta

Salt pans Marsaskala on Malta

When I was in Marsaskala spent a year abroad, I like to be in the evening Salt pans along the Triq Is Salini went. The salt pans once served the Maltese to extract salt from the sea.

Today there are still some salt pans on Malta's neighbor island Gozothat are used to it. The natural sea salt is one of the most popular souvenirs from Malta.

I personally like the salt pans in Marsaskalabecause I enjoyed it during my year abroad sitting there by the sea and watching the warm sun go down.

7. Fontanella Tea Garden in Mdina


Fontanelle Tea Garden in Mdina on Malta

The Fonanella Tea Garden stands within the fortress walls of Malta's old capital Mdina. I particularly like the view from the terrace of the Tea Gardens, it extends to the sea.

The Fontanelle Tea Garden It is also an ideal place to discover Malta's sweet side. Be sure to try Tea Garden Goodies like Maltese Kanolli and Kwareżimal, The pies in the Fontanelle Tea Garden are also a great temptation.

In the Tea Garden, you can also try hearty things, such as one of Malta's national dishes - Pastizzi, These are small, usually with ricotta or pea puree stuffed dumplings. They are so popular in Malta that there are their own pasta restaurants in all cities.

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Hi I am Daria! I write down about my favorite destination! Since I spent a year with 14 years in Malta in the boarding school, I can not get rid of the island. More about me and many useful ones Travel Tips for Malta you find on!

Have you ever been on Malta? What are your travel tips for Malta? Maybe you are also interested in mine Favorite places on Lake Garda?

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