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5 useful tips & tools for your next vacation booking!

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As a trained travel agent, I don't go to a travel agency, but use my online platforms to make my holiday booking for flights, hotels, etc. Here are my 5 tips & tools:

1. Vacation flight booking via

Flight search and flight booking via

This great Search engine for flights & Co. always helps me to find the cheapest / best flights. In principle, they thinned other providers for the best deals, over which one can then finally book.

I have to confess that I am Momondo mostly only as "tipster" use. When I have found the best connection for me, I simply book directly with the corresponding airline!

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2. Hotel booking via

Vacation booking hotel via

Here it is similar to the flights. I am looking for suitable accommodation and read me the reviews, but often book directly on the hotel side!

Sometimes you find one up booking also a little one B & B gemwhich one would never have discovered in worldwideweb otherwise. Also very handy at Last-minute bookings still for the same day!

I'll book directly, I make sure that one Cancellation until shortly before arrival is possible for free ...

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3. Vacation booking rental car via Check24

Vacation booking rental car on

I love Check24 for the Price comparison of rental cars! You can just great for example tank control (fair tank control click), insurance (always WITHOUT deductible), airport stations (preferably directly in the terminal and not outside) and car category (small car, middle class, etc.) to filter.

Then you get a very transparent overview all known providers. Many cars are even up to one day before arrival Free cancelable, great plus!

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4. Special organizer for special interest travel

Travel building blocks around the world are available at

As Individual travelers I prefer to organize my trips on my own. But especially with very special travel destinations, it is easier to input specialist tour operators to search:

Sometimes I use these platforms only as Inspiration and then do my own thing again :)

5. Last but not least: Airbnb

Find accommodation and inspiration at

The classic under the travel platforms! However, having stayed in our last Portugal holiday (see travelogue) so that I was a bit on the muzzle, I became a little more careful. Yet always worth rummaging😉

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As a travel blogger, of course, I increasingly look to others travel blogs um, just what hotel recommendations and Tips As for!

How or where do you prefer to make your holiday booking? Feel free to write me a comment!

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